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Count the number of letters in English text

Tag: Character uppercase variable indicates English read BSP char = =Design ideas:1. First read the text file. Assigns the contents of the resulting text to Str2. Convert this string to a char array with a For loop at (for Char ch= ' a ';chWhen ch==

PHP string The number of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, spaces, punctuation numbers in English text

For information about an English text, count the number of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, spaces, and punctuation marks.$manuscript = "Where There is a would, there is a."; /string literal$smallLetter = 0;$capitalLetter = 0;$blank =

Regular Expression for determining numbers, letters, and Chinese characters in js (example)

/* Determines whether the specified content is null. If it is null, a warning box is displayed. */ Function isEmpty (theValue, strMsg ){ If (theValue = ""){ Alert (strMsg + "cannot be blank! "); Return true; } Return false; } /* Chinese judgment

Find the letters with the highest frequency

Title: give you a text containing different English letters and punctuation, you want to find the most important letters, the letters returned must be lowercase, when checking the most wanted letters, is not case-sensitive, so in your search   "a"  =

Android limit input box 10 characters or 20 letters perfect implementation

In Android development, you often encounter the requirement that the text content entered in the input box should limit 10 characters or 20 letters. Before also on the internet to see a lot of solutions, the effect is not very good, most are

JS determines numbers, letters, and Chinese characters

1. VaR Reg =/^ (\ w | [\ u4e00-\ u9fa5]) * $ /;If (ARR = username. Match (REG )){Ti = 1;Return ture;}Else{Alert ("the user name can only contain English letters, numbers and Chinese characters. \ n check whether there are spaces or other symbols

Java calculates two examples of the numbers of English letters, spaces, numbers, and other characters.

Question: enter a line of characters to calculate the numbers of English letters, spaces, numbers, and other characters.1. Program analysis: Using the while statement, the condition is that the input character is not '\ n '.Import java. util.

Count the number of words in a string

  Requirement: enter a string to count the number of words. Words are separated by spaces. Multiple spaces are allowed. Algorithm . Example: input: I love ChinaOutput:I:1Love:2China:1     First, we thought of a simulated method. We used

Shell finishing (26) = = = Uppercase and lowercase letters replace and randomly take out an odd number

(a) Title: Accept an input, if the uppercase letter is converted into lowercase letters, lowercase letters to uppercase.For example:[Email protected] hushuai]# bash 4.shInput:dingxueDingxue[Email protected] hushuai]# Method (1)The shell code

Example code for JS to determine the length of the input string (Chinese characters are counted as two characters, and letters and numbers are counted as one)-PHP source code

The following is a sample code for determining the input string length in JavaScript code (Chinese characters are counted as two characters, and letters and numbers are counted as one ). I think this is quite good. now I will share it with you and

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