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"Original" Van Gogh oil painting with deep convolutional neural network What is the effect of 100,000 iterations? A neural style of convolutional neural networks

As a free from the vulgar Code of the farm, the Spring Festival holiday Idle, decided to do some interesting things to kill time, happened to see this paper: A neural style of convolutional neural networks, translated convolutional neura

Course IV (convolutional neural Networks), first week (Foundations of convolutional neural Networks)--0.learning goals

Learning Goals Understand the convolution operation Understand the pooling operation Remember the vocabulary used in convolutional neural network (padding, stride, filter, ...) Build a convolutional neural network for Image Multi-Class classification "Chinese Translation"Learning GoalsUndersta

CNN and CN---convolutional networks and convolutional neural networks in data mining and target detection

Content Overview Word Recognition system LeNet-5 Simplified LeNet-5 System The realization of convolutional neural network Deep neural network has achieved unprecedented success in the fields of speech recognition, image recognition and so on. I have been exposed to neural

convolutional Neural Networks convolutional neural Network (II.)

) Calculate the corresponding actual output op.At this stage, the information is transferred from the input layer to the output layer through a gradual transformation. This process is also the process that the network executes when it is running properly after the training is completed. In this process, the network performs a calculation (in effect, the input is multiplied by the weight matrix of each layer, resulting in the final output):OP=FN (... (F2 (F1 (XpW (1)) W (2)) ... ) W (n))Second st

(reproduced) convolutional Neural Networks convolutional neural network

convolutional Neural Networks convolutional neural network contents One: Leading back propagation reverse propagation algorithm Network structure Learning Algorithms Two: convolutional

UFLDL Learning notes and programming Jobs: convolutional neural Network (convolutional neural Networks)

UFLDL Learning notes and programming Jobs: convolutional neural Network (convolutional neural Networks)UFLDL out a new tutorial, feel better than before, from the basics, the system is clear, but also programming practice.In deep learning high-quality group inside listen to

Deep learning the significance of convolutional and pooled layers in convolutional neural networks

Why use convolution? In traditional neural networks, such as Multilayer perceptron (MLP), whose input is usually a feature vector, requires manual design features, and then the values of these features to form a feature vector, in the past decades of experience, the characteristics of artificial found is not how to use, sometimes more, sometimes less, Sometimes the selected features do not work at all (the

Deep learning Note (i) convolutional neural network (convolutional neural Networks)

I. Convolutionconvolutional Neural Networks (convolutional neural Networks) are neural networks that share parameters spatially. Multiply by using a number of layers of convolution, rat

convolutional Neural Network (convolutional neural Networks)

convolutional neural Network (CNN) is the foundation of deep learning. The traditional fully-connected neural network (fully connected networks) takes numerical values as input.If you want to work with image-related information, you should also extract the features from the image and sample them. CNN combines features,

Neural Networks: convolutional neural Networks

is the number of nodes related to the classification, assuming that we are set to 10 classes, the output layer is 10 nodes, the corresponding expectations of the setting in the multilayer neural network has been introduced, each output node and the above hidden layer 100 nodes connected, total (100+1) *10=1010 link line, 1010 weights.As can be seen from the above, the core of convolutional

convolutional Neural Networks (convolutional neural Network)

. This vector input is further classified into the traditional fully-connected neural network (fully connected networks).  All feature graphs in the C1, S2, C3, S4 layers in the diagram can define the image size with pixel x pixels. Would you say that the size of the image is not defined by pixel x pixels? Yes, but it's a bit special here, because these feature graphs make up the

The parallelization model of convolutional neural network--one weird trick for parallelizing convolutional neural Networks

and FC22 models) Step3: Full connection layer for reverse propagation and transfer of gradient data back to the convolution layer STEP4: Convolution layer data with Step2,worker 2 is passed to the fully connected layer for forward propagation Step5: With Step3, the full-connection layer to achieve reverse propagation, the gradient is returned to the worker 2 corresponding convolution layer STEP6: Completes the reverse propagation of th

Course Four (convolutional neural Networks), second week (Deep convolutional models:case studies)--0.learning goals

Learning Goals Understand multiple foundational papers of convolutional neural networks Analyze the dimensionality reduction of a volume in a very deep network Understand and Implement a residual network Build a deep neural network using Keras Implement a skip-connection in your network Clo

convolutional Neural Networks

convolutional Neural Network (convolutional neural networks/cnn/convnets)Convolutional neural networks are very similar to normal

Course IV (convolutional neural Networks), fourth week (special Applications:face recognition & Neural style transfer)--1.practice Quentions

ExplainThis allows us to learn to predict a person ' s identity using a Softmax output unit, where the number of classes equals the Number of persons in the database plus 1 (for the final "not in Database" Class).Reasons for the above options error:1, plus 1 explanation error:Put someone's photo into the convolutional neural network, use the Softmax unit to output the kind, or label, to correspond to these

A summary of convolutional neural networks

/ann_03.html[2] convolutional neural network:[3] A text to read convolutional neural network cnn:http://dataunio

Deep Learning-A classic network of convolutional neural Networks (LeNet-5, AlexNet, Zfnet, VGG-16, Googlenet, ResNet)

Oxford University and a researcher at Google DeepMind.Vggnet explores the relationship between the depth of convolutional neural networks and their performance, by repeatedly stacking 3*3 's small convolution cores and 2*2 's largest pooled layer,Vggnet successfully constructed a convolutional

convolutional Neural Networks

convolutional Neural NetworksReprint Please specify: July this year, has been in the laboratory responsible for convolutional neural networks (convolutional

(reproduced) convolutional neural networks

convolutional Neural NetworksReprinted from: July this year, has been in the laboratory responsible for convolutional neural networks (convolutional

Learning Note TF052: convolutional networks, neural network development, alexnet TensorFlow implementation

convolutional Neural Network (convolutional neural network,cnn), weighted sharing (weight sharing) network structure reduces the complexity of the model and reduces the number of weights, which is the hotspot of speech analysis and image recognition. No artificial feature extraction, data reconstruction, direct image i

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