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Notes | Wunda Coursera Deep Learning Study notes

Programmers who have turned to AI have followed this number ☝☝☝ Author: Lisa Song Microsoft Headquarters Cloud Intelligence Advanced data scientist, now lives in Seattle. With years of experience in machine learning and deep learning, we are familiar with the requirements analysis, architecture design, algorithmic development and integrated deployment of machi

Neural network and deep learning programming exercises (Coursera Wunda) (3)

full implementation of multi-layered neural network recognition picture of the cat Original Coursera Course homepage, in the NetEase cloud classroom also has the curriculum resources but no programming practice. This program uses the functions completed in the last job, fully implementing a multilayer neural network, and training to identify whether there is a cat in the picture. There is no comment in the Code and Training test data download Cod

Coursera Deep Learning Fourth lesson accumulation neural network fourth week programming work Art Generation with neural Style transfer-v2

Deep Learning art:neural Style Transfer Welcome to the second assignment of this week. In this assignment, you'll learn about neural Style Transfer. This algorithm is created by Gatys et al. ( in this assignment, you'll:-Implement the neural style transfer algorithm-Generate novel artistic images using your algorithm Most of the algorithms you ' ve studied optimize a cost

The application of deep learning in the ranking of recommended platform for American group Review--study notes

Rearrangement. The specific recommended flowchart is as Follows:From the overall framework point of view, when the user requests each time, the system will write the data of the current request to the log, using a variety of data processing tools to clean the original log, format, landing to different types of storage systems. During training, we use feature engineering to select the training and test sample set from the processed data, and to train and estimate the offline model. We use a

#Deep Learning Review # lenet, AlexNet, googlenet, vgg, ResNet

The history of CNNIn a review of the 2006 Hinton their science Paper, it was mentioned that the 2006, although the concept of deep learning was proposed, but the academic community is still not satisfied. At that time, there was a story of Hinton students on the stage when the paper, machine learning under the Taiwan D

Deep Learning (review, 2015, application)

0. OriginalDeep learning algorithms with applications to Video Analytics for A Smart city:a Survey1. Target DetectionThe goal of target detection is to pinpoint the location of the target in the image. Many work with deep learning algorithms has been proposed. We review the following representative work:SZEGEDY[28] mod

A review of deep learning and its application in speech processing

-related fields. I had a preliminary understanding of deep learning by reading a number of related papers and watching the machine learning video of Professor Andrew Ng in these days. Wunda I realize that the future of deep learning in many areas, including speech processing

Deep learning Review Week 1:generative adversarial Nets

Adit DeshpandeCS undergrad at UCLA (' 19)Blog about Resumedeep Learning Review Week 1:generative adversarial Netsstarting this week, I'll be doing a new series called Deep learning the Review. Every couple weeks orso, I'll be summarizing and explaining the papers in specif

A review of the application of deep learning in the field of health care

In recent years, machine learning, represented by deep learning, has become more and more in the field of health care. According to the type of data processed can be divided into numerical, textual and image data; This paper focuses on text data. Clinical Diagnostic Decisions: (Miotto r,et al;2016) [1] A new unsupervised depth feature

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