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[Machine Learning] Coursera notes-Support Vector machines

friends, but also hope to get the high people of God's criticism!        Preface  [Machine Learning] The Coursera Note series was compiled with notes from the course I studied at the Coursera learning (Andrew ng teacher). The content covers linear regression, logistic regression, Softmax regression, SVM, neural networ

Coursera open course notes: "Advice for applying machine learning", 10 class of machine learning at Stanford University )"

networks and overfitting: The following is a "small" Neural Network (which has few parameters and is easy to be unfitted ): It has a low computing cost. The following is a "big" Neural Network (which has many parameters and is easy to overfit ): It has a high computing cost. For the problem of Neural Network overfitting, it can be solved through the regularization (λ) method. References: Machine Learning video can be viewed or downloaded on

What are some of the learning Python, data analysis courses on Coursera?

! I've been on this course 3 years ago, and it's been a long time ... Before going to bed to see this question, the day before yesterday wrote an article about learning Python in Coursera, just right question, so excerpt part, hope to be helpful:-) Let's talk about the process of learning Python in Coursera (and reco

Machine Learning| Andrew ng| Coursera Wunda Machine Learning Notes

continuously updating theta. Map Reduce and Data Parallelism: Many learning algorithms can be expressed as computing sums of functions over the training set. We can divide up batch gradient descent and dispatch the cost function for a subset of the data to many different machines So, we can train our algorithm in parallel. Week 11:Photo OCR: Pipeline: Text detection Character segmentation Ch

Note for Coursera "Machine learning" 1 (1) | What are machine learning?

What are machine learning?The definitions of machine learning is offered. Arthur Samuel described it as: "The field of study that gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly prog Rammed. " This was an older, informal definition.Tom Mitchell provides a more modern definition: 'a computer program was said to learn from experience E with R Espect to some class of tasks T and performance measu

Notes | Wunda Coursera Deep Learning Study notes

Programmers who have turned to AI have followed this number ☝☝☝ Author: Lisa Song Microsoft Headquarters Cloud Intelligence Advanced data scientist, now lives in Seattle. With years of experience in machine learning and deep learning, we are familiar with the requirements analysis, architecture design, algorithmic development and integrated deployment of machine lear

Neural Network jobs: NN Learning Coursera machine learning (Andrew Ng) WEEK 5

)/m; at End - End - -%size (J,1) -%size (J,2) - ind3 = A3-Ty; -D2 = (D3 * THETA2 (:,2: End)). *sigmoidgradient (z2); toTheta1_grad = Theta1_grad + d2'*a1/m; +Theta2_grad = Theta2_grad + d3'*a2/m; - the% ------------------------------------------------------------- *jj=0; $ Panax Notoginseng forI=1: Size (Theta1,1) - forj=2: Size (Theta1,2) theJJ = JJ + Theta1 (i,j) *theta1 (i,j) *lambda/(m*2); + End A End theSize (Theta1,1); +Size (Theta1,2); - $ forI=1: Size (THETA2,1) $

What courses are worth learning about Python and data analysis on coursera?

friends leave a message saying they are already charged. Let's go to the official website and check it out! I have taken this course three years ago. It takes a long time ...... I saw this problem before I went to bed. I wrote an article about learning python in coursera the day before yesterday, which is just the right question. So I want to extract some of it and hope it will help me :-) Next, let's ta

Machine Learning Coursera Learning Summary

Coursera Andrew Ng Machine learning is really too hot, recently had time to spend 20 days (3 hours a day or so) finally finished learning all the courses, summarized as follows:(1) Suitable for getting started, speaking the comparative basis, Andrew speaks great;(2) The exercise is relatively easy, but to carefully consider each English word, or easy to make mist

"MATLAB" machine learning (Coursera Courses Outline & Schedule)

The course covers technology:Gradient descent, linear regression, supervised/unsupervised learning, classification/logistic regression, regularization, neural network, gradient test/numerical calculation, model selection/diagnosis, learning curve, evaluation metric, SVM, K-means clustering, PCA, Map Reduce Data Parallelism, etc...The course covers applications:Message classification, tumor diagnosis, handw

Coursera Machine Learning Chapter 9th (UP) Anomaly Detection study notes

the μ and σ^2 two parameters, which represent the probability density function of the Gaussian distribution. Note that the integral of the shadow area of the Gaussian distribution is 1.The following is a comparison of Gaussian images under different μ,σ values:Parameter estimation problems. In this case, the parameter estimation is the given data set, which can estimate the values of μ and σ^2, which is the maximum likelihood estimate of μ and σ.Μ=1/M*∑MX (i)Σ=1/m*∑m (x (i)-μ), here m in the

Statistical learning methods Hangyuan LI---1th chapter Introduction to Statistical learning methods

Chapter I. Introduction to Statistical learning methodsThe main features of statistical learning are: (1) Statistical learning is based on computers and networks, and is based on computer and network ; (2)

coursera-Wunda-Machine learning-(programming exercise 7) K mean and PCA (corresponds to the 8th week course)

This series is a personal learning note for Andrew Ng Machine Learning course for Coursera website (for reference only)Course URL: Exercise 7--k-means and PCA Download coursera-Wunda-Machine

Statistical Study Notes (1) -- Introduction to statistical learning methods

1. Statistical Learning Statistical Learning is a discipline in which computers build Probability Statistics Models Based on data and use models to predict and analyze data, also known as statistical machine learning.

Coursera Machine Learning Study notes (i)

Before the machine learning is very interested in the holiday cannot to see Coursera machine learning all the courses, collated notes in order to experience repeatedly.I. Introduction (Week 1)-What's machine learningThere is no unanimous answer to the definition of machine learning.Arthur Samuel (1959) gives a definition of machine learning:Machine

Coursera Course "Machine learning" study notes (WEEK1)

This is a machine learning course that coursera on fire, and the instructor is Andrew Ng. In the process of looking at the neural network, I did find that I had a problem with a weak foundation and some basic concepts, so I wanted to take this course to find a leak. The current plan is to see the end of the neural network, the back is not necessarily seen.Of course, look at the process is still to do the no

Coursera Open Class Machine Learning: Linear Regression with multiple variables

regression. The root number can also be selected based on the actual situation.Regular Equation In addition to Iteration Methods, linear algebra can be used to directly calculate $ \ matrix {\ Theta} $. For example, four groups of property price forecasts: Least Squares $ \ Theta = (\ matrix {x} ^ t \ matrix {x}) ^ {-1} \ matrix {x} ^ t \ matrix {y} $Gradient Descent, advantages and disadvantages of regular equations Gradient Descent: Desired stride $ \ Alpha $; Multiple iterations are requ

Operating system Learning notes----process/threading Model----Coursera Course notes

Operating system Learning notes----process/threading Model----Coursera Course note process/threading model 0. Overview 0.1 Process ModelMulti-Channel program designConcept of process, Process control blockProcess status and transitions, process queuesProcess Control----process creation, revocation, blocking, wake-up 、...0.2 threading ModelWhy threading is introducedThe composition of the threadImplementatio

Neural network and deep learning programming exercises (Coursera Wunda) (3)

full implementation of multi-layered neural network recognition picture of the cat Original Coursera Course homepage, in the NetEase cloud classroom also has the curriculum resources but no programming practice. This program uses the functions completed in the last job, fully implementing a multilayer neural network, and training to identify whether there is a cat in the picture. There is no comment in the Code and Training test data download Cod

Coursera-machine Learning, Stanford:week 5

Overview Cost Function and BackPropagation Cost Function BackPropagation algorithm BackPropagation Intuition Back propagation in practice Implementation Note:unrolling Parameters Gradient Check Random initialization Put It together Application of Neural Networks Autonomous Driving Review Log 2/10/2017:all the videos; Puzzled about Backprogation 2/11/2017:reviewed backpropaga

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