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To create a MySQL database operation method in the Cpanel panel

First need to enter the Cpanel Virtual Host Management System interface, under the database module to find the MySQL database, click the MySQL database, enter the database to create an interface: Enter the name of the database you want to create

18 Open Source/Commercial Linux server Control Panel

when the webmaster has a lot of site site, not through the Control Panel management of various sites will be very difficult. But in order to meet different needs, we need a personalized solution. The Web site console is a full web interface that

New powerful VPS Virtual host Control Panel: BRAINYCP Installation Tutorial

Brief introductionBrainyCPis a Ukrainian open up the virtual host management system, free and super-strong can match cPanel , but also has the protection of the person to continue the update, for the virtual hosting panel to provide a

Magento -- steps for implementing multiple domain names and multiple online stores

  Http:// Address Source     How to setup multiple magento stores By Kyle on December 28,200 8. posted in howto, magento · 78 comments There are numerous ways to

How to install "CentOS webpage panel" on CentOS"

How to install "CentOS webpage panel" on CentOS"About CentOS webpage panel There are currently many free or paid control panels. Today, we will discuss the CentOS web page Panel (CWP), which is specially designed for RPM-based releases such as

No space flow restrictions PHP with MySQL free space

1, 1500MB capacity;2, 100GB flow; 9, unlimited PHP and MySQL;10, the space access speed is good. Application Address: 1500 MB Disk space, GB Data TransferWe have enough room for your website, emails and databases. All my

Selection of foreign free PHP space recommendations

Featured Foreign free PHP space recommendations Featured Foreign free PHP space recommendations 000webhost–1500m support PHP free web Hosting Free 1500M space, 100G traffic, FTP, web upload management files, support PHP5, provide 2 MySQL database,

MySQL database backup

MySQL database backup If you store any database in MySQL, you do not want to lose, you should do weekly or even daily backups. Depending on the database you are using-whether it is storing forum information, employee information, or your expense

Fundamentals of e-commerce: SME construction station programmes and resources

At present, the number of small and medium-sized enterprises in China has tens of millions of, but the information construction is not ideal, the site has only not more than 2 million, tens of millions of small and medium-sized enterprises exist

Free 2g 150g php mysql FTP personal home page space

Megabyet Free Cpanel Hosting program specifications: Free hosting ProgramPrice: $0.00 (Completey lifetime free!) )Disk space: 1600 MB or 160 GB (with plenty of space to create a rich graphics page of thousands of pages.) )Bandwidth: 150,000 MB or

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