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How to manage domain names and databases using cpanel

Cpanel is a web-based Web-based control panel that simplifies many common system administration tasks, such as site creation, database deployment, and management. This guide shows you how to use the Cpanel user account to manage domains and

Virtual Host management system DirectAdmin, Websitepanel and cpanel function Comparison Evaluation _ server other

DirectAdmin Websitepanel Chanel Installation Environment Linux Windows 2008 R2 Linux Space type Php+mysql Almighty Php+mysql Open in real time √ √ √

Common Management operations on the cPanel/WHM background

CPanel/WHM common operations on the front-end and back-end must have heard of cPanel, which is very powerful and easy to use in the world, therefore, it is a popular virtual host control system. CPanel foreground common operations menu on the left:

Why foreign hosts are keen on cpanel panels

Cpanel is the most powerful of the current host panel, the most easy to use, the most popular virtual host control system, many famous foreign host use this set of Control Panel, including the famous hostease, Bluehost, GoDaddy and other overseas

To create a MySQL database operation method in the Cpanel panel

First need to enter the Cpanel Virtual Host Management System interface, under the database module to find the MySQL database, click the MySQL database, enter the database to create an interface: Enter the name of the database you want to create

How to use phpMyAdmin to reset the WordPress password

In cPanel or other host management systems, find the phpMyAdmin management tool. CPanel translates it into "phpMy management" in Chinese, indicating that this word is a combination of PHP + MySQL + Admin. As shown in the following figure:After

phpMyAdmin failed to import SQL files

PHP Tutorial MyAdmin solution for importing SQL files I use the phpMyAdmin import directly with the following prompts error Warning:cannot Modify header Information-headers already sent by (output started at/usr/local/cpanel/base/3rdparty/php

Add new user accounts to PhpMyAdmin

Add a new user account in PhpMyAdmin In order to the security of the database, try not to connect to the Web site root database, before using CPanel panel, this is not a problem, add account is simple, now VPS does not provide any panel, can

Simple eight steps to change a domain name for a Wordpress blog on the same host (2)

The domain name of jingbo has been changed from to The following describes how to change the domain name. I. Operations on cpanel: You can perform the following four steps on the cpanel of the Host: Step 1: add

Learn how to install WordPress website programs

WordPress is famous for its simple installation. In most cases, installing WordPress is a simple process that can be completed in less than five minutes. The following installation guide can help you complete the installation in five minutes, or

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