cpanel redirect to www

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Modify. htaccess Implementation 301 redirect

1. Direct editing. htaccess. qq:452572701 2. Set with cpanel. Reprint Please specify: ZEROSKYHK blog In essence both are modified documents. htaccess, just the former hand-edited, the latter is done by cpanel. With cpanel operation is quite simple,

Python web crawler Learning Notes

Python web crawler Learning Notesby ZhonghuanlinSeptember 4 2014 Update: September 4 2014Article Directory 1. Introduction: 2. start from the simple statement: 3. Transferring data to the server 4. HTTP Header-data that describes the data

Common rules and examples of. htaccess files

. The htaccess file is an important configuration file in Apache. Its format is plain text. It provides a method for changing the configuration of directories, you can place a file containing one or more commands in a specific document directory to

Http StatuCode description and httpstatucode description

Http StatuCode description and httpstatucode description Http description: Http 200:-The file is normally accessed. Http 302: Temporary redirection HTTP Error List HTTP 400-invalid request HTTP 401.1-unauthorized: Logon Failed HTTP

What is the. htaccess? htaccess few simple applications

What is the. htaccess?. Htaccess is called a distributed configuration file, which provides a way to change the configuration of a directory by placing a file containing one or more instructions in a particular document directory to act on this

Application of the. htaccess

After work today, colleagues asked about the use of this thing. I have not contacted before, specially search for a bit, now save convenient later use.1. First determine the server type, whether the server is supported.2. Whether there is an error

Detailed Python urllib2 usage

URLLIB2 is a component of Python's acquisition of URLs (Uniform Resource Locators). He provides a very simple interface in the form of a urlopen function, which is capable of acquiring URLs using different protocols, and he also provides a more

Wordpress 3.x. X and earlier versions have file inclusion vulnerabilities.

Title: Wordpress 3.x. X and prior-Path Disclosure/File compression sion Vulnerabilities.Author: Dark-Puzzle (Souhail Hammou) Affected Versions: All versions are availableDeveloper: www.wordpress.comTest Platform: Windows XP SP3-Fr & Backtrack 5 R3.#

0 Basics Write two important concepts in the urllib2 of Python reptiles: openers and Handlers_python

Before you start, explain the two methods in Urllib2: Info/geturlUrlopen returns an Answer object response (or Httperror instance) has two very useful methods info () and Geturl () 1.geturl (): This returns the real URL obtained, which is useful

Web crawler (iv): Introduction and application of opener and handler

Before you start, explain the two methods in Urllib2: info and Geturl Urlopen The answer object returned by response (or Httperror instance) has two very useful methods info () and Geturl () 1.geturl (): This returns the real URL obtained, which is

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