cpu and gpu temp monitor

Want to know cpu and gpu temp monitor? we have a huge selection of cpu and gpu temp monitor information on alibabacloud.com

Monitor GPU and CPU usage under Linux

initializedMemory-usage: Memory UtilizationVolatile gpu-util: Floating GPU UtilizationUncorr. ECC: Something about ECCCompute M.: Calculation modeProcesses shows the memory usage per process on each GPU.Note: Video memory usage and GPU occupancy are two different things, the graphics card is composed of GPU and memory

Raspberry Pi B + regularly uploads CPU GPU temperature to IOT yeelink, raspberryyeelink

. getoutput ('/opt/vc/bin/vcgencmd measure_temp '). replace ('temp = ',''). replace ('\ 'C', '') gpu = float (gpu) # print ('gpu value: %. 2f '% gpu) # GPU device URI apiurl_gpu = 'HTTP: // your # YEELINK user password, specify th

Raspberry Pi B + timing to IoT Yeelink uploading CPU GPU temperature

writing is complete, only the interrupts are run directlyPython pi_temp.pyThis step is complete after the debug is correct4 Add script file auto_start.sh #!/bin/bash cd/home/pi/python-works/yeelink-temp python yeelink-temp.py Reference:Raspberry Pi Learning notes--timed to Yeelink upload Raspberry Pi CPU temperature: http://blog.csdn.net/xukai871105/article/details/38349519Installation and simple applicati

Monitor CPU temperature with MRTG

Use MRTG to monitor CPU temperature-Linux Enterprise Application-Linux server application information. The following is a detailed description. It's time to roll again in summer ~ I believe many people are concerned about whether their CPU will go on strike due to overheating? Is there any software under Linux that can monito

Linux system hosts monitor shell scripts (traffic, status, disk space, CPU, and memory)

/mnt_storage_pic.txt time= ' Date +%m '. %d ""%k ":"%m ' connect= ' Netstat-na | grep "" | Wc-l ' Echo $time $connect >>./temp/connect_count.txt 3, monitoring the host's disk space, when the use of more than 90% in space by sending mail to send a warning The code is as follows Copy Code #!/bin/bash#monitor Available disk spaceSpace= ' DF | Sed-

Monitor Raspberry Pi CPU temperature changes through the Yeelink platform

Monitoring the Raspberry Pi temperature through the Yeelink platform is the first lesson for many of your friends to get started. As a novice who was just starting out on the Raspberry Pi bare metal, in the absence of other hardware support, the Yeelink platform was the first step in learning the Raspberry Pi and learning smart hardware by monitoring the CPU temperature change of the Raspberry Pi.Implementation ideasThe idea of "Monitoring Raspberry P

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