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SOLR parameter (Stats terms termvector)

I.Stats 1.Stats2.Stats. Field3.Stats. facet II.Terms 1. Terms : The component name. Set to true to turn on the termscomponent2. Terms. fl : Required. Specify the field to look up terms in.3. Terms. Lower : Optional. The lower bound term to start at. The termenum will start at the next term after this term in the dictionary. If not specified, the empty string is used4. Terms. Upper : Optional. the term t

Unity adds friend League stats (Android and iOS supported)

(1) First of all, to apply for registration of a developer account on the Friends Alliance website (if not). Link address: http://www.umeng.com then go to your Account Personal Admin Center page, click on the "Add App" button, if you have not yet applied for your app project Appkey ( Note: Friends of the league for each of your apps to assign a unique identifier, And if an item is to be published on a different platform (such as iOS or Android), you will need to apply for separate appkey for thi

File conflicts caused by Android Google stats

Android Studio joins Google stats1.Buildscript {repositories {jcenter ()} dependencies {Classpath'com.android.tools.build:gradle:2.2.3'Classpath'com.neenbedankt.gradle.plugins:android-apt:1.8'Classpath'com.google.gms:google-services:3.0.0' //Note:do not place your application dependencies here; they belong//In the individual module build.gradle files}}allprojects {repositories {jcenter ()}}task Clean (type:delete) {Delete Rootproject.builddir} 2.Dependencies { // Google

"Android Notes" Android Stats folder size, delete all file methods under folder

= kilobyte/1024; - if(Megabyte ) { -BigDecimal RESULT1 =NewBigDecimal (double.tostring (kilobyte)); the returnResult1.setscale (2, bigdecimal.round_half_up). Toplainstring () + "KB"; - } - - DoubleGigaByte = megabyte/1024; + if(GigaByte ) { -BigDecimal RESULT2 =NewBigDecimal (double.tostring (megabyte)); + returnResult2.setscale (2, bigdecimal.round_half_up). Toplainstring () + "MB"; A } at -

HDU1850 Being a good boy in Spring Festival (NIM stats)

Test instructionsNim question, ask you the first person how many kinds of plan to takeIdeas:When all is different or complete, then let the value differ or each numberIf the result is less than the current number, it means that you can take the different or this number of pebbles from the heap.Ans on + +/************************************************author:d evilcreated time:2016/5/29 11:31:46***************** ******************************* */#include#include#include#include#include#include#i

Python stats by brute force attempts to log on to the local IP and number of times

1. Requires root user execution2. The Hosts.deny file will be generated in the directory where the script resides, and the data is storedScript to Serve "I rookie, do not spray ah":#!/usr/bin/python#_*_coding:utf-8_*_importtimeimportreimportsysimport Osfromdatetimeimportdatelogfile=r '/var/log/secure ' current_path= Sys.path[0]denyfile=r '/' +current_path+ '/hosts.deny ' months_31=[' Jan ', ' Mar ', ' may ', ' Jul ', ']months_30=[', ' Oct ', ' Dec ', ' APR ', ' June ', ' Sep ', ']month_28or29= '

IOS device to determine the latest stats code

", NBS P @ "iphone3,3": @ "iPhone433", nbsp ; @ "iphone4,1": @ "iphone4s41",// nbsp nbsp @ "iphone4,2": @ "iPhone442", nbs P @ "iphone4,3": @ "iPhone443", nbs P @ "iphone5,1": @ "IPhone55 1 ", //(model A1428, Att/canada) N Bsp @ "iphone5,2": @ "iPhone552", NBS P @ "ipad3,4" : @ "IPad" //( 4th Generation @ " ipad2,5 ": @" Ipadmini ", //(Original) N Bsp @ "iphone5,3":

Error tracking app with dsym and binary files plus Friends league stats

1.app after the submission on-line to the packaging of the corresponding. dSYM and binary files, you can later through these two things to track the app in the user's use of the error, the version must correspond to the good2. Open the Friends League Error List to find an error, such asIf the error type is, you can discard this exception crash error cause many may not be traced3. Replication ErrorsYellow plus the back stuff copyand replace it with your own dSYM file name4. Open the terminal CD t

HUD 1251 Puzzle Stats

/*It's not a difficult question, but it's a matter of the dictionary tree, but space is a problem. Start writing such a struct node{int next[27],sum[27]; bool over;} T[MAXN]; It's not going to work. The ER opened up the MLE asked Wmy very witty said with map works and then the card space to see them using pointers to dynamically allocate memory but I'm not very good at it .*/#include#include#include#include#defineMAXN 480010using namespacestd;inttopt;Chars[ -];structnode{Mapint,int>next,sum; BOO

Git stats report

about the computer hard drive hanging off Allows the project to form a stable roadmap to integrate fragmented results Their own intellectual achievements have been accumulated Your brand will also have a platform to show Hope that more software version management Beginners can quickly develop a good version of the management system and efficient version management tools, other than to say, at least a very important role is:Can ensure that the Software project group all the peop

MySQL stats (1) of Cacti script and template)

CactiIs a set of network traffic monitoring graphical analysis tools developed based on PHP, MySQL, SNMP, and RRDTool. CactiTemplateYesMySQL statsLet's explain it! 1. MySQL stats Template Forum discussion: http://forums.cacti.net/about11010.html : Http://www.faemalia.net/mysqlUtils/ Function: monitors the MySQL status, including index usage, query, sorting, and locking. 1 ). set mysql_stats.php and dumpMemcachedStats. put the php script in the cacti S

Vnstat traffic stats and comes with a small PHP page to view traffic

InstallationApt-get Install VnstatConfigure to Auto-startUPDATE-RC.D Vnstat EnableStart/etc/init.d/vnstat startVnstat Basic Use CommandsVnstat-i eth0-l #实时流量情况Vnstat-i eth0-h #按小时查询流量情况Vnstat-i eth0-d #按天数查询流量情况Vnstat-i eth0-m #按月数查询流量情况Vnstat-i eth0-w #按周数查询流量情况Vnstat-i eth0-t #查询TOP10流量情况PHP Traffic page, the implementation of the principle is too simple, direct call command display to the Web page, it is also very good, not every command.16 TimeNetwork Status!789PHPTen Echo system("Vnstat-i e

Creating Custom Web Controls in C # Stats (RPM)

Web creating Custom Web Controls in C # Stats rating:4.75 out of 5 by 4 users Submitted:04/09/01 Peter Weng (lateboy@mit.edu) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- By have heard of ASP. NET ' s Web Controls. In this tutorial I plan to discuss the advantages of using Web Controls, as as, as and as, and deploy in C #. What are Web Controls? Web Controls are widgets that can is reused across multiple

SQL SERVER->> Wait Stats

The wait state is an important means of isolating SQL Server performance issues, starting at the instance level. You can probably see if SQL Server is in a tight state of resources for some time in the past. It depends on whether you have an effective performance data collection mechanism in place. Sys.dm_os_wait_stats This DMV data is collected from the last boot of the instance. withWaits as ( SELECTWait_type, Wait_time_ms/ +. aswait_time_s, -.*Wait_time_ms/ SUM(Wait_time_ms) Over() aspct,

IOS stats Xcode The number of lines of code for the entire project

Tips 5-ios Statistics Xcode The number of lines of code for the entire project1. Open Terminal2, CD space drag the project folder to the terminal, enter, at this time to enter the project pathYou have entered the project folder at this time3. Operation InstructionA.Find. -name "*.M"-or-name "*.h"-or-name "*.xib"-or-name "*.c" |xargs wc-l "The last letter is L NOT the number 1"Enter, execute--this instruction is to get the number of lines of code within each file, and at the end count the total n

IOS Friends League Stats

1, package to archive after the end of a page there are many versions of the package find in Finder a app.xcarchive file appears2. Open the Terminal CD and drag the app.xcarchive file into the terminalluweiminidemini:meilv 2017-11-10 pm 3.46.xcarchive luweimac_mini$ Cd/users/luweimac_mini/library/developer /xcode/archives/2017-11-10/meilv\ 2017-11-10\ pm 3.46.xcarchiveThen LSluweiminidemini:meilv 2017-11-10 pm 3.46.xcarchive luweimac_mini$ lsInfo.plist Products scmblueprint dsyms luweiminidemin

Java Daily Stats

Name: Danny Date:2017/11/27 TaskDate Lectures Programming programs Read the textbook Prepare for the exam Daily statistics Monday 30 NBSP; 120 150 Tuesday 140 190 Wednesday Thursday

SQL Stats Student score 2

.tid and T3.cid =t 1.cid and t2.tname = ' cotyledons ' ); 48. Check the number of students with two or more failed courses and their average scores Select Sid,avg (IsNull (grade, 0)) from T_score where Sid in ( Select Sid from T_score Where grade ) Group BY SID; 49, search "004" course score is less than 60, in descending order by the number of students Select Sid from T_score where cid= ' 004 ' and grade 50, delete the "002" Students of the "001" The results of the course Delete from T_score

MySQL stats for the last 12 months (including this month)

' Month ' UNION SELECTDate_format (Curdate ()-INTERVAL 9 MONTH),'%y-%m ') as ' Month ' UNION SELECTDate_format (Curdate ()-INTERVAL Ten MONTH),'%y-%m ') as ' Month ' UNION SELECTDate_format (Curdate ()-INTERVAL One MONTH),'%y-%m ') as ' Month ' See the 12-month display: select t.month from past_12_month_view t group by t.month; 2.4 Correlate 2.3 of 12 months ' display data with 2.2 query results SelectV.Month, Ifnull (b.minute,0)minute fromPast_12_month_view V Left Join(Select

[Android] Android stats apk, jar package method number

Reference to:http://www.jianshu.com/p/61e8f803e0d1Android in the development process, with the reference to the library as well as the increase in business, there will inevitably be the 64K limit problem, that is, the number of methods too many problems, Java code in the total number of method and field total cannot exceed 65,535, It is necessary to count how many of these are contained in each jar package, and Google has implemented such tools for us today:Dexdump command (View the total number

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