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Resolve application Normal initialization (0xc0000135) failure

Today the computer G has a XPSP3, but in the installation program when the application Normal initialization (0xc0000135) failed, Baidu a bit found the problem. Application normal initialization (0XC0000135) Failure resolution This is due to the fact that the. NET Framework is not installed, install the. NET Framework. Download Address: Microsoft Official address

Solution to the failure of normal initialization of an application

Application normal initialization (0XC00000BA) Failure symptoms: Unable to start anti-virus software, firewall, QQ chat software, etc.   Causes analysis of failure of application normal initialization: The error code that appears (0XC00000BA) indicates that the system was not able to invoke the Ws2_32.dll Dynamic Con

How to solve the deep technology application initialization failure under Win7 system (0XC00000BA)

Application initialization failure specific cause analysis: The error code that appears (0XC00000BA) indicates that the system is not able to invoke the Ws2_32.dll Dynamic Connection library file properly, and Ws2_32.dll is the Windows Sockets application interface, which is the interface support for providing network applications to the system. However, some virus trojan in order to prevent anti-virus sof

360 Security defender initialization failure and no normal installation solution

360 Security Guardian is a malicious software cleaning tool, with it can make our system more refreshing, no longer by rogue software malicious harassment. such as 3721, Web page malicious bundle can make the instant disappear. But not with it can be easy, after all, now online "means" is also constantly upgrading, which requires us to have a certain sense of protection, and know which files can not download, can not browse. Software Name: Kaspersky 360 Software version: Personal Deluxe Editio

SQL Server 2000 snap-in initialization failure resolution _MSSQL

With SQL Server 2000 databases, the SQL Server snap-in initialization failure error occurs when you open Enterprise Manager:Window name is: MMCInitialization of SQL Server snap-in failedName: Microsoft SQL Enterprise Tubeclsid{00100100-1816-11d0-8ef5-00aa0062c58f} On the internet for a long time most of the SQL Server snap-in solution is to reload the database, it is too cumbersome, basically did not find

XP system under TWAIN Scan prompts imaging device initialization failure how to solve

XP system under TWAIN Scan prompt imaging device initialization failure how to solve? In the process of using the Zhongguancun XP system, it is found that the "imaging device can not initialize", "Imaging device initialization failed" prompts by TWAIN Scan, what should I do? In fact, as soon as we update the scanner driver in Imgaing device in Device Manager, Whe

SQL2000 Personal application initialization failed 0 times C0000135 failure _mssql

SQL2000 personal version of the problem encountered after installation, and then go to the point application, which shows (application normal initialization failure 0 times C0000135 failure). Previously did not install SQL2000 personal version before the direct to point application, which shows that the SQL2000 server is not installed or running, how to go; If th

WinXP application normal initialization failure error 0xc0000142 what to do

WinXP application Normal initialization failure error code 0xc0000142 resolution. The method is as follows: 1, the software conflict, at least two or more than two of the software, uninstall the recently installed software, can make the conflict avoidance, resolve the software conflict, "the application of normal initialization

WIN8 part of software initialization failure how to solve?

   The steps are as follows: 1, the first reason, but also the main reason for this problem is that the system's virtual memory is too low, leading to the failure of the game initialization, the solution is also very simple, just set up their own computer can be. 2, (My Computer is WIN8 system, Win7 is the same), first of all, on the computer icon right click, select the attribute column. 3,

Cause analysis of MySQL initialization failure under Linux installation

no corresponding machine name Power1Add IP (native IP) to the machine corresponding to the/etc/hosts, which is clearly as follows:[Email protected] ~]# cat/etc/hosts localhost localhost.localdomain localhost4 localhost4.localdomain4 :: 1 localhost localhost.localdomain localhost6 localhost6.localdomain6 Power14. Use RESOLVEIP to confirm if OK[Email protected] ~]#/usr/local/mysql/bin/resolveip Power1 IP address of Power1 is Re-initializeCause analysis of

What about the failure of application initialization?

Recently many users have reacted by saying that the application initialization failed, and what was the cause? What's the solution? In fact, the cause of the application initialization failure may be: Firewalls, anti-virus software does not start properly, QQ chat software, etc. these can cause application initialization

Php installation of redis extension initialization failure solution _ PHP Tutorial

Php installation of redis extension initialization failure solution. This article introduces how to solve the initialization failure of redis extension installation in php. I hope some methods will help you. The error message is as follows: PHPWarning: PHPStartup: r this article will introduce you to the solution to th

Initialization failure PHP Bulk scale image code [INI parameter control]

the new creating images ' size Which is defined in the specified INI file$suffix = ' jpg ';//the new image ' s suffix$inifile = ' image.ini.php ';$size = getimagesize ($oimg);$x = $size [0]/$size [1];$name = Explode ('. ', $oimg);if (!file_exists ($inifile)) Die (' Ini file does not exist! ');$CN = Parse_ini_file ($inifile, true);//parse the class style image size from INI fileforeach ($classes as $class) {foreach ($cn as $k = = $v) {if ($k = = $class) {if ($v [' width '] $v [' height ']) {$th

The ultimate solution to the failure of the application's normal initialization (0XC0150002)

Conversion from VC error: Recently done a project to write a VC6 MFC program, the results to others on the machine (WIN7) The application of the normal initialization (0XC0150002) Failure of the problem, was thought to be the problem of WIN7, then the program copied to a WinXP SP3 under the program or not. Why my machine can, and others do not run on the machine. Start Goog

Solution to data initialization failure on the WeChat applet homepage

}, onHide: function () {// page hidden}, onUnload: function () {// page closed}, redirect: function () {wx. switchTab ({url :'.. /index/Index ',})}}) As you can see, when we log on for the first time, we will enter our welcome page. after the user confirms the public information, the page will automatically jump to the homepage, and the homepage data will be displayed normally. During the second entry, the jump will be carried out in onload, and the page will jump without rendering, so the spee

Tongda oa-an error message from the learning genie today prompted initialization failure

Tongda oa-an error message from the learning genie today prompted initialization failure Some people in the group encounter this problem, that is, when the genie is opened, an error is reported: The application initialization fails normally. The application fails. The reply method is to install the following two files:

Socket initialization failure issue

Problem Description:When you open a webpage, there is a network connection problem, and some software does not open (prompting for socket initialization failed).Problem solving:The problem is that the network protocols are layered, and this is a new program that has changed the network protocol.1, to the system to remove it, and then link the network, forcibly open the browser, 360 will prompt you whether the network layered protocol is blocked, you p

0xc0000135 initialization failure How to solve

0xc0000135 initialization failure How to solve 0xc0000135 initialization failure How to solve the method introduction: When an EXE file program opens, it prompts: The application has failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135). Please click OK to terminate the application. Here's how to share the "Application error:

Win7 boot blue screen or prompt for "logon process initialization failure" solution

Failure phenomenon June 12, some users at the start of the "blue screen" or prompted "logon process initialization failed", unable to access the desktop Windows 7 users (figure below) Windows Vista users, please click here Windows XP users, please click here Cause analysis Initial confirmation that the "logon process

The group policy prompts the management unit initialization failure in an authorized solution

...I have said that no matter when a computer goes wrong, it may give you a piece of feedback. Sometimes it may sound a little subtle, even a sound, but it should be good at capturing details when dealing with problems... let's see what clues the system has given us :)When a problem occurs, we obtain the following information:First, the computer tells us that the Group Policy failed to run and the CLSID in the registry is related to 8fc0b734-a0e1-11d1-a7d3-109f87571e3.Second, the cause of the

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