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A brief analysis of Objective-c Runtime class and Object tutorial

The advantage of the Objective-c language is that we are more flexible when writing code, such as we can forward the message to the object we want, or swap the implementation of a method at random. This feature means that objective-c requires not

Teaches you how to create a special class in C + +

As far as language is concerned, individuals prefer C + +, although some of the grammatical aspects of C + + are quite esoteric, but these do not block the place where it is irreplaceable in practical applications.Start talking about today's focus,

MVC: create a class on the M layer, create the object of the corresponding class in the C layer, and then upload it to the V

MVC: create a class on the M layer, create the object of the corresponding class in the C layer, and then upload it to the V layer. The V layer calls the corresponding class method using the object. Have you seen this mode? MVC: create a class on

C ++: class inheritance

1.Base class and derived class: When a class is derived from another class, the original class is called the base class, And the inherited class is called the derived class. The basic syntax is: Class subclassname: Public baseclassname {}; Public

[to] export the use of C + + class –dllexport and DllImport from a normal DLL (Chinese-English control, annotated)

These days to write a few small program practiced hand, when preparing to export a class, I found that I do not know if the extension DLL without MFC, how to export. But I know dllexport can export functions and variables, and MFC extension DLL even

In C ++, the class name is used to create the corresponding class Object (rtti)

Download the program code:, think about the class name (a c ++ string), and create the corresponding class instance. In addition to this string, nothing else is needed. For example, I have

Valid C # principle 44: Create an application-specific exception class)

Valid C # principle 44: Create an applicationProgramSpecific exception classesItem 44: Create complete application-specific exception classes An exception is a mechanism for reporting errors. It can handle errors away from errors. All information

Deep analysis of the knowledge of base class and base class inheritance in C + + programming _c language

Base classThe inheritance process creates a new derived class that consists of the members of the base class plus any new members added by the derived class. In multiple inheritance, you can build an inheritance diagram in which the same base class

Memory layout in C + + inheritance

Today I saw a very good article on the internet, which is about the C + + class inheriting the memory layout. After looking at the benefit of a lot, now turned in my own blog inside, as a later review of the use. --On VC + + object model(US) Jane

"C + + Primer Plus" Reading notes 11-Class inheritance

Chapter 13th Class Succession1. class inheritance : Extend and modify classes.2 . Public inheritance format: The colon indicates that the base class of Class B is a, a, or a derived class. Class B:public A{。。。};3 . The derived class object contains

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