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Photoshop path tool

: it is a tool used in Photoshop to plot the path at will.  Usage: It is basically the same as the plug-in tool in the phiotoshop selection tool. Basically, you only need to create an initial point on the image and then drag the mouse to draw the path by hand,  Parameter: The Configuration window of this tool is the fr

Photoshop path is fully proficient in the three-node definition of the manual

smoothing of the image body contour. Shortcut key way: Keyboard control key with the magnetic pen tool with the effect, hold down the [ALT] key, will switch to the pen tool, hold down the [Ctrl] key, will switch to the node position adjustment tool, if at this time mouse is located in a node of the curvature adjustment point, will switch to "node smoothness adjustment tool" 3. Free Pen Tool Definition: A tool that is used in Photoshop to draw a

Photoshop text in accordance with the path of typesetting detailed

With the path tool, text typesetting becomes more flexible. We can make the text into any desired pattern. As in the tutorial, we can put the text into a closed path to make solid graphics, but also in accordance with a curve path layout made lovely text curve. The more difficult thing is to create creative text patter

Teaches you how to use Photoshop cs5 or CS6 for iPad. You can change the background at will, create GIF files, provide HD tutorials, and create original images.

From scratch to the original iPad, this work also referred to some online tutorials The images required in this tutorial are provided in a package and uploaded to csdn. : Http:// What will happen after this tutorial is completed? By the way, you can use Photoshop to create GIF images and teach you shortcut keys and skills. PS after completi

Photoshop text-a simple tutorial on path text

Source: The fire age Copyright Disclaimer: (Author: Zhao Peng, Forum This tutorial allows arbitrary reprint and can be used Business Printing, without the consent of the author, no fee is required. However, the original integrity must be guaranteed, and all content in this copyright statement must be indicated. Note: To use the path text function, the Photoshop version mus

Artist's path-color capture by Photoshop and illstrator

color is located, 2) Open the color next to the "window/color palette" Panel/DOT path button (upper part) and bring up the color palette, 3) Click the new color palette button to save the current color. Note: Each file has an independent color palette, And the dropper tool (the red arrow at the bottom) cannot capture colors outside of illustrator or capture colors outside of the current file, so the stupid way is to post another file, then the c

How Illustrator works with photoshop to create an ultra-beautiful guitar string and letter effect tutorial

Give your illustrator software users a detailed explanation of the tutorials that combine Photoshop to create the effect of the super beautiful guitar strings. Tutorial Sharing: Let's take a look at the final effect chart: The final finished figure Photoshop and illustrator illustrator are two very good tools. They can h

Photoshop to create a stereo effect of the seam art word

This tutorial mainly uses Photoshop to make a three-dimensional effect of the suture WordArt tutorial, as we all know, fonts are an important part of graphics and web design. It can help to emphasize the beauty of your design work, enhance your information expression, and cultivate strong emotional connotations. Reasonable font design can convey a lot of interesting things. How to add a downloaded pattern texture in

Photoshop tips for arranging text along a path

The long-awaited Photoshop CS finally released, this version adds a lot of exciting features, the text along the path function attracted many people's eyes. let's take a closer look at the specific usage of this feature in one instance. The completion chart is as follows: the example uses the text around the path and the text fills the enclosing

PS using the Path tool to create a lovely cartoon text effect tutorial

Tutorial explains how to apply the path tool to create a nice illustrator and suggest a friend with Photoshop basics to learn this tutorial, of course, if you're almost ignorant of Photoshop, It will certainly be rewarding to finish this tutorial. Effect Chart: One: In order to take this tutorial to lear

Use Photoshop to create an iOS tabbar icon

. And thus 60x60 pixels for the retina version. So how to make icons like that? By following this simple tutorial.The tutorial assumes that you are using Photoshop and are fairly familiar with working with layers and stuff. 1. Create a New Photoshop document. 60x60 pixels, RGB mode with transparent background. This is for the retina resolution image. 2. Select A

Photoshop uses action to create motion effects tutorials

To give you Photoshop software users to detailed analysis to share the use of action to create dynamic effects of the tutorial. Tutorial Sharing: Use action to make very beautiful dynamic effects Version requires Photoshop CS3 above, take Photoshop CS6 for example, find the PS installation directory as fo

Using Photoshop to create an automatic demo tutorial

find that we have just the operation of all the commands are recorded here, and by Photoshop automatically gave the appropriate name, such as: Set up, set up a constituency, and so on. Select "Build" and click on the Small triangle button on the right of the action panel select the Insert Stop command in the pop-up menu, which will insert a command named stop after "build", and we'll drag it to "build" with the mouse because we want to stop and eject

How photoshop uses scripts to quickly create portraits

We will give you a detailed analysis of the photoshop software, and share with you the tutorial on using scripts to quickly create the effect of portraits.Tutorial sharing:I. Create a portrait pattern1. Different designs have corresponding script filling solutions. For this special effect design, we chose a pretty rock girl as the main design material. The effect

Photoshop uses a layer style to create a realistic pearl necklace tutorial

We will give you a detailed analysis of photoshop software to share with you the tutorial on creating a realistic pearl necklace using layer styles.Tutorial sharing:Layer Style 1In fact, there are many kinds of pearl-shaped painting methods. I personally think this is the simplest way. I can also use a pen tool to create a text path and then draw circles with spe

Create a Picture Volume page effect with Photoshop

Create a Picture Volume page effect with Photoshop The volume page effect is one of the cosmetic effects we use in designing images. Many filters can be done, such as by the Avbros, Pagecurl, or the famous kpt. But if used you will find that these filters to make the effect is too rigid, more important is not realistic enough, at a glance to see the traces of artificial. So I just used it once and I gave it

How to create text effects of chocolate cookies in photoshop

We will give you a detailed analysis of photoshop software to share with you the tutorial on how to create the text effects of food in the shape of chocolate cookies.Tutorial sharing:1. Set the foreground color to # fece01 and the background color # e8661b. Use a radial gradient to pull from the center to the corner.2. Add the kraft paper we provided to the canvas and set the opacity to 50%.3. Click New Adj

Photoshop to create an awesome spot text effect tutorial

To give you Photoshop software users to detailed analysis to share the production of super bright spot text effect of the tutorial. Tutorial Sharing: First, draw a sketch 1. New layer w:42.5cm, h:59.4cm,300 Dpi,cmyk. Draw a heart shape quickly with a paintbrush. 2. Draw a sketch of the text, considering just a sketch, if you feel more comfortable on paper, you can draw and then scan to the computer

Photoshop to create mm bright color-ying bright hair

Second, now still on this layer, the choice of white soft angle brush (size from the figure, opacity 45%, flow 60% or so) in the hair by the light to draw a light band, long hair can also be at the tip of a little bit. Figure 2 Third, the next is the details of the description, with a pen along the direction of the hair to sketch several major paths, hold down the ALT key copy drag. Figure 3 Four, strokes Stroke method A: Se

Photoshop to create a unique sketch for the boy trend illustration making tutorial

To the users of Photoshop software to explain the detailed interpretation of the boy to create a unique sketch trend illustration of the production of the tutorial. Tutorial Sharing: 1. Create a new file with a 900x1355 pixel size and a white background. 2. Now open the boy photo and use the Pen tool button to select the boy im

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