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SharePoint 2010 URL shortener -- SharePoint 2010 short URL Generator

SharePoint 2010 URL shortener -- SharePoint 2010 short URL Builder project description this project has added this feature, you can generate short URLs on the SP website. These URLs point to lists or documents. For example, http: // Smallville-PC/URL/nnefhmo.This project allows users to

How to code a URL shortener?

I want to create a URL shortener service where can write a long URL into an input field and the service shortens the U RL to " ". Instead of " abcdef " "there can is any and string with six characters containing a-z, A-Z and 0-9 . That makes 56~57 billion possible strings.My approach:I hav

python-89 Custom Admin Background Management Framework 1, startup file 2, source code (registration function, create a singleton) 3, design URL

Admin Background Management FrameworkEmulate the admin component and develop the stark component1. startup fileExecute the file under each appRewrite a def ready () function Autodiscover_modules automatically scans all apps under settings for Stark filesdef Ready ():# automatically scan all apps under settings for Stark files Autodiscover_modules ('Stark', Register_to=site)2. Source code1. Registration function  #Write a registration function classclassStarkmodel (object):#Container

Custom URL Scheme Full guide

This article was transferred from Migrant's blog , the original: "The completeTutorial on Ios/iphone custom URL schemes"One of the coolest features of the Iphone/ios SDK is that the app "binds" itself to a custom URL scheme that launches the app from a browser or other app.registering a

Custom URL Scheme Full guide

Custom URL Scheme Full guidePosted: 2014-05-22 10:59 read: 20600One of the coolest features of the Iphone/ios SDK is that the app "binds" itself to a custom URL scheme that launches the app from a browser or other app."" Reading deviceCustom URL SchemeThis article was transf

Custom URL Scheme Full guide

This article is translated by migrant from the complete Tutorial on Ios/iphone custom URL schemes, reproduced please indicate the source.Note : Since the introduction of custom URLs, this article is always the most read article in my blog. Although most of them are the same, there are still some subtle differences in the changes. This article is an rewritten vers

Custom URL Scheme full guide

One of the coolest features of the Iphone/ios SDK is that the app "binds" itself to a custom URL scheme that launches the app from a browser or other app.registering a custom URL SchemeThe first step in registering a custom URL Sc

Use a custom URL to implement jump-B between Controllers

all external interfaces are provided by it. We use it to implement custom URL jumps by invoking a class method. Dcurlnavgation is also a singleton, mainly used to rewrite and customize the system's Jump method. Uiviewcontroller+dcurlrouter is the classification of Uiviewcontroller, which is used to receive the parameters of the controller and to create t

Yii Framework Official Guide Series 43--topic: URL (Create, route, beautify, and customize)

: ' Pattern1 ' =>array (' route1 ', ' urlsuffix ' = '. Xml ', ' CaseSensitive ' =>false) The above array contains a set of custom option settings, in version 1.1.0, the following options are valid: The suffix setting rule used by the Urlsuffix:url is null by default and is used with the Curlmanager::urlsuffix setting. CaseSensitive: Whether the rule is sensitive to large primary schools, the default is null, and the default value of Curlma

"Go" register your custom URL Scheme in Mac and iOS

Registering a custom URL Scheme in Mac and iOSJAN 10TH, 2012URL scheme is similar http:// to ftp:// something like this, afp:// usually with a transport protocol as the URL scheme. But in fact, you can register any type of URL Scheme in iOS and Mac. When a user accesses your custom

Mvc3 custom class for Route configuration and URL generation

The routing configuration in MVC is directly related to the Controller and method of our request access. url plays an important role in Seo, it is not enough time to configure routes and generate URLs completely defined by MVC. This article will take a look at custom route configuration and URL generation. 1. routebase class Introduction After creating a new MVC

Custom 404 and 500 error pages, URL addresses are not redirected.

For 404 and 500 errors, we want to define a more user-friendly page.ExampleWhen visiting the following address:Http://localhost/aaaa/bbb/ccc/ddd/eee/fff/gggThe URL of the browser does not change, still isHttp://localhost/aaaa/bbb/ccc/ddd/eee/fff/gggBut the page shows our custom error page.First, add the following nodes in Web. config.system.webserver> httperrorsErrormode= "

Zabbix 3.2 Using Web scenarios custom URL monitoring

Install the Zabbix and configure the zabbix-agent.Log in to your Zabbix Web pageSelect the configuration page, click on the Host page, click the hosting Web option, where the author uses the reverse proxy of his own test environment to centralize the monitoring of the web.In the top right corner, click Create Web ScenarioInput tags I am accustomed to use the URL directly, convenient to distinguish between H

"Baidu Map API" released static Diagram API! Just a URL, you can display custom Baidu map!

Original: "Baidu map API" published static diagram API! Just a URL, you can display custom Baidu map!Summary:Baidu map Static Figure api! You do not need to perform any special actions to display this picture on a Web page.No JavaScript is required. We just need to create a URL and put it in the tag. Can be customized

Jqgrid Details Note-jqgrid in custom format, URL format

This article from: in custom format, URL format when the official comes with the showlink is not very handy, so you can consider yourself to define the URL format custom format is very simple, in formatter: Fill in the function name such as Formatter:makeurl. , you c

Custom URL Protocol Handler

Origin: software such as thunder and donkey can be automatically started after clicking a url in the browser and performing operations. How is this implemented? I google a lot, or found a text in the garden, this brother like to write traditional Chinese characters, although I learned calligraphy, understand some traditional Chinese characters, but still look uncomfortable. Ah! The qualifica

Create custom configuration nodes (both Web. config and app. config apply)

Both Web programs, Windows programs, Windows service programs, and configuration files are indispensable. We're all used to it. Place the connection string in the ConnectionString node and place the program's settings in the AppSetting node. The configuration file management program gives us a convenient way to manage, so how do we customize the configuration node?There are two ways, one, to inherit IConfigurationSectionHandler, by implementing the Create

Create a custom configuration node (applicable to both web. config and app. config)

Angry! Accidentally click full screen mode, and everything you just wrote is lost !! Start from scratch !!! Configuration files are indispensable for web programs, windows programs, and windows service programs. We are used to placing the connection string in the ConnectionString node and setting the program in the appSetting node. The Configuration File Management Program provides us with a convenient management method, so how do we customize the configuration node? There are two methods. One i

How to create and delete custom menus for WeChat public platform development

" API is uploaded. Please note that all events from 3 to 8 only support users of iPhone 5.4.1 and later versions, and users of Android 5.4 or later versions do not respond after clicking the old version, the developer cannot receive event push normally. 9 and 10 are events that are specially prepared for subscription numbers of unauthenticated third-party platforms (specifically, they are not certified). they are not pushed by events, capability is relatively limited, and other types of public a DataGrid Create custom columns|datagrid| Create an Introduction Have to admit, for Microsoft? writing the Datagrid code involves a lot of repetitive work. Although I am deeply troubled by the control, I continue to look for shortcuts to simplifying such tasks. No one wants to do repetitive work, right? To get rid of this annoying work, we want to encapsulate repetitive code from multiple projects into a reusable package. This is the problem of object-oriented progr

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