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Create a ZIP file using PHPPclZip

PHP compression and decompression class PclZip can be used to compress and decompress Zip files (WinZip and PKZIP). It can process ZIP files, this includes generating compressed files, listing compressed files, and extracting ZIP files. The latest version is the PclZip2.8.2PclZip class. How to create a

Create and decompress a zip file instance using the php ZipArchive class

can also directly read the contents of the ZIP compression package, very convenient, here the main summary of the reading and decompression process. Unzip a package to the specified directory The code is as follows Copy Code $zip = new Ziparchive;if ($zip->open (' ') = = TRUE) {$zip

Create and decompress a zip file instance using the phpZipArchive class-PHP source code

If you are using php versions earlier than php5.2 and cannot use the ZipArchive class, you only need php5.2 and later versions to conveniently use the ZipArchive class to decompress and compress zip files, the following is a small series for you to introduce. If you are using php versions earlier than php5.2 and cannot use the ZipArchive class, you only need php5.2 and later versions to conveniently use the ZipArchive class to decompress and compress

Using ziplib to create a zip file in C #

System. Io. CompressionYes. NET 2.0Compression-related namespaces,However, it is not very convenient to use. Use3FangkuZiplibYou can easily perform compression operations. Slave[1]Download the dynamic library, and then in the projectAdd referenceIcsharpcode. sharpziplib. dllAdd. InCodeCreateZipThe Package example is as follows (fromZiplib sample code) UsingIcsharpcode. sharpziplib. checksums; UsingIcsharpcode. sharpziplib. Zip;

Create a zip file. (icsharpcode. sharpziplib)

There are two ways, but there is actually one way: 1. dnn is used to create the sharpziplib. dll file that comes with dnn. /// The liftenginedocumentcollection is a collection of files. Llblgen is used for the Dal layer. ReferenceCode:Dotnetnuke. Entities. modules.Pawriter.Createzipfile() Method 2: Use the icsharpcode. sharpziplib. dll file. This

Create a text file and use different codes to generate garbled characters.

There is a program in the past two days. I need to dynamically create several text files. I usually use System. Io. streamwriter m_sw; M_sw = system. Io. file. createtext (m_workfilename ); Create a text document. After the document is created, I add the content in another file.The result is garbled.I read the article and summarized the following poin

How to create a zip file with PHP scripts and pear classes

When developing Web applications, it is very likely that you will encounter file--csv data in different formats, password files, XML-encoded content, and different forms of binary data. Your PHP scripts will need to interact with these files frequently, reading data from them and writing data to them. Because there are so many formats of files to process, so you do not accidentally PHP has a number of types of built-in functions and external libraries

Java to create a Zip compressed file method _java

The example in this article describes how Java creates a zip-compressed file. Share to everyone for your reference. Specifically as follows: Note here: It is recommended to use ORG.APACHE.TOOLS.ZIP.* package related classes, otherwise there may be a Chinese garbled problem. /** * Compressed folder * @param SourceDir folder name (including path) * @param targetzipfile Generate

Beyond compare how to quickly create a zip file

as an Intelligent Professional folder comparison tool, Beyond compare software is also very rich in functionality, in addition to the most unique folders and file comparisons, Beyond Compare can also create a zip file from a folder or file comparison in progress. Next, let's

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