create simple php forum tutorial

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One-stop tutorial on universal forum intrusion (figure)

Page 1st: one-stop teaching of General forum intrusion (figure) At present, there is a new trend on the Internet. The Hacker's attack targets have extended from the website to public places such as forums, chat rooms, and

Tutorial on setting up the PHP runtime environment of the Discuz forum on the WindowsVPS server

I. The system agrees that the Environment software should be downloaded and stored at: X: \ Server_Tools environment software installation location: X: \ Server_CorePHP installation location: X: \ Server_Core \ PHPMySQL installation location: X: \

Imitating OSO's Forum (1) _ PHP Tutorial

Imitating OSO forums (1 ). I believe that everyone who has been to OSO will leave a deep impression on the OSO Forum, which is both outstanding in that aspect. If you don't want this on your homepage, I believe that everyone who has been to OSO will

PHP + MySQL database Forum _ PHP Tutorial

PHP + MySQL database Forum is simple. Campus forums are an indispensable part of campus networks. Although the ASP + ACCESS-based Forum is simple to use and easy to install, the MySQL database is an indispensable part of the campus network, such as

Php+mysql Database Forum Easy pass _php tutorial

Campus Forum is one of the indispensable parts of campus network. Although the forum based on the use of asp+access simple, easy to install, but MySQL database with its short, convenient, fast, free and other advantages become many sites currently

Install the disucuz Forum text tutorial locally!

Introduction: This is a graphic tutorial for installing disucuz Forum locally! The detailed page describes how to install the disucuz Forum locally with PHP, PHP, Apache, MySQL, BBS, and discuz! Related knowledge, skills, experience, and some PHP

Multi-page forum database table structure optimization design _ PHP Tutorial

The design of database table structure optimization in multi-page Forum is discussed. I have been imagining a brand new forum in my mind. I would like to discuss with you the "optimization design of the database table structure in multi-page Forum.

Laravel4 basic tutorial: View, namespace, routing, laravel basic tutorial _ PHP Tutorial

Laravel4 basic tutorial: Views, namespaces, and routes. Laravel4 basic tutorial: View, namespace, and routing; laravel basic tutorial 1. view Separation and nesting run the command phpartisangenerate: viewadmin in the learnlaravel folder. laravel 4

Enable IIS to support PHP,ISAPI or cgi,fastcgi full configuration tutorial (latest php5.2.13 configuration method) _win server

Configure the ISAPI mode of PHP under Windows Server 2003 IIS6 by adding a new Web service extension in IIS's Web service extensions, with the program suffix PHP,ISAPI program as Php5isapi.dll. And then my Computer.-> Properties-> Advanced->

New students are preparing to write a simple forum-php Tutorial with a process-oriented approach

New users are preparing to write a simple forum with process-oriented writing now & nbsp; basically write all static pages & nbsp; I don't know how to set up the background & nbsp; required modules & nbsp; instruct new users of the Forum to prepare

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