create stored procedure in oracle 11g examples

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Examples of Oracle SQL Trace problems in practical application

We all know that Oracle SQL Trace and 10046 event are common tools used to diagnose Oracle database performance. However, when the level is over 1, 10046 events are generally called extended SQL trace. It is mainly used to diagnose the performance

Oracle Audit Detail-Go uses a number of different audit methods to monitor what permissions to use and which objects to access. Auditing does not prevent the use of these permissions, but it can provide useful

Oracle PL/SQL practice

Oracle PL/SQL practiceBasic InformationAuthor: (English) bilington (A.) and so on, Lu Tao [Translator's introduction]Press: People's post and telecommunications PressISBN: 9787115294852Mounting time:Published on: February 1, November 2012Start:

Oracle Application Context

Application Context is a group of name-value pairs in the memory. application context belongs to a namespace ). You can only use one custom procedure to call dbms_session.set_context to set the value of application context. You can use sys_context (,


During this period of time, data needs to be migrated from the database of the 10g ZHS16GBK character set to the database of the 11g UTF8 character set, and the value of the NLS_LENGTH_SEMANTICS parameter of the source database is Byte, the value of

oracle11g Database Import oracle10g Database

EXPDP userid= ' scott/[email protected] as Sysdba ' Schemas=scott directory=data_pump_dir dumpfile=dp.dmp logfile=dp.log version= tablespace houqin_tablespace datafile ' D:\dzj\orcl\TEST01111. DBF ' size 100M autoextend on next 5M

Orabbix Monitor Oracle Database status examples

1 download Download Address: 2 Grant executable permissions to a file #chmod +x/opt/orabbix-r#chmod +x/opt/orabbix/run.sh3 Create a file named Config.props, there are templates to refer to. #cp/

Oracle-provided package support for developers [important] (vii)

1.dbms_alert--Packet for message transmission2.dbms_lock--handling of locks Oracle Lock Management Service3.dbms_session--session-level commands4.dbms_output--Output results5.HTP--Write HTML in the database Cache-Create a simple Web

How to compile and run PL/SQL code snippets from a Case Study

How to compile and run PL/SQL code snippets from a Case Study PL/SQL is a process-oriented structured programming statement developed by Oracle for database business logic requirements. In the Oracle kernel, there are two important components:

Example of Oracleexpdp and impdp

Due to production requirements, you need to copy the rmtel user data to rmtel_xzy, but exclude the rmtel user ( Due to production requirements, you need to copy the rmtel user data to rmtel_xzy, but exclude the rmtel user ( Scenario: Due to

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