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Support for. NET Core Memcached Client Enyimmemcachedcore

=await _memcachedclient.getasync(CacheKey); if(!result. Success) {varTabnavs =await_tabnavrepository.getall (); await _memcachedclient.addasync(CacheKey, Tabnavs, -); returnTabnavs; } Else { returnresult. Value; } }}2.3.2 using Idistributedcache interface (from Microsoft.Extensions.Caching.Abstractions) Public classcreativeservice{Privateicreativerepository _creativerepository; PrivateIdistributedcache _cache; PublicCreativeservice (icreativerepository creati

Microsoft Dynamics CRM4.0 Learning Note (i)

Microsoft Dynamics CRM4.0 Learning Note (i) Introduction: This article is suitable for beginners to learn Microsoft CRM, simply to add a menu in the left menu of the CRM system, Create a new page and make a form in the page and add some function menus; Technically, it's a custom entity, a lead-in customization, an import customization, an ISV. The combination of config and application; Special reminder: Remember to save and republish all actions in the custom entitySo as not to cause unnecessar

35 exquisite CSS3 and HTML5 webpage templates are recommended

download 19. Business Name ($19) Standard website Templates include HTML, CSS, and PSD source files. 650) this. width = 650; "title =" CHCTFYW19 "alt =" CHCTFYW19 "width =" 580 "height =" 285 "border =" 0 "src =" "/>Demo download 20. Worktopia ($13) 650) this. width = 650; "title =" CHCTFYW20 "alt =" CHCTFYW20 "width =" 580 "height =" 287 "border =" 0 "src =" "/>Demo download

Exquisite & Creative WordPress new theme set

but creative to showcase your work and services.Avion: Awesome Portfolio Theme for Creatives-MORE INFO Demo-portfolio based on images created by Sergey Shapiro. Export thanks to him for amazing works.Griddr-A Creative, Interactive WordPress Theme-MORE INFO Griddr is a unique and creative WordPress theme well suited for photographers, Senior strators, graphic designers, art and creative directors, catalog ts, luxury businesses or bloggers. it's resp


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How is quality score calculated?

. (4)Your account history, measured by the CTR of all the ads and keywords in your account. Google takes your entire history into account when determining Ctr. some advertisers have mistakenly interpreted this to mean that they shocould make as few adjustments to their existing keywords and ad text as possible. in fact, Google favors the recent history and give advertisers plenty of room for improvement through constant refinement. according to a posting on the Google adwords agency blog's fact

29 green website layout

The latest and most fashionable green websites are widely used. IsInternet companies hosted by environmental protection provide a more favorable role.Similar to companies to prove their relationship to the ecosystem of our planet. This presentation contains 29 excellent environmentally friendly webpage designs and UIS.The color scheme often reflects the colors of green and yellow, providing a natural feeling.It's just a simple choice. colors and Icons can affect the mood of your audience.If yo

AD Engine resolution

data compression storage, the other is the data partition, such as by the region partition, but also need to consider some data skew problem, We haven't hit the average of memory yet. CTR CalculationEach of the creatives has a CTR, so the CTR calculation is very large, our CTR calculation takes the async way, when querying the CTR cache of an ad, it returns to the default CTR, and then asynchronously computes the CTR of the footage to populate t

Don't miss it! 2016 annual excellent Ui/ux design article

companies, which are at the front of the APP design, seem to have chosen the same approach in recent months to improve the UI (user interface).8. Burger Menu instead of mobile navigationIf you're working on a digital product, and you've read dozens of of articles, you've found that the hard-to-find and inefficient ways in which Hamburg's navigation on the mobile (desktop) side are detrimental to the user experience.9. How to apply design thinking, Hcd,uxThis article is intended for designers,

Analyst: How the Data Science department is built.

Many big companies claim to be building the data Science department, how the department should be formed, and everyone is touching rocks across the river. O ' Reilly Strata released its report this June, "analyzing the Analyzers", which sets out a clearer picture of the different roles and skills required by the data Science department. The key content is translated as follows: Classification research methods of data scientists Self-understanding Respondents were asked to answer the question

HTTP Basic authentication access to the API sample through Post method share Basic authentication Example _java

Copy Code code as follows: private static String URL = Propertiesloader.getproperty ("Allyes_server", false); private static String username = Propertiesloader.getproperty ("Allyes_username", false); private static String password = Propertiesloader.getproperty ("Allyes_password", false); /** * Add Creative * * @param creativeaudit * @return */ public static map //name,width,height,type,creativetagid, Code,bindid String type = "9"; if (Creativeaudit.getrelative_pat

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