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ORA-12537 TNS-12518 Process m000 died

not get too much useful information # ora-12518 is recommended for a trace. its comment description can be solved by configuring disaptcher. Currently, our database uses the dedicate method. # For details about how to configure the listener trace, refer to listener, fault still # view alert log below # day below Note: The m000 process cannot be created. The m000 process is the slave

Operating System-process/thread internal communication-Critical Zone (Critical Regions), system-regions

Operating System-process/thread internal communication-Critical Zone (Critical Regions), system-regions The previous article described the competition conditions between processes: multiple processes enter a shared area at the same time, resulting in data inconsistency. This article mainly describes how to solve this problem.I. Introduction to

Innobackupex:Error:xtrabackup child process has died At/usr/bin/innobackupex

Use Innobackupex for database backup to report the following error:Innobackupex--compress--parallel=4--user=root--password=yoon/export/backup/xtrabackup_56 version 2.1.9 for MySQL server 5.6.17 Linux (x86_64) (revision id:744)Xtrabackup:uses posix_fadvise ().XTRABACKUP:CD To/var/lib/mysqlXtrabackup:open files limit requested 0, set to 1024Xtrabackup:using the following InnoDB configuration:Xtrabackup:innodb_data_home_dir =./Xtrabackup:innodb_data_file_path = Ibdata1:10m:autoextendXtrabackup:inno

Yum installation and update prompt: rpmdb: Thread/process failed: Thread died in Berk

After installing software using the source yum in linux today, the system prompts rpmdb: Thread/process 10646/3086534416 failed: Thread died in Berkeley DB library .. an error occurred. Let's take a look at the solution to this problem. After yum install soft The following error occurs: rpmdb: www. bKjia. c0m Thread/process 10646/3086534416 failed: Thread

Yum install update prompts rpmdb:thread/process Failed:thread died in Berkeley DB Library

After Yum install soft The following error occurred: thread/process 10646/3086534416 Failed:thread died in Berkeley DB Library Analyze the reason Because of the RPM database damage caused, it caused all the software upgrades, installation and even delete will have problems, the terminal appears garbled, Yumex also use, RPM command is not used. The reason is that the RPM database is co

The "ultimate Solution" process for application pool "XXX" has a critical error communicating with Windows process Activation service. The process ID is "XXXX". The data field contains the error number.

IIS crashes, you can see the DMP file in the D:\dumps folder, which you can use to analyze the DMP file to find out why IIS crashed.Debugging DMP FilesHow to debug DMP file, this will have to please out of the universe first Ide,vs, I use the vs2013 to debug, you can directly open the DMP file1, double-click DMP file will go directly to VS, you can see summary information2. Optional step: Set Symbol Path3, set the associated source code path (can be ignored)4. All ready, click "Debug Managed Me

Mutually exclusive access to critical resources by the process

Critical resources and critical areasCritical resource (Critical Resource): A resource that can be used only by one process at a time. Such as: Hardware has a printer, software has variables, disk files (when writing).Critical Zone (crit

Critical area problem of Process Synchronization and Peterson Algorithm

1. Background first, let's look at an example. Process P1 and P2 share a variable COUNT with the initial value 0.The execution sequence of processes P1 and P2 is random and may be sequential or concurrent. As shown in the figure, the value of COUNT varies depending on the execution sequence, this is not allowed. In this case, and concurrent access and operation of the same data by multiple processes, and the execution result is related to the specific

Operating System-solutions for mutual exclusion between processes-ensure that only one process enters the critical section at a time (1)

Operating System-solutions for mutual exclusion between processes-ensure that only one process enters the critical section at a time (1)Summary and blocking interrupt lock variable strict rotation method Peterson solution TSL Instruction 1. Blocking interrupt 1.1 Introduction in a single CPU system, mutual exclusion between processes can be achieved by shielding the interrupt: when a

Operating system (i) The critical section of the collaborative process some code understanding--peterson ' s Solution

Process Synchronization The critical-section problem(Critical area problem) Peterson ' s solution Concurrent access to shared data could result in data inconsistency. Maintaining data consistency requires mechanisms to ensure the orderly execution of cooperating processes. Suppose that we wanted to provide a solution to the consumer-producer problem this fills

Critical region problem and Peterson algorithm for process synchronization

Thank blogger Http:// 1. Background First of all, for example, the process p1,p2 a variable count, with an initial value of 0 Because the order of execution of the P1,P2 two processes is random, possible sequential execution may also be concurrent, visible by the diagram, different execution order, the value of count will be different, which is not allowed. In this case, multiple processes concurrently a

7. Critical area of process synchronization

Tags: size har algo speed ble problem is while postA solution to the problem of producer-consumerAtomic Operation (Atomic operation) requires that the operation be completed one time, without interruption in the middleRace Condition : The situation where several processes access and manipulate shared data concurrently (concurrency). The final value of the shared data depends upon which process finished last; (who finishes)In order to avoid race condit

Operating System-solutions for mutual exclusion between processes-ensure that only one process enters the critical section at a time (2)-Peterson solution, system-peterson

Operating System-solutions for mutual exclusion between processes-ensure that only one process enters the critical section at a time (2)-Peterson solution, system-peterson This article continues with the previous article about how to allow only one process to enter the critical section at a time. This article mainly in

PV operations and semaphores implement process synchronization (mutex access to multiple critical resources)

only be changed by the PV operation. Semaphore (semaphore) is a facility used in a multi-threaded environment. It can be used to ensure that two or more key code segments are not concurrently called. Before entering a key code segment, the thread must obtain a semaphore. Once the key code segment is complete, the thread must release the semaphore. Other threads that want to enter the key code segment must wait until the first thread releases the semaphore. To complete this

Workaround for IIS servicing the application pool with a critical error when communicating with Windows process Activation service

System Environment: Windows Server R2 64-bit, IIS 7.0Error message:The process that serviced the application pool encountered a fatal error while communicating with the Windows process Activation service.The process ID is. Application pools are automatically disabled because of a series of errors in the process that pr

Calculate the time it takes to render a critical process

You can't optimize things that you can't measure. But the Navegation Timing API allows us to measure the critical rendering process time! Navigation Timing provides a high-precision timestamp for the calculation of CRP The browser sends a series of measurable times to capture the various states of CRP The Navigation Timing API provides a good measurement:Each label in the table above corre

The complete process of performance testing work, the purpose, and what is most critical

so on.The results of the monitoring include images and data files, and the images can be displayed in real time, and can be analyzed after the stress test run is over. You can use the monitoring tools that are included with the operating system and database system software.Through the results of resource monitoring, it is easy to find the bottleneck of the system and adjust and optimize the resources that produce the bottleneck.It may be confusing to see performance tests, load tests, and stren

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