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Corosync+pacemaker's Crmsh CRM example

Corosync and pacemaker implementation of the high availability of the difficulties in the CRM command, subcommand, more parameters, and so on, the following some common examples.One, CRM has two kinds of working methods 1, batch mode, which is to

Steps to build the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 for an Internet-deployed (IFD) ADFS Virtual machine environment (CRM is installed on the same server as ADFS) from the network

1: Install Windows Server R2 Chinese version (process slightly)After installation, set the machine name and IP address, the process machine name crm5dev, dns: (native)Administrator/[email protected]2: Configure the domain

Sap crm Project note (12)-not in progress

I haven't written a note for a long time, because the Spring Festival is also in the development stage, but there are no semi-finished products available for testing. I used the subtitle "not entering the status", not to identify the person, but to

Sap crm Project note (14)-How can it be used?

I have been on a business trip for the last month. Apart from the Panel service policy negotiations in Shenzhen last week, the rest are mainly for call platform integration. To be honest, the company does not pay too much attention to the CRM

How to choose CRM from the perspective of party a

From traditional localization to SaaS CRM solutions, many vendors ' CRM products can't be called "cloud". They are just some of the CRM solutions that run on third-party (or self-built) datacenters. Here are the points that should be considered

It's not just about saving money-whether open-source CRM is worth using

Article Title: It's not just about saving money-whether open-source CRM is worth using. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded

Detailed NetSuite CRM system advantages and agents!

650) this.width=650; "src=" Http:// "title=" NetSuite "alt=" Wkiom1r_zk7rswxeaacxtfd6mz8228.jpg "/>With the development of the traditional CRM model, the cloud computing CRM has already

Dynamic CRM 2013 Learning Notes (15) Getting Started with reports, development tools, and considerations

This article is about the introduction to CRM 2013 report development, including the use of development tools, and the considerations that are different from common reporting service.I. Introduction of CRM ReportThere are two types of reports,

The development of product-type company-zoho release cost management new, make the CRM system more powerful

is actually the crm+ reimbursement application. Should be CRM in the process of use, the user constantly proposed, how does not have the ready-made reimbursement function? I have to write my own approval process, although the application development

Heartbeat CRM configuration for Linux high availability solution

By default, heartbeat cannot monitor resources. that is to say, if a resource crashes, no action will occur. it will only take action when it deems the other machine dead, that is, crashed, network disconnection, and so on. This obviously cannot

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