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Puppet cron Management (case study of timed synchronization time server)

Use puppet to manage cron. You can add cron jobs to N servers in batches. For example, the script of the timed synchronization time server.1. Architecture192.168.0.200 (redhat) Host Name master.gangpao.com192.168.0.201 (redhat) Host Name

Cron Scheduled Task configuration method in Linux (CentOS)

1. crontab Command Options The code is as follows:#crontab-U -u Specifies a user-l List A user's task schedule-R Delete a user's task-e Editing a user's task 2. cron file syntax and spelling You can edit it with the Crontab-e command, edit the

Use Cron to set timed tasks under CentOS and Ubuntu

1. Start the Cron tool [PS: Use root privileges]CentOS Boot cron Two waysA)/etc/init.d/crond startb) Service Crond startUbuntu Startup Cron Two waysA)/etc/init.d/cron startb) Service cron start (recommended)2. Add timed tasks [execute LS command per

Planned at and Cron on Linux

AT commandConfirm that the ATD service has been started before using[Email protected] tmp]# Ps-ef |        grep atdroot 35241 1 0 16:15? 00:00:00/usr/sbin/atd[[email protected] tmp]#/etc/init.d/atd status #运行状态查看atd (PID 35241) is running ...Start

A brief summary of Linux recurring Task Scheduler at and Cron

One-time mission plan: At,batchRecurring Task Scheduler: CronAt: Simple usageAt timeAt>Submit Task: ^c+dJob Result: Send the current user on the system as a messageSend and receive mail:Service start or Not Status View command:NETSTAT-TNL |grep ": 25

Run the exe program using wine in cron/crontab of CentOS 6.3

A few months ago, the Server OS was changed from Ubuntu 10.04 to CentOS 6.3. After wine is installed, you can run the shell script manually to run the specified exe program (the script is the same as that in Ubuntu ), therefore, the script is

Linux System Planning Task two: Cron task scheduling

Connect to one of the Linux system scheduled tasks: at commandSystem in the daily operation, often need to make some cycle of backup or inspection work. This regular cycle of work tasks, in the Linux system is implemented with Crond system services.

Create a local YUM source in CentOS 7

Create a local YUM source in CentOS 7 The "Local YUM source" in this article includes three types: one is to directly use the CentOS CD as the local yum source, the advantage is simple and convenient, the disadvantage is that the CD software package

How to install Crontab in CentOS

How to install Crontab in CentOS Crontab commands are common in Unix and Linux operating systems and are used to set periodically executed commands. This command reads commands from the standard input device and stores them in the crontab file for

Introduction to the Crontab command for executing scheduled tasks in Centos

Introduction to the Crontab command for executing scheduled tasks in Centos 1. Start and Stop Cron Since Cron is a built-in service in Linux, you can use the following method to start and close the service: /Sbin/service crond start // start the

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