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JS cross-domain

Transfer from, understand the cross-domain?1 concept: As long as the protocol, domain names, ports are any different, are considered to be different domains.Definition: cross-domain refers to a

Example of implementing multi-domain name cross-domain logon using php + ajax (based on P3P)

The synchronous login requirement must meet the following three key points:1) users logging on to domain A can perform synchronous login when they jump to domain B;2) click the exit link under domain A under domain B to exit both domain A and domain

PHP cross-domain, cross-subdomain, read session across servers

1. Cross-domain and cross-server solutionsThe session is divided into two main parts:One is session data, which is stored in the server's TMP file by default, and is in the form of a fileThe other is the session Id,session ID that indicates session

Detailed introduction to cross-domain settings

In a project, the use of a front-end separation of the structure design, the background design of the rest-style HTTP interface needs to meet the background service calls, but also to meet the front-end direct use of Ajax calls, then encountered a

PHP two domain names use cookies on the first-level domain to enable cross-domain logins

PHP two domain name using cookies under the first-level domain for cross-domain logins We usually use cookies only when used in this site, that is, only under a domain name. If we want to use a cookie under, just set a cookie in the

How to solve the problem of coexistence of cross-domain names under session YII2

This article mainly introduces the Yii2 next session cross-domain coexistence solution, the content is very good, and now share to everyone, but also for everyone to do a reference. Before the session related configuration, in the development,

Cross-site Scripting attack and prevention tips for Web Defense series Tutorials

Cross-site scripting attacks and prevention tips for Web Defense series tutorials [XSS]Favorite: Http:// Rising2012-04-25 14:33:46Abstract: XSS cross-site scripting attacks have always

Cross-site Scripting attack and prevention tips for Web Defense series Tutorials

Abstract: XSS cross-site scripting attacks have always been considered the most prevalent attack mode in client Web security. Because of the complexity of the web environment and the variability of the XSS cross-site scripting attacks, this type of

Cross-domain Cookie transfer to http // _ PHP Tutorial

Implement cross-domain Cookie conversion to LimodouCookie is a great invention that allows web developers to retain the logon status of their users. However, when your site or network has Author: Christopher Kings-Lynne

PHP cross-domain, cross-subdomain, cross-Server Read Session method introduction

Ini_set (' Session.cookie_path ', '/'); Ini_set (' Session.cookie_domain ', '. '); Ini_set (' Session.cookie_lifetime ', ' 1800 '); Copy Code2. Set in php.ini

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