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My conclusion: DX9 does not support non-2 power-size textures, and the video card has the final say.

My point is based on the following: If the video card does not support non-2 power textures, then: 1: If idirect3ddevice9: createtexture is used to create a non-2 power-size image 2: If d3dxcreatetexture is used to create a non-2 power image, it will be extended to the power of 2. 3: If d3dxcreatetexturefromfileinmemoryex is used to create a non-2 power image, it

What do you mean, double video card fire?

What is the dual-card technology, in fact, this is a special system with two of similar graphics cards. The goal is often to significantly improve the entire computer's image processing capabilities, in the running of 3D games can be better performance. Advantages: Greatly improve the computer's image processing ability Disadvantage: Due to price and performance requirements, ordinary users do not need to configure two graphics cards Applicable to

The difference between a standalone video card and an integrated video card

The difference between a standalone video card and an integrated video card explains one: sharpness is the same, is in the game when the screen is to the core of the graphics card to deal with these images, CPU will need to display the information to the graphics

Video Card Parameters

: displays the number of GPU-owned ROP grating operation units.  Bus Interface/Bus Interface: displays the bus interface type and interface speed between the video card and the main board's North Bridge Chip.  Color unit/shaders: displays the number of GPUs that have the color palette.DirectX version/DirectX support: displays the DirectX version supported by the

The rookie buys the card to be careful to prevent the video card to purchase common five misunderstandings _ hardware maintenance

1 Preface Every year after the Spring Festival, the university begins, many students return to campus, the market also ushered in the traditional sales season. For friends who have been involved in computer hardware for a long time, in the face of the market many graphics cards, they are very difficult to distinguish one by one, and in the purchase of graphics, it will inevitably fall into some misunderstandings: "High frequency graphics card is fas

What does the video card fire mean?

What does the video card fire mean? Video card Fire is the power of cross graphics, is multiple graphics technology, so that two or more graphics cards work together, refers to the chipset support can improve the system graphics processing capacity or to meet certain

How much is the video card temperature normal? Can you burn a card in summer?

graphics card affixed to the certificate, as consumers of our trust manufacturers. Above is the desktop computer graphics card, notebook graphics card normal temperature is higher than the desktop. Notebook video card Cooling problem is more serious, this is d

Lenovo small new V1070 dual video card Fire description

Failure phenomenon: Small new V1070 or z40-75, such as AMD Kaveri platform notebook, using independent graphics specifically why model? Do you support AMD dual video-card fire fighting technology? Solution: If the purchase of the model to support the exchange of fire, in the Device Manager can view the specific

The XP system does not support automatic switching between two graphics cards. The a card can only use the exclusive display, and the N card can only use the set display!

The XP system does not support automatic switching between two graphics cards. The a card can only use the exclusive display, and the N card can only use the set display! Solve the problem that the independent video card cannot be driven in the notebook dual-graphics XP Syst

About the graphics card's video memory

appropriate, the display chip can directly support DDR3 memory. Of course, the long delay time of video memory particles (CAS latency) has been a major problem of high-frequency video memory, DDR3 is no exception, DDR3 CAS latency for 5/6/7/8, in contrast DDR2 for 3/4/5. Objectively speaking, DDR3 relative to DDR2 in technology and no rapid progress, but DDR3 's

What is the difference between a standalone video and an integrated video card?

  One, independent graphics The independent video card refers to the existence of a separate board, which needs to be plugged into the card on the corresponding interface of the motherboard. Independent graphics card has a separate video memory, does not occupy the system m

DELLInspiron1520 install the sound card and video card driver in Ubuntu7.10

A few days ago, I accidentally upgraded the XORG-SERVER package in DELLInspiron1520, and there were several more SERVER startup items in the GRUB menu, which was quite unpleasant, therefore, in Ubuntu7.10, I tried to use the # sudoapt-getremovexorg-server command to uninstall the package. Unexpectedly, a series of problems occurred. The first problem was that X could not be accessed, and the system prompts that the video

What are the differences between different Microstar video series on the MSI video card market?

said to replace the previous Hawk series, the series is mainly for gamers. This series uses the red and black classic color scheme, the partial Nvidia commemorative edition uses the green black color matching, with the classic TWINFROZR 5 radiator, has the patented Blade fan leaf, su super heat pipe, 0 noise space and so on the unique technology, the radiator top has the Bai Guanglong soul led lamp, takes into account the appearance, the heat dissipation and the mute. Workmanship used in the us

Video Card output interface Overview

technology, but also has no patent license fee. The industry also regards the displayport interface as the futuristic star to replace the DVI interface. Currently, a small number of video card manufacturers have tried to provide displayport interfaces in their mid-and high-end video cards. Tip: a graphics card provide

Common Computer Fault repair-video card and display

be repaired.2. the refresh frequency cannot be adjusted.Some friends often encounter the problem that the display refresh frequency cannot be adjusted during "display attributes. The failure to adjust the display refresh frequency is mostly due to the failure to select the correct display type.The choice of the display type is often overlooked. Many friends set the display type to "spuer vga, as a result, the refresh frequency of the video

What about the video card failure?

by bad. Need to clean the Kakin finger parts or replace the video card. Common Failure 3: Graphics driver missing Graphics driver loading, running for a period of time after the driver automatically lost, such failures are generally due to poor graphics card quality or graphics card and the motherboard is not compat

Flashing a video card BIOS

video card's BIOS. please keep in mind that this procedure can render your card useless if something goes badly wrong. proceed at your own risk, and make a BIOS backup as detailed below. ! Warranty and safety issues!Be aware that flashing your video card BIOS in an attempt to change or upgrade the

Gpu-z How to see the video card good or bad?

to see the video card good or bad? The following small series focus for you to introduce these detected graphics card parameters. "GPU": Display core, core code, refers to the development of the company's internal number, can also be used to distinguish between performance and height. "Process": the core of the production process, Unit Nano, the smaller the mo

D3d basic matrix functions and video card hardware terminology

: it is used to store the scene pixel depth of the display area.13. Gamma Correction: Gamma Correction. To compensate for image distortion caused by display deviation, Gamma Correction performs brightness correction on the image.   3. Three APIs for 3D graphics   Application progam interface: A Software Interface for communication between a 3D application and a 3D video card.   1. Direct 3D: it is the inter

Graphics performance which indicator is the most important? How do I choose a video card?

is larger, it can not be larger than the power supply fan and CPU fan, here is to look at the brand before going to the video card fan is not good. 8. Software support. DX OpenGL OpenCL PhySX Cuda and other software support-this non-professional users do not have to figure out, DX and OpenGL What, in the civil domain

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