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Cryptography Beginner Tutorial (ii) Public key cryptography RSA with one-way hash function and message authentication code

Finding discrete logarithms is very difficultRSA is the first letter of the surname of Ron Rivest/adi Shamir/leonard Adleman.RSA can be used for public key cryptography and digital signatures.RSA encryption: Ciphertext = plaintext EMODN (e and N are public keys)RSA decryption: plaintext = ciphertext DMODN (d and n are private keys)The decryption of RSA:Brute force: The difficulty of brute force will increase with the length of D, and when D is long en

How does cryptography protect block chains ?, Cryptography is a protected area

How does cryptography protect block chains ?, Cryptography is a protected area Cryptography is a science that Applies mathematical functions to ensure data security. Many popular movies and TV works imply that any system can be cracked if there are enough hackers. This "Hollywood hacker attack" is not a real-world scenario-hackers must discover system vulnerabili

Android Security Encryption: Message Digest Digest detailed _android

Android security encryption feature article index Android Secure encryption: Symmetric encryption Android Secure encryption: Asymmetric encryption Android Secure encryption: Message digest Digest Android Security Encryption: Digital signatures and digital certificates Android Secure encryption: HTTPS programming The above learning all content, symmetric en

Cryptography (Public-private key cryptography)--Logical thinking problem

Both A and B were on two islands. B is sick, and a has the medicine that B needs. C has a boat and a lockable box.C is willing to carry things between A and B, but things can only be placed in boxes. As long as the box is unlocked, C will steal everything from the box,No matter what's in the box. If A and B each have a lock and can only open the key of their own lock, how should a be delivered to B?Answer: A put the medicine in the box, lock the box with your own locks. b After getting the box,

Cryptography in 1.3.2 Blockchain--Elliptic curve cryptography (ECC)

Today Learning elliptic curve cipher (Elliptic Curve CRYPTOGRAPHY,ECC) algorithm, his hand lacks the introduction of the algorithm of professional books, so on the internet to check a lot of blog and books, but most of the blog writing is really ... You know... Really deserves to be ' the world article a big copy ' Ah! The same does not say, the key is the introduction is not very clear, is I in the process of reading, produced a lot of doubts can not

Block Chain Cryptography (i): Cryptography Basics and concepts

First, the concept This paper mainly introduces some concepts of asymmetric encryption. Public key, private key: can be encrypted or decrypted, paired. Generally speaking, the private key used for decryption and signature, is for their own use. The public key is made public and used to encrypt and verify the signature, which is for others.Signature: Content->hash->digest-> private key encryption-> signatureVerification: Use the public key to decrypt

Why is the security of modern cryptography based on the secrecy of the key, rather than the secrecy of the classical cryptography algorithm? __ algorithm

The current password must be tested by countless people, proving that there is no trap. If you are not public, no one believes in the security of your algorithm.Many algorithms are later proven to be unsafe. Simply put, the three main foundations of modern cryptography are:1, the introduction of large prime numbers;3, the irreversible nature of the algorithm;2, based on computer operation rather than hand calculation.Based on these three points, in

The application of Shannon theory in Cryptography _ Cryptography

The basis of probability theory Suppose X and y are random variables defined on a finite set of x and Y respectively. Joint probability P (xi,yi) p (x_i,y_i) is the probability of X=xi,y=yi x=x_i and y=y_i. Conditional probability P (xi|yi) p (x_i \vert y_i) is the probability of Y=yi y=y_i when X=xi x=x_i. If there are P (x,y) =p (x) p (Y) p (x, y) = P (x) p (y) in any x∈x,y∈y x \in x, y \in y, then the random variable x and y are statistically independent. Bayes theorem: P (x| Y) =p (X) P (y

Cryptography principle of USB key

public key of a through the digital certificate of A and use it to unbind the abstract (called abstract 1 ). 3. Use the same hash algorithm as the sender to create a Digest (called digest 2) for the decrypted contract ). 4. Compare Summary 1 and Summary 2. If they are the same, the information is not tampered with and comes from. The process of transmitting information from A to B does not seem complicat

MySQL slow query (ii)-Pt-query-digest detailed slow query log pt-query-digest slow log analysis

Essays-66 Articles-0 comments-MySQL slow query (ii)-Pt-query-digest detailed slow query log one, Introduction Pt-query-digest is a tool for analyzing MySQL slow query, it can analyze Binlog, Gene RAL Log, Slowlog, can also be analyzed via showprocesslist or MySQL protocol data captured by Tcpdump. The analysis results can be exported to a file, the analysis process is the parameters of the query statement,

ASP (c): Use Digest authentication for security Validation (Digest authentication)

In the previous article, we mainly discussed the use of HTTP Basic authentication method, because the way HTTP Basic authentication determines that it has a large security problem, so next look at another way to verify: Digest authentication, that is, Digest authentication.Series Articles ListASP (i): Using the first approach, get and post dataASP (b): Security authentication using HTTP Basic authentication

Chapter 3 message digest algorithm-MD5, digest-md5

Chapter 3 message digest algorithm-MD5, digest-md5 Note: In this section, refer to "verify data integrity-message digest algorithm" in Chapter 2nd of Java encryption and decryption art (version 6th" 3.1 message digest algorithm: prevents tampering with messages during transmission. Principle: After a message passes thr

php-cryptography algorithm and its application-hash function

are many mature schemes at present. For specific cryptography knowledge, go to the security matrix to download some books to see.There are two common hash functions (hash functions):(1), MD5 (Message Digest algorithm 5): is a RSA data security company developed a one-way hashing algorithm, MD5 is widely used, can be used to set different lengths of data blocks to operate into a 128-bit value;(2, SHA (Secur

Sha__sha of MD (message Digest) messages Digest algorithm

In the previous article introduced the basic one-way encryption algorithm--MD5, also roughly said that it realizes the principle. This article continues the one-way encryption mentioned earlier, mainly about Sha, which, like MD5, is also a series, which includes several algorithms such as sha-1,sha-224,sha-256,sha-384, and SHA-512. Among them, sha-1,sha-224 and SHA-256 apply to messages that are not longer than 2^64 bits. SHA-384 and SHA-512 apply to messages that are not longer than 2^128 bits.

[Transfer] Authority Authentication: Digest Authentication (Digest authentication)

This article transferred from: Certification Simple introductionAbstract authentication is the improvement of the basic authentication, that is, the use of abstract instead of account password, so as to prevent the disclosure of account password in plaintext transmissionPrior to the summary certification is not very familiar with, but also thanks to the Circle of Parry Contribution Blog: ASP. NETWeb API (iii): Use

Digest (Digest) authentication for HTTP protocol

Reference URL: Http:// Http:// Http:// Http:// Http:// Http:// Http:// Http:// The first five are important, and the first two are the most important. A thttpd Web serv

Asp: Digest Authentication (digest Authentication)

Asp. NET permission Authentication seriesAsp: Forms AuthenticationAsp: HTTP Basic Authentication (http Base)NET rights authentication: Windows authenticationAsp: Digest Authentication (digest Authentication)First, The origin of the summary certificationAbstract authentication is the improvement of the basic authentication, that is, the use of abstract instead of account password, so as to prevent the disclo

The basic knowledge of cryptography is organized

sender uses a hash function to generate a message digest from the message text and then encrypts the digest with its own private key, which is sent to the receiver as a digital signature of the message and the message. The receiver first calculates the message digest from the original message received with the same hash function as the sender, and then decrypts

php-cryptography algorithm and its application-symmetric cipher algorithm

Transferred from: PHP hash function and its application2. Symmetric cipher algorithm in PHP and its application3. PHP's public key cryptography algorithm and its application///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////2 symmetric cipher algorithm in PHP and its applicationI've

Entlib 3.1 Study Notes (3): cryptography Application Block

Entlib 3.1 Study Notes (3): cryptography Application Block Http:// MFR = trueHttp:// Only symmetric encryption and hash Digest are supported. 1. Solved problems:Developers often write applications that require encryption and hashing to meet the security requirements of the

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