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Troubleshoot problems with Crystal Report XI R2 not working correctly in the 64 operating system-web Program

Original: [Original] solve the problem that Crystal Report XI R2 cannot work correctly in the 64 operating system-web ProgramI replaced the new computer, the operating system also from the original 32-bit Windows 2003 R2 upgrade to Windows R2 x64, due to customer reasons our report

About the running time of Crystal Reports on 64-bit machines.

Sometimes hang occurs. The process has been suspended. Crystal Reports does not support 64-bit systems by default, because it has never been officially stated. To solve this problem, you need to install a 64-bit patch package. : Http://

< problem solving 07>win10-64 bit the first installation of Wampserver, after starting the report computer lost msvcr110.dll--solution as follows:

Problem Description:    Win10-64 bit, the first download wampserver, the correct installation after the startup report lost MSVCR110.dll:    Solution:Solution Source Blog Address:    To enter, download the following components:        After d

VS2010 Crystal Report Usage Summary-from installation to use to deployment, there are pictures of the truth _ Crystal Report

VS2010 Crystal Report Use summary-from installation to use to deployment, there is a picture of the truth. Company to do a crystal report on the printing, let me study how to use, a full torment me for several days. Done on the WinForm and web two ways. My development environment is vs2010,vs2010

Summary of report Learning (1) -- simple use of ASP. NET Crystal Report (Crystal Reports), crystalreports

bit, DeptID int foreign key references Dept (ID )) goinsert into Dept values ('hr', 'hr authorization') insert into Dept values ('dt', 'date') goinsert into UserInfo values ('programmers 1', 1, 2) insert into UserInfo values ('program ape 2', 3500,0, 2) insert into UserInfo values ('program ape 3', 5500,0, 1) insert into UserInfo values ('program ape 4', 6500,1, 1) insert into UserInfo values ('program ape 5', 1, 2) go 2. Open VS2013 to create an emp

VS.NET2010 Crystal Report installation deployment [VS2010]

report in the Debug folder. Dynamically Loaded You can also specify the name of the report on the Crystalreportviewer directly in the project;private void Form1_Load (object sender, EventArgs e){SqlConnection con = new SqlConnection ("Data source=;initial Catalog=cldz; User id=proc4; Password=77cc88 ");Con. Open ();SqlDataAdapter da = new SqlDataAdapter ("select top [from ZZZPJ", con);DataSet d

VS.NET2010 Crystal Report Installation Deployment

report in the Debug folder. Dynamically Loaded You can also specify the name of the report on the Crystalreportviewer directly in the project;private void Form1_Load (object sender, EventArgs e){SqlConnection con = new SqlConnection ("Data source=;initial Catalog=cldz; User id=proc4; Password=77cc88 ");Con. Open ();SqlDataAdapter da = new SqlDataAdapter ("select top [from ZZZPJ", con);DataSet d

VS2010 Packaging Crystal Report on the deployment of the problem detailed

in the Crystal Report deployment 3 SAP Crystal Reports runtime engine for. NET Framework 4 (32-bit) Packages that support only 32-bit systems 4 SAP Crystal Reports runtime engine for. NET Framework 4 (

Summary of packaging integration of VS2010 and Crystal Report V13

) and 64-bit (crruntime_64bit_13_0_1) that will be downloaded from the SAP website. MSI) Crystal Report V13 The runtime copy to this directory is ready. third, the use of custom actions to change the idea: The Crystal Report insta

Use eclipse to display the Crystal Report on JSP (4) pojo filling report

". Right-click "Crystal Reports-" and add it to the current crystal report. Alternatively, you can directly pull "Green Point orderitems" to the report. In this way, orderitems will be added to the report data and a database table will be added to the


The development ide I use is eclipse3.2, and the server is Tomcat 5.5. Create a Crystal Reports Web project Select Apache Tomcat v5.5 at target Runtime In the next step, Crystal Reports Java reporting component, dynamic web module, and Java are selected by default. These three are required. You can also add struts, later settings will require you to add the struts class library. Add the example database and

Crystal Report reference and packaging in vs2010t is transferred from the Internet

Good information summarized by Internet users is also a learning process for you to view and share it with you through the blog of the blog site. See the text below:Reference and package the Crystal Report in vs2010t Download the crystal report component that supports vs 2010 on the SAP official website. Specific addre

VMware Tip: The virtual machine has been configured to use a 64-bit guest operating system. However, 64-bit operations cannot be performed. Solution Solutions

several times, change a VM? Try Hyper-V possible? Edit. Vmx ... is useless. Later found the time to find another kind of detection tools, anyway, it is the mask, it is loaded to try, found that the test results are as follows:So why is the support Vt-x,bios also set enabled but still can't enable vt-x properly? Later on to this aspect of thinking, will be the defender of the class of blocking? Finally Baidu to 360 nuclear crystal protection is relate

This problem would occur when running in a-bit mode with the-the-bit Oracle client components installed (64-bit operation with 32-bit Ora installed This problem occurs when you CLE a client component)

in a bit mode w...Solution:This is because the machine is loaded with 64 operating systems, and this machine is loaded with a 32-bit Oracle client. So I will report such a mistake.Many of the online search is to download what Oracle's client version, and then to use a bunch of miscellaneous configuration steps, or bec

Digital functions in crystal report functions

number of decimal places to be retained after the value is truncated. (This parameter is optional .)Return: Number Operation: truncate (x) returns a decimal or integer by truncating the number from the decimal point. If the # places parameter is specified, the number is truncated to the specified number of decimal places, and the function returns a decimal number. If # places is a negative number, the number is rounded to the first ten or hundreds of digits, and so on.Typical usage: this functi

Comparison of each version of Crystal Report and related explanation v2

. Create or modify a report programmatically by saying it laterCurrently the latest CR Basic for VS2008 is not much changed Crystal Reports Basic for Visual Studio 2008 is an upgraded version of Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2005.A number of features are added to this release.ClickOnce deployments support the HomeSite property and are now available for x64-

Word Properties <?ref:xdo000X?>-BIP deskotop (32-bit) with Office $ (32-bit) on Win 7 64-bit

BIP deskotop (32-bit)Office (32-bit)Win 7 (64-bit)The current certification matrix seems to say this is supported, and however I am having the following problem:1. I have a existing RTF template with the data template that works. I have the run it to be sure, and can view output and verify.2. If iopen that

C # Crystal Report, form not displayed, flash back

I. Description of the problemSince the Crystal report is not integrated after VS2008, it needs to be downloaded separately.Note here that if you are using a C # form program, be sure to download the exe file, install the MSI file, the VS toolbar can not find the Crystal Report control. If you have a

How to install and deploy the Crystal Report in VC ++

, initialization failure and other problems. Pay attention to the following points during deployment: 1. Make sure that the report template file *. rpt is in the correct path in the program you wrote, including deploying the running environment of the computer. 2. c:/program files/Microsoft sdks/Windows/v6.0a/bootstrapper/packages/crystalreports10_5 64-bit ver

[Internal power method of Crystal Report]-formula, function, and total Runtime

The topic of this article is: Functions and formulas, total Runtime. This article focuses on the basics and will be used in some practical scenarios. 1: Formula The formula can be said to be the essence of the crystal report, and its importance is a bit like the macro of Excel.Formulas can be divided into two types: formatting. First, it is an operation class. O

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