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[Crystal Report] RecordNumber Application control shows the number of rows per page and alternate colors.

Control | Crystal Report | show It is often asked how to limit the number of lines per page to display, and also to see someone use the method of pulling high fields. Oh Here's a simple one, where the formula uses the crystal syntax, and the database uses the Crystal Report's own Access database. I take the Orders ta

Talking about the fetters of memory, 32-bit and 64-bit system

supported under 32-bit systems is: 232 = 4,294,967,296 bytes 4,294,967,296/(1,024 x 1,024) = 4,096 MB = 4GB And under the 64-bit system, this number is: 264 = 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 18,446,744,073,709,551,616/(1,024 x 1,024) = 16EB (exabytes) Report: 1GB (gigabyte gigabytes, also known as "gigabit") =1024MB

Crystal Report vertical arrangement, multi-column formatting

A table area is a piece of data, and a A4 paper is distributed in 2 columns and 4 lines of print.This is a bit different from the usual report, where the details of the report are usually one line, and now you want to put a row on each of the 2 bars, which requires the Multi-column formatting property.When you select multi-column format, the Layout tab appearsTog

Install 32-bit oracle software in 64-bit linux

Install 32-bit oracle software in 64-bit linuxIn some cases, sometimes we need to install 32 oracle software on a 64-bit system (for example, the customer's abnormal requirements ). Although theoretically, this method is feasible, but in the actual installation process is of

Install 32-bit Oracle software under 64-bit Linux

Tags: Oracle install INS_NET_CLIENT.MKIn some cases, there are times when we need to install 32 of Oracle software on 64-bit systems (for example, the customer's perverted requirements). Although in theory, this approach is feasible, but in the actual installation process is often wrong, in order to avoid unnecessary errors, but also for the convenience of future work to find, record the installation proces

OpenSSL windows compiled 32-bit &64 bit

OpenSSL version: openssl-1.0.0k64-bit compilation1, the compilation environment:OPENSSL-1.0.0A must be compiled with vs2008 (Open Visual Studio x64 cross Tools Command Prompt), Vc6+nasm32 cannot be compiled, Because openssl-1.0.0a requires cl.exe version is relatively high, VC6 cannot compile, so compile with vs2008. 2, 64-bit compilation:Run Configure:Perl Confi

Dynamic Crystal Report: any table and any column of dynamic lattice implementation

In the previous article "dynamic Crystal Report: any table, any column, and dynamic grid,One thing is not fully implemented yet. The table header column is automatically adjusted according to the content, which corresponds to the content table. We also noticed that in the previous article, the columns below are not displayed because they do not exist, but the content is empty (''). Note that they are empty,

Well, how to make a. NET program in a 64-bit system that runs in 32-bit mode.

In fact, the simplest way is to set the platform to x86 on the solution. But today, a third-party software is encountered, it calls a DLL is 32-bit, it may not have been tested in a 64-bit system run situation, it is compiled by default configuration set to any CPU. However, when running in the default 64-

How to check whether the MAC system is a 32-bit or 64-bit Operating System

(1) Click the (Apple logo) icon in the upper left corner of the toolbar. For more information about the local machine, click system report (in the left navigation bar ). (2) Open the terminal and enter the command uname-A and press Enter. X86_64 indicates that the system is 64-bit. I686 indicates the 32-bit

Oracle11.2.0.1 is on the 64-bit amdcpuhardware and BUG8670579 in a 32-bit Operating System

By querying meatlink, the reason is that the 32-bit operating system is installed under ORACLE11.2.0.1AMD64-bit CPU, and the bug8670579 is triggered. To solve this problem, you only need to set 86705 By querying meatlink, the reason is that a 32-bit operating system is installed under ORACLE11.2.0.1 AMD 64-

WIN7 Ultimate 64-bit compiled 32-bit Golang program with CGO

A problem was encountered during the development process.The client server is a 32-bit Windows system, and the software system must be compiled into a 32-bit system to operate properly on the client.My development environment:WIN7 Flagship edition 64-bitGolang 1.8 64-bittmd-gcc5.1

32-bit Plsql Developer Oracle database problem handling with no 64-bit connectivity

Encounter this problem, online search a lot, most of the inaccurate interpretation, after exploring according to their own understanding to write how to solve.Phenomenon: The problem is more clear on the Internet, the use of Plsql Developer connection to the database will report a problem with the inability to locate the Oci.dll file, there may be different reports, but the problem is to say this file problem.Cause: The Plsql Developer used here is 32

Unveil the secrets of 64-bit windows

version, and the available memory may be larger than Windows 7.Back to Top 32-bit and 64-bit Processors So what do I need to run a 64-bit Windows system? This is no secret. You need a computer with a 64-

C#,win frm Crystal report, dynamic field

Dynamic fields do not come out before, sorrow die.Later found actually quite simple, it seems that as long as the data of multiple repeating fields, it can be automatically discharged, as long as they put in Section3 (details):C0 to C14 are the fields that will be repeated output (data is not duplicated, such as LISTIn this way, it is possible to have a dynamic field, although it is still a bit limited feelingThen I found that I have a picture (has

LabVIEW for Windows Download Daquan-32-bit 64-bit including Student edition in English and Chinese

NI LabVIEW 2012 (English 32-bit and 64-bit)Http:// LabVIEW Student (Student edition Chinese and English)Http://

Solve the dependency package problem of ubuntu 64-bit execution of 32-bit programs

However, you may encounter the following problems:Execute ADB in Ubuntu 64-bit, or start eclipse and report libncurses. so.5 cannot be found. The error message is displayed.Java Code ADB: ErrorWhileLoading shared libraries: libncurses. So.5: Cannot open shared object file: no such file or directory The reason is that I am using a

Oracle 10g 32-bit migration upgrade to 10g 64-bit

/flash_recovery_area'*. Db_recovery_file_dest_size = 2147483648*. Dispatchers = '(PROTOCOL = TCP) (SERVICE = orclXDB )'*. Job_queue_processes = 10*. Log_archive_format = '% t _ % s _ % r. dbf'*. Open_cursors = 300*. Pga_aggregate_target = 201326592*. Processses = 150*. Remote_login_passwordfile = 'clusive'*. Sga_target = 605028352*. Undo_management = 'auto'*. Undo_tablespace = 'undotbs1'*. User_dump_dest = '/u01/app/oracle/admin/orcl/udump'_ SYSTEM_TRIG_ENABLED = false 6. Create a spfile file th

Solution for. Net Access to Oracle in Windows 64-bit environment

website. Set the debugging mode of the program to IIS instead of webserver. 4 because WebServer is a 32-bit program, if you want to use webserver for debugging, you can consider installing a 32-bit Oracle client (not tested ). Note: If the 32-bit Oracle client has been installed, this test is not performed.2 installation sequence Install Oracle 11g Release 2 oda

Enterprise Solution Resource Planning management software C/s architecture, support 64-bit system, enterprise comprehensive application integration, manufacturing informatization

Complete Order tracking function Flexible customer service, providing a range of tools for customer to change system settings, including interface, find, workflow and report printing Pre-set a large business document reporting library, with Crystal Report development tools, customers can quickly change their own or add reports within the system.

Connect Oracle Database Memos with Navicat Premium and pl\sql developer in 64-bit Win7

:navicat report ora-12737:instant Client light:unsupported server character Set ZHS16GBK The problem is caused by the direct use of Navicat-instantclient_10_2. Comes with a basic lite version of the instantclient. Lite version of Basic Lite:basic with only English error messages and Unicode, ASCII, and Western European character set support Basic: All the files required to run the OCI, OCCI, and JDBC-OCI applications, including the Chin

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