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Vs2005+crystal, Web application development

Web    SummaryThis experiment will help you create a Web application using the Crystal Report-the data from the reports comes from a collection of objects, and you will create a special class to hold the stock market data.    I. Development

When an httpmodule crystal report is used, the chart and image of the crystal report cannot be displayed.

I wrote httpmodule before, and later found that the project's Crystal Report chart is not displayed.   Public void Init (httpapplication context){Context. acquirerequeststate + = new eventhandler (context_acquirerequeststate ); } # Endregion

The IF else statement of the formula field in the crystal report cannot be executed normally.

The formula fields are as follows: If {maintable. botherdoc} = "on" thenChrw (254)ElseChrw (168)   Maintable. botherdoc is a string value obtained from the check box through fromconnection. It is "on" When selected, and null when not selected.

Asp. NET Program Development Example Treasure

In the collation of information found some very useful source of information, especially beginners, most of which is usually used in the knowledge point, can refer to its implementation methods, share to everyone to learn, but please do not use for

Winform package deployment and winform deployment

Winform package deployment and winform deployment 1. Use the package tool provided by VS to create a winform installation project. Development Environment: VS 2008 Access Operating System: Windows XP Development language: C #  Step 1: Open the


Check the help of SQLServer to find out, amazing ah, there is such a powerful thing, can not help but think of the previous Crystal Report, the original SQL server can achieve this function. Check the help of SQL Server to find out, amazing, there

End users design and modify Web reports online

I encountered a new problem in the recently developed human resource management system: the end user must be able to design and edit reports. A basic function in the human resource management system is to edit and print employee work permits.

Use of summary functionality in SQL Server Grouping,rollup and Cube_mssql

The first time to see such a SQL statement, do not understand, which used the following less common Aggregate functions: GROUPING Operator used to summarize data: ROLLUP SELECT Case GROUPING (O.customerid) when 0 THEN


The first time I saw such an SQL statement, I couldn't understand it, and I used the following uncommonly used Clustering function: GROUPING The ROLLUP operator used to summarize dataSELECT Case grouping (o. customerid) WHEN 0 THEN o. customerid

Grouping, rollup, and cube

The first time I saw such an SQL statement, I couldn't understand it, and I used the following uncommonly used Clustering function: Grouping The rollup operator used to summarize data Select Case grouping (O. customerid) When 0 then O.

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