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Some experiences on the use of Crystal Reports

Some time ago, the company needed to establish an online survey and voting system to count the company's capability level index. The statistical capability level was divided into three categories: Level 1 capability elements and level 2 capability

Crystal Reports and Sql-server Report development--Stored procedure-Practice

server| Stored Procedures Crystal Reports and Sql-server together for the development of reports 1:crystal Reports feature Readme Crystal Reports is used to process databases to help users analyze and interpret important information. With Crystal

Crystal report production and use

Report related: Report Production and Use This article is divided into the following six

Crystal Report formula)

I. formula components Ii. Formula syntax Iii. Formula type ---------------------------------------------------------------- The formula consists of two key parts: component and syntax. A component is the part added to the creation formula, and the

Crystal Report formula must be read

Directory:I. formula componentsIi. Formula syntaxIii. Formula type----------------------------------------------------------------The formula consists of two key parts: component and syntax. A component is the part added to the creation formula, and

[Internal power method of Crystal Report]-formula, function, and total Runtime

The topic of this article is: Functions and formulas, total Runtime. This article focuses on the basics and will be used in some practical scenarios. 1: Formula The formula can be said to be the essence of the crystal report, and its importance is

Example of use of the crystal report formula field and syntax of the formula field [Deep Sea Original]

I. Example of using a formula field: A. Conversion of measurement unitsThis is a very simple example to demonstrate how to convert and calculate different variable types in formulas.Sometimes the unit of the database field is different from the

Comments on four mainstream Web report tools

Source: Do-showone-uid-148267-itemid-14917-type-blog-type-blog.html Currently, there are four mainstream Web Report tools on the market: Crystal Reports, Style Report, Max @ X Reports, and dry Report. Basic

PHP Web Game Learning Xnova (Ogame) source Interpretation (16) _php Tutorial

19. Attack Mission (missioncaseattack.php) According to the fleet task number, the first one is the attack mission. This code is very long and you have to be patient when you look at it.Fortunately, the quoted content is not many, and gives a

How to dynamically load images in a crystal report (image file version and database version)

Step 1: database file version if you use binary fields in the database to store image files, these fields in Microsoft Access are called OLE fields, while Oracle and SQLServer call them BLOB (Binary large objects) it is very easy to display fields

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