crystal reports length function

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Digital functions in crystal report functions

ABS (x ):Basic syntax and crystal syntax.Parameter: X is the number or currency in which you want to return the absolute value.Return Value: Numeric ValueOperation: ABS (x) returns the absolute value of X.Example:ABS (1, 1.50)1.50 is returned. ABS (-

Common Parameters of Crystal Reports

-- Set the print FUNCTION OF THE CRYSTAL REPORT Crystalreportviewer1.printmode = crystaldecisions. Web. printmode. ActiveX -- Set the relative path of the crystal report file Crystalreportsource1.reportdocument. Load (server. mappath ("XXX. rpt ")) -

Java report tool function comparison

This article is transferred from: Java report tool function comparison Over the past few years, the Java report market has been very popular. First, overseas products such as Crystal Reports, Brio, and style have successively entered the market,

Example of use of the crystal report formula field and syntax of the formula field [Deep Sea Original]

I. Example of using a formula field: A. Conversion of measurement unitsThis is a very simple example to demonstrate how to convert and calculate different variable types in formulas.Sometimes the unit of the database field is different from the

. NET Report component set .........

  Reporting Services:   Microsoft SQL Server reporting services is a new server-based report platform, you can create and manage table reports, matrix reports, graphical reports, and free-format reports that contain data from Relational Data

Several well-known report software in China

Original: several famous domestic report software Original: several famous domestic report software [B] Happy report [/B]-best choice for free Web report tools on Windows top reporting platforms 2006 Development preferredSoftware:[Url =

Bar Code Generation

Teaches you how to use C # To create a bar Code (barcode) image encoded with Code 39 for ASP. NET + Crystal Reports to present and print this bar Code. This post provides sample download for ASP. NET 3.5. ---------------------------------------------

Bar Code Generation

  Http:// In this example, the SQL Server's Northwind database, VS 2008 or IIS, and Crystal Reports 2008 Standard Edition are required. (You can download the complete installation program from the SAP website

C # generate report documents on the server: generate Word and Pdf reports using a soft report,

C # generate report documents on the server: generate Word and Pdf reports using a soft report,I. Introduction to finereport Among the Report tools, the final Report is better than the Report tools such as Crystal Report and SQL Server Report

Csdn's most popular electronic manual recommendations

J2EE architect Manual Function Introduction: the J2EE architect manual is of great guiding significance for J2EE development.   Java instance technical manual version 2 (PdG) Function Introduction: it

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