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Crystal Reports formula syntax

The syntax of the Crystal Reports formula is relatively simple, but many operators and functions are supported. The following describes fields, operators, and functions. I. Fields Many fields used when creating a report can also be referenced in the formula. For example, fields such as database, parameter, run total, SQL expression, abstract, and group name can

Gantt Chart tutorial on creating Crystal Reports

In the past two weeks, we have been using Crystal Reports for charts, such as bar charts, line charts, Gantt charts, and pie charts. We thought we could just use the push mode to push data to charts through the storage process. However, many details have been encountered during the actual operation. 1) legend label text In the default case, the database field is used. If sum is used, the database Field

Method of installation and arrangement of Crystal Reports and method of arrangement of Crystal Reports

Method of installation and arrangement of Crystal Reports and method of arrangement of Crystal Reports I. Report function "Crystal Report"1) SAP Crystal Reports, version for Visual Stud

Crystal Reports ebook

Directory: 001. Crystal Reports 9 product color page 002. Crystal Reports 9 Technical White Paper by developers 003. Crystal Reports 9 Technical White Paper by developers 004. Crystal

Use the ReportViewer control (Visual Studio) to discard Crystal Reports (Crystal Report)

Use the ReportViewer control (Visual Studio) to discard Crystal Reports (Crystal Report) The former is Microsoft out, the advantages of not to say. The latter, although integrated in VS, has 5 user limitations and certainly cannot be compared with MS's own things for integration and compatibility. So, now more use Microsft ReportViewer. For step-by-step ins

Implement Dynamic ASP. NET Crystal Reports in disguise

of the DataDefinition object to retrieve the FormulaFieldDefinitions set. 5. Obtain the FormulaFieldDefinition object and set the formula.For example: FormulaFieldDefinition. Text = "{customer. Customer ID }"FormulaFieldDefinition MemberFormulaFieldDefinition class CrystalDecisions. CrystalReports. Engine namespacePublic instance attributesFormulaName is inherited from FieldDefinition) string. Obtain the unique formula name of the field definition in the Cr

Six quick Crystal Reports design tips

box.Ensure crystal syntax is selected, and enter the following for the formula:Figure 12: Tool tips for units on orderFigure 13: The tool tip over the units in stock Field Text watermark [Back to Top] A common report request is the ability to add a watermark to a report indicating that it is a draft. this example will show you how to accomplish this. in order to create the watermar

A list of official sample reports demonstrating the Crystal Report design concept

. · Groupsincolumns.rpt The report shows how to use multiple-column formatting to group in separate columns. · Preventingwidowedheadersfooters.rpt This grouped report, created in Crystal Report Designer, prevents a group header or group footer from appearing alone on a page that does not have the appropriate data. This report is recommended for all levels of users. ________________________________________________________________ Example of a formu

Usage of Crystal Reports in vc6.0

Usage of Crystal Reports in vc6.0Author: [fengyunshuang Jue] 1. Import the dynamic link library used by the crystal Report: Modify the file path according to the actual situation.# Import "D: // crcraxdrt9.dll" no_namespace Ii. Define interface pointer Variables // Crystal report variable Iapplicationptr m_application;

Implement Dynamic ASP. NET Crystal Reports

Main steps for implementing dynamic ASP. NET Crystal Reports: 1. Insert formulafields and Text object in the ASP. NET Crystal Report. 2. In the programASP. NET Crystal Report class name crystalreport1 in the dim dry as new crystalreport1 Project'Text 1Dry. reportdefinition. reportobjects. Item ("text1"). Left = 12' typ

[Original] transition to achieve dynamic Crystal Reports

formulafields attribute of the datadefinition object to retrieve the formulafielddefinitions set. 5. Obtain the formulafielddefinition object and set the formula.For example: formulafielddefinition. Text = "{customer. Customer ID }" Formulafielddefinition MemberFormulafielddefinition class | crystaldecisions. crystalreports. Engine namespacePublic instance attributesFormulaname (inherited from fielddefinition) string. Obtain the unique formula name of the field definition in the

Automatically printing Crystal Reports in ASP. NET

mapped to the System user in order for this to work. this is not a trivial task to configure. printers can be mapped to the system account only by editing the registry, and since the Framework is mapped to the System user, you may need to reassign security permissions on files and folders. this process is outlined in the "printing web-based reports from the server" article in The. NET Help Files (look up "Crystal

Use custom functions of Crystal Reports for code reuse

Generally, we can use formulas to implement some special functions, but for some situations that need to be processed repeatedlyUser-defined functions can be used for implementation. On the formula editing page, you can see two items in the upper left corner: Report user-defined functions and reserve User-Defined Functions A report user-defined function is only available in a single report template. Different templates cannot be shared.The custom function of the repository is unavailable for se

ActiveReports Report Control official Chinese Introductory Tutorial (3)-How to select page reports and regional reports

Original: ActiveReports Report control official Chinese Introductory Tutorial (3)-How to select page reports and regional reportsThis article describes common usage scenarios for regional and page reports, some suggestions for distinguishing and selecting report types, the template design for both reports, the data sou

Example of use of the crystal report formula field and syntax of the formula field [Deep Sea Original]

* 0.95ElseCvalue * 0.93 D. Condition statisticsCrystal Reports provides some basic statistical functions that can be used by group for statistics. However, statistics in practical applications are often more complex. For example, we need to make statistics based on certain conditions. Suppose we want to count the sales volume of goods with a unit price of more than 10 yuan in each group. We can insert a formula in the detail section of the report.

C # Crystal Report tutorial Reports is a powerful reporting tool that has now been integrated with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 (hereinafter referred to as VS2005). Friends who like Crystal Reports are easy to use. I vs2005 the Crystal report in the use of the method summed up for your referen

Example: ASP. NET Crystal Report tutorial (1)

A report is an indispensable part of an application. A good report can help people intuitively grasp the data and play an important role in decision-making. So what if we can implement reports more quickly and efficiently? This article uses a three-tier ASP. NET Program as an example to describe how to use crystalreport to create a report. It introduces a lot of ASP. NET Crystal Report techniques. In this e

Velocity syntax tutorial

= false.8. Condition statements# If ($ Foo)# End# If ($ Foo)# Elseif ()# Else# EndWhen $ foo is null or a Boolean object's false value, it is executed.9. logical operators: ==||!10. Loop statement # foreach ($ VaR in $ arrays) // The set contains the following three vectors: A hashtable or an array# End# Foreach ($ product in $ allproducts)# End# Foreach ($ key in $ allproducts. keyset ())# End# Foreach ($ customer in $ customerlist)# End11. The velocitycount variable is defined in the configur

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