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How to debug howto using Windows scripts

If you often use vbs or js to write some windows scripts and only know how to debug your Program Words Then you can vomit blood and read this article. Any type of Windows scripts can be debugged using the script debugger. There are several

How to compile or debug MySql in Windows)

Original link   Author: Wu Bingxi Source:Http:// Contact info:Select unhex ('777562696e67786940676d61696c2e636f6d ');Specify/The translator and the source, and cannot be used for

Do all in cmd shell all done under the command line page 1/6

File Transfer The biggest problem with the CMD shell obtained by the overflow vulnerability is how to upload files. Due to the prevalence of worms, ports 139 or 445 required to connect to IPC $ are blocked by routes. In addition, the WINXP system

adsutil.vbs in scripting attacks [I am not my original]_vbs

First, a brief introduction What is adsutil.vbs? I believe that the network administrator who used IIS will not be unaware. This is a script that IIS brings with you to administer IIS under the command line. Located in

Use Xcacls.vbs (cacls.exe) to modify NTFS permission descriptions (Chinese) 1th/2 page _vbs

ProfileMicrosoft has provided the Extended Changes access control list (extended Change access controls lists) tool (Xcacls.exe) in the form of Microsoft Visual Basic script (xcacls.vbs). Updated version. This step-by-step article describes how to

The method of network security configuration under CMD _dos/bat

There are many command-line tools for the network, such as the familiar ping,tracert,ipconfig,telnet,ftp,tftp,netstat, and the unfamiliar Nbtstat,pathping,nslookup,finger, Route,netsh ... These commands can be divided into three categories: network

Script_notepad ++ how to debug vbs scripts

I. notepad ++ Installation 1. Download and install notepad ++. The installation steps are all the way to next. Ii. nppexec plug-in installation and configuration 1. Download and 2. Copy nppexec. dll and

Adsutil. How to Use vbs in script attacks [I am not my original]

1. Brief Introduction What is adsutil. vbs? I believe that the network manager who has used IIS will not know. This is a script provided by IIS for managing IIS under the command line. Located in the % SystemDrive % \ Inetpub \ AdminScripts


Http:// Microsoft provides an updated version of the Extended Change Access Control List tool (Xcacls.exe) in the form of Microsoft Visual Basic script (Xcacls. vbs. This section describes how to use the Xcacls. vbs

C #. BAT file clear the project directory

Another method is to write a BAT file for cleanup, which is very convenient. The following is a good method for self-written verification. The content of the BAT file is as follows: ECHO is clearing unnecessary files in the vs2010 project. Please

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