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[CSS Elastic box Model flex-basis Properties] Elastic box Model Flex Layout Flex-basis Property explanation and the difference between example demonstration

-basis:100%;//190/100}. Example2-grid Div:nth-of-type (2){background:RGB (0, +);-webkit-flex-basis:20%;}. Example2-grid Div:nth-of-type (3){background:RGB (255, 0);-webkit-flex-basis:30%;}. Example2-grid Div:nth-of-type (4){background:RGB (0, 197,);-webkit-

CSS flex-basis attribute of flexibleflex-basis Model

CSS flex-basis attribute of flexibleflex-basis ModelInstance Set the initial length of the second elastic box element to 80 pixels: Div: nth-of-type (2) {flex-basis: 80px ;} Browser support for effect Preview The number in the t

CSS Flex-basis Properties of flexible elastic box model

preview CSS Syntax flex-basis: Number|auto|initial|inherit; property value value Description number a unit of length or a percentage that specifies the initial length of a flexible project. auto default value. Length equals the length of the flexible item. If the item does not speci

Flex Layout in Flex-basis|flex-grow|flex-shrink

Flex layout in Flex-basis|flex-grow|flex-shrinkThe three attributes of Flex-grow, Flex-shrink, and flex-

Three attributes of flex 2 -- flex-Basis

1. Let's take a look at several examples: (1) width and flex-baiss are not set for each item. The element is displayed in the size of the content in flex. (2) Only Set width = 100px (implicit flex-basis = auto) for the item01 element, and only set flex_basis = 250px (implicit width = auto) for the item02 elemen

A detailed explanation of flex-basis attribute usage in CSS3

The explanation for Flex-basis on the WebPlatform1 is: The Flex-basis CSS property describes the initial main size of the flex item before any free spaces is distributed Accordin G to the fle

CSS 3 layout attributes flex and CSS 3 layout flex

CSS 3 layout attributes flex and CSS 3 layout flex The html code is as follows: The css code is as follows: . Ul_box {margin: 0; padding: 0; list-style: none;/* display: flex displays the object as an auto scaling box;

The old version of CSS flex is compatible with CSS flex.

The old version of CSS flex is compatible with CSS flex.× Catalog [1] applicability [2] scaling project [3] scaling Flow Direction [4] scaling flow line feed [5] spindle alignment [6] scaling [7] display sequence [8] flex compatibility The

Flex layout in CSS

size of the project. { flex-basis: */default Auto */} It can be set to width height the same value as a property (such as 350px), then the item will occupy a fixed space.4.5 Flex PropertiesflexThe property is flex-grow , flex-shrink and shorthand for,

CSS Flex Layouts

1. Introduction 1.1 DescriptionThe flex layout, also known as Flex flexible layout, is primarily designed to have the width and height of the item fill the free space of the parent container in a certain order.ExampleNote : In the following section, the parent container is referred to as an item in the container.1.2 Browser support conditionsIE 11 does not fully support the

[CSS Elastic box model Box-flex and related properties] Box-flex properties Elastic box Model explanation and example demonstration

, the horse and the pony, among them the big horse has been married for many years, has a bunch of twin daughters, the telework, but the Chinese horse and Pony is the outstanding bachelor person. So, the big horse asked to allocate more houses, eventually, family consultations with the following distribution results are:#大马 {House-allocation: 2;} #中马 {House-allocation: 1;} #小马 {House-allocation: 1;}I think the allocation above should be easy to read. The house is divided into a total of 4, of wh

The flex layout of CSS Layouts

space. Its default value is auto, which is the original size of the project.{ flex-basis: /** /}Note: It can be set to the same value as the width or height property (such as 350px), then the item will occupy a fixed space.5.flexFunction: Shorthand for Flex-grow, Flex-shrink, and

CSS elastic box model flex application in layout, css model flex Layout

CSS elastic box model flex application in layout, css model flex Layout* Directory [1] element center [2] Two ends alignment [3] Bottom alignment [4] input box button [5] equi layout [6] Adaptive Layout [7] Hanging layout [8] in front of full screen Layout I have already described in detail the basic syntax and compati

Deep understanding of CSS flexible Box model Flex

scaling reference value, the expansion ratio, and the shrinkage ratio can all be decimals, but not negative"5" Scalability: an abbreviation for the expansion ratio, shrinkage ratio, and scaling reference valueFlex:none = Flex:0 0Auto; Flex:auto= Flex:1 1Auto; Flex:0= Flex:0 1 0%;

Introduction to the Flex layout of CSS

is not valid for this property.ImgA negative value is not valid for this property.4.4 Flex-basis PropertiesThe Flex-basis property defines the spindle space (main size) that the item occupies before allocating the extra space. Based on this property, the browser calculates whether the spindle has extra space. Its defa

About the flexible layout of CSS Flex

This article mainly introduces the CSS Flex flexible layout of the relevant information, small series feel very good, and now share to everyone, but also to make a reference. Let's take a look at it with a little knitting. Case Base Layout Html Css . box{ Display:-webkit-flex; Displa

Mobile css/html (box-flex) adaptive, proportional layout, cssbox-flex

Mobile css/html (box-flex) adaptive, proportional layout, cssbox-flexMobile css/html (box-flex) adaptive and proportional Layout An Adaptive Layout Method for mobile terminals. Display: Tablet Large Mobile Phone screen Cell phone screen This layout is mainly Box-sizing: border-box; And display: box;display: -moz-b

29th. CSS Flex-Flex layout (top)

clean up the lower additional spaceEnd scaling project to clean up extra space with bottom baseCenter scaling project is centered on the middle and cleans up the upper and lower spaces on averageBaseline scaling project to clean up additional space based on baselineStretch Telescopic project fills the entire container, default5.box-flexThe Box-flex property can use floating-point numbers to distribute scaling itemsSet the proportions that each scalin

CSS Layout Properties Flex

The HTML code is as follows:The CSS code is as follows:. ul_box{margin:0; padding:0; List-style:none; /*display:flex the object as an elastic telescopic box; Flex-flow:flex-direction (determines the arrangement of the elastic sub-elements) and flex-wrap (whether or not to wrap the flex element when it is ou

Display: flex css, displayflexcss

Display: flex css, displayflexcss This document introduces the usage and attributes of flex. This adaptive three-column box Red, blue, green Flex: flex-grow flex-shrink flex-

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