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Highcharts plug-in (the charts supported by highcharts include graphs, area charts, bar charts, pie charts, scatter charts, and comprehensive charts .)

1. Compatibility: highcharts is written in pure JavaScript and compatible with most browsers today, including safari, ie and Firefox;Examples of basic Official Charts of highcharts(6 images)2. Chart type: highcharts supports chart types, including graphs, area charts, bar charts, pie

Highcharts API Chinese Line charts, graphs, area charts, 3D graphs, histogram examples, and use

Highcharts API Chinese WebAddress: Http://www.hcharts.cn/demo/index.php?p=10theme=skiescode example$ (function () {$ (' #container '). Highcharts ({title: {text: ' Monthly Average temperature ', x: -20//center}, subtitle: {text: ' Source:WorldClimate.com ', x:-20}, Xaxis: {categories: [' Jan ', ' Feb ', ' Mar ', ' Apr ', ' may ', ' June ', ' Jul ', ' April ', ' Sep ', ' Oct ', ' Nov ', ' Dec '] }, YAxis: {title: {text: ' Temperature (°c) '}, plotlines: [{ value:0,

Various polylines in IOS-curves-collection of graphic drawing methods (line charts-Chart of graphs-histogram-dynamic graphs-shape diagrams-drawing, scribing)

Technology implementation3) method invocation4) ShowSix pie chart implementation 1) key technology implementation2) method invocation3) ShowSummarizeIt looks very simple, all the drawing methods are concentrated, in the future we need to use it will not be so troublesome.Download Program source code: http://download.csdn.net/detail/baihuaxiu123/9498733Blog Address: http://blog.csdn.net/baihuaxiu123Jane Book Address: Http://www.jianshu.com/users/0873ab6768a6/latest_articles Various polylines in

Reprint: One minute teaches you to use graphs and histograms in Google charts

Reprint: One minute teaches you to use graphs and histograms in Google charts Original address: http://2sitebbs.com/thread-671-1-1.html No doubt Google's charting API is awesome, and a very stable and flexible charting solution. Here's a simple example, Designed to help quickly integrate friends who need to use Google charts, especially its

Use flash + XML to implement pie charts and graphs

Share a good flash icon component: http://www.amcharts.com/ Pie donut Line Area Column Bar Scatter bubble Pie donut chartPie donut chart is very universal and fully configurable flash chart. Using it you can easily have good looking, animated pies or donuts on your web site.Download | examples

Python uses Pygal to draw data graphs and monitor charts

Python uses Pygal to draw data graphs and monitor charts 2014-03-18 09:44:14 Tags: python charts python monitor graph Python graphics python data show copyright statement: Original works, declined to reprint. Otherwise, legal liability will be held. Objective: Tell me about Python drawing the chart. Charts that previo

Gulp-css-spriter merge sliced images from CSS code into sprite graphs

to merge as needed.node_modules\gulp-css-spriter\lib\ Map-over-styles-and-transform-background-image-declarations.js48 lines start with the If-else if code block, replaced with the following code: // background-image always have a URL and determine if URL has? __spriter suffixif(Transformeddeclaration.property = = = ' Background-image ' /\?__spriter/i.test ( Transformeddeclaration.value)) {Transformeddeclaration.value = TransformedDeclaration.value

Smooth DIV border shadow and css div border shadow using pure CSS without Graphs

Smooth DIV border shadow and css div border shadow using pure CSS without Graphs

Smooth DIV border shadow and css div border shadow using pure CSS without Graphs

Smooth DIV border shadow and css div border shadow using pure CSS without Graphs

A small case list of CSS sprite charts

the CSS position, it is almost impossible to have other small pictures accidentally appear near it. One of the problems that you often encounter when using a sprite is that the picture appears where it should not appear.Avoid using bottom or right when locatingWhen using CSS sprites, use only background-position:bottom-300px or background-position:right-200px; This is possible at the beginning, but the pro

Use grunt to automatically generate sprite graphs for background images in CSS

/', // Matching Rules src:[' **/*.css ', '!**/*.sprite.css '], // export paths to CSS and sprites address dest: ' Module1 /',// exported CSS name ext: '. Sprite.css ',extdot: ' last ' }]} }});// loads the plug-in that contains "Sprite" tasks. //grunt.loadnpmtasks (' Grunt-css-sprite '); // Because the sprite you wa

Use CSS to achieve graphs such as yin-yang gossip map

: Red ; border-style: solid ; border-width: 2px 2px 55px 2px ; Border-radius: 100% ; position: relative ;} #yin-yang: Before { content: "" ; position: Absolute ; top: 50% ;Left : 0 ; background: #eee ; Border: 18px solid red ; Border-radius: 100% ; width: 12px ; height: 12px ;} #yin-yang: After { content: "" ; position: Absolute ; top: 50% ;Left : 50% ; background: Red ; Border: 18px solid #eee ; Border-radius:100% ; width: 12px ; height: 12px ;} Many other articles plea

"Go" method of various shapes and graphs written in CSS code

: ""; position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0; height: 80px; width: 80px; background: red; -webkit-transform: rotate(135deg); -moz-transform: rotate(135deg); -ms-transform: rotate(135deg); -o-transform: rotate(135deg); transform: rotate(135deg);}19. Diamond#cut-diamond { border-style: solid; border-color: transparent transparent red transparent; border-width: 0 25px 25px 25px; height: 0; width: 50px; position: relative; margin: 20px 0 50px 0;}#cut-diamond:after { conten

DIV+CSS naming rules for Web page cut graphs

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