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Difference between CST and GMT

Problem description Today, I encountered a strange problem. on the server side, the current time obtained through Java is Fri Aug 28 09:37:46 CST 2009, which is converted to GMT at: 28 Aug 2009 01:37:46 GMT, that is to say, the GMT time plus 8

The difference between CST and GMT time

Today, a strange problem has been encountered on the server side through C # get the current time for Fri 09:37:46 CST 2009, converted toGMT time: 01:37:46 GMT, that is, GMT time plus 8 hours equals the time indicated by CST, that thisCST is not

C + + timestamp conversion (related to GMT CST time zone conversions)

Origin of the problemTimestamp conversion (timestamp: The total number of seconds from January 1, 1970 (00:00:00) to the current time. )#include #includeintMainintargcConst Char*argv[]) {time_t T; structTM *p; T=1408413451; P=gmtime (&t); Chars[

24 TimeZone, GMT,UTC,DST,CST time

Global 24 time Zones Division The World Time Zone table, which can display time and place names in each of the world's time zones, is more sophisticated and complex than the two-way timetable, and usually the world time zone table's dial will mark

Linux Server modifies timezone time

The consistency of time is critical, and the analysis of logs and the docking of the program are essential!01. Tzselect Modify Time zoneYou can use the command Tzselect to modify the time zone. Examples of operations: $ tzselect Please

Abbreviation of Time Zone

Nowadays, more and more work needs to use the time zone concepts around the world. Recently, I have seen abbreviations such as DST, EDT, PDT, wet, and CCT in my documents, which makes me dizzy. So I made a memo on the Internet: The time zone

Exsi and NTP server date time synchronization configuration

The recent Exsi server time is always wrong, in the time configuration is always not correct display, using the following methods, you can quickly update to the latest time.System: Exsi 5.5 1. Login to ESXi host via SSH How to open exsi ssh I will

Linux Time Conversion

Introduction: Write code today to encounter a time conversion of the sudden change of the function is not too sure to open the record before looking at it and then by the way to send hereOne: Data structureLinux storage time is common in two ways,

Use of the Java time class

Use of Date: 1. Date of Creation 2. Date format display 3. Conversion of dates 4, two date size comparison, date of the addition and subtraction Some knowledge: Carve-out of 24 time zones worldwide Greenwich Mean Time GMT World Coordination Time

Use JavaScript in conjunction with ASP.net 2.0

Asp.net|javascript Adding JavaScript to a server control Adding JavaScript to a particular server control in a asp.net page is very simple. Let's take a button server control for example. If you use any Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 to drag a Button

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