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Cuda Programming (ii) CUDA initialization and kernel functions

Cuda Programming (ii) CUDA initialization and kernel functionsCuda InitializationAs has been said in the last time, Cuda installation success, a new project is very simple, directly in the new project when the Nvidia Cuda project can be selected, we first create a new Mycuda

Use Python to write the CUDA program, and use python to write the cuda Program

() - start print("gpu run time %f seconds " % run_time) # cpu run start = timer() aa = (aa * 10 + 2 ) * ((b + 2) * 10 - 5 ) * 5 run_time = timer() - start print("cpu run time %f seconds " % run_time) # check result r = a - aa print( min(r), max(r) )def main(): for n in range(1, 10): N = 1024 * 1024 * (n * 10) print("------------%d---------------" % n) test(N)if __name__ == '__main__': main() Comparison Numba uses some commands to mark some functions for acceleration (you can al

Introduction to Cuda C Programming-Programming Interface (3.2) Cuda C Runtime

When Cuda C is run in the cudart library, the application can be linked to the static library cudart. lib or libcudart. A. The dynamic library cudart. dll or libcudart. So. The Cuda dynamic link library (cudart. dll or libcudart. So) must be included in the installation package of the application. All running functions of Cuda are prefixed with

CUDA and cuda Programming

CUDA and cuda ProgrammingIntroduction to CUDA Libraries It is the location of the CUDA library. This article briefly introduces cuSPARSE, cuBLAS, cuFFT and cuRAND will introduce OpenACC later. The cuSPARSE linear algebra library is mainly used for sparse matrices. CuBLAS is a C

"OpenCV & CUDA" OpenCV and CUDA combined programming

One, using the GPU module provided in the OPENCV At present, many GPU functions have been provided in OpenCV, and the GPU modules provided by OPENCV can be used to accelerate most image processing. Basic use method, please refer to: The advantage of this method is simple, using Gpumat to manage the data transfer between CPU and GPU, and does not need to pay attention to the setting of kernel function call parameter, only need to pay attention to the l

CUDA and cuda Programming

; unsigned int col_idx = threadIdx.x * blockDim.y + threadIdx.y; // shared memory store operation tile[row_idx] = row_idx; // wait for all threads to complete __syncthreads(); // shared memory load operation out[row_idx] = tile[col_idx];} Shared Memory: SetRowReadColDyn View transaction: Kernel: setRowReadColDyn(int*)1 shared_load_transactions_per_request 16.0000001 shared_store_transactions_per_request 1.000000 The result is the same as the previous example, bu

Cuda learning-(1) Basic concepts of Cuda Programming

Document directory Function qualifier Variable type qualifier Execute Configuration Built-in Variables Time Functions Synchronous Functions 1. Parallel Computing 1) Single-core command-level parallel ILP-enables the execution unit of a single processor to execute multiple commands simultaneously 2) multi-core parallel TLP-integrate multiple processor cores on one chip to achieve line-level parallel 3) multi-processor parallelism-Install multiple processors on a single circuit board and i

Cuda programming-> introduction to Cuda (1)

Install cuda6.5 + vs2012, the operating system is win8.1 version, first of all the next GPU-Z detected a bit: It can be seen that this video card is a low-end configuration, the key is to look at two: Shaders = 384, also known as Sm, or the number of core/stream processors. The larger the number, the more parallel threads are executed, and the larger the computing workload per unit time. Buswidth = 64bit. The larger the value, the faster the data processing speed. Next let's take a look at the

"Cuda parallel programming three" cuda Vector summation operation

In this paper, the basic concepts of CUDA parallel programming are illustrated by the vector summation operation. The so-called vector summation is the addition of the corresponding element 22 in the two array data, and the result is saved in the third array. As shown in the following:1. CPU-based vector summation:The code is simple:#include the use of the while loop above is somewhat complex, but it is int

Cuda and OpenCV combined Programming (i) __ programming

Learning computer image processing algorithm of children's shoes, you have to learn Cuda, why. Because image processing is usually a matrix operation, it is very important to calculate the calculation time of millions at this time is essential. OPENCV itself provides a number of CUDA functions that meet the needs of most users. But not absolutely, sometimes we need to define a kernel function to optimize, o

Introduction to Cuda C Programming-Programming Interface

Cuda C provides a simple way for people familiar with the C programming language to write code executed on a device (GPU. It consists of a minimal C Language extension set and Runtime Library. Core language extensions have been introduced in the programming model section. Allow programmers to define core functions and use New syntaxes to specify the grid and bloc

Introduction to Cuda C Programming-Programming Model

This section describes the main concepts of the Cuda programming model. 2.1.kernels (kernel function) Cuda C extends the C language and allows programmers to define C functions, called kernels ). Execute n times in N Cuda threads in parallel. Use the _ global _ specifier to declare a core function, call and use For ex

Read the book "CUDA by Example a Introduction to general Purpose GPU Programming"

In view of the need to use the GPU CUDA this technology, I want to find an introductory textbook, choose Jason Sanders and other books, CUDA by Example a Introduction to the general Purpose GPU Programmin G ". This book is very good as an introductory material. I think from the perspective of understanding and memory, many of the contents of the book can be omitted, so there is this blog post. This post rec

Detailed introduction to writing CUDA programs using Python

like a black box and does not know what is actually done internally. PyCUDA is very intuitive. Therefore, these two methods have different applications: * It would be better to directly use numba if you don't care about CUDA programming just to speed up your own algorithms. * If you want to learn and study the feasibility of a CUDA

Getting started with GPU programming to Master (a) CUDA environment installation __cuda

Bo Master due to the needs of the work, began to learn the GPU above the programming, mainly related to the GPU based on the depth of knowledge, in view of the previous did not contact GPU programming, so here specifically to learn the GPU above programming. Have like-minded small partners, welcome to exchange and study, my email: Using t

Download: Cuda by example: An Introduction to general-purpose GPU Programming

Book DescriptionCuda is a computing architecture designed to facilitate the development of parallel programs. in conjunction with a comprehensive software platform, the Cuda architecture enables programmers to draw on the immense power of graphics processing units (GPUs) when building high-performance applications. GPUs, of course, have long been available for demaning graphics and game applications. cuda n

Exploration of Cuda C Programming

Abstract: This article describes the basic methods for compiling windows console application, dynamic link library (DLL), and Cuda c dll in. net. 1. Write windows console application in Cuda C Next we will learn Cuda C from a simple example. Open Vs and create a cudawinapp project. The project name is vector and the solution name is cudademo. Click "OK", "Next",

"Reprint" CPP file call Cuda. cu file for graphics acceleration related programming

Transferred from: article is about how CPP files call Cuda. cu files for graphics acceleration related programming. Of course, this is done in the case where Cuda is already configured by default, and if you have questions about how to configure Cuda, you can read

Start of CUDA programming in Ubuntu9.04

A while ago, I completed both the ant colony algorithm and the improved K-Means algorithm, and then watched CUDA programming. I read the introduction of CUDA and thought that CUDA would be easy to use after C, in fact, you still need to know some GPU architecture-related knowledge to write a good program. After reading

Cuda programming Interface: Concepts and APIs for asynchronous concurrency execution

in the following way:Cudaeventdestroy (start); Cudaeventdestroy (stop);② the past timeThe events created by the section can be timed to the code of the section in the following way:Cudaeventrecord (Start,0); For(intI=0; I2;++i) {Cudamemcpyasync (Inputdev+I*Size, Inputhost+I*Size, size, Cudamemcpyhosttodevice, stream[i]); MYKERNEL512,0, Stream[i]>>>(Outputdev+I*size, Inputdev+i* size, size); Cudamemcpyasync (Outputhost+ i*size, outputDevi *size, size, Cudamemcpydevicetohost, Stream[i])

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