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How to compile a curl static library

A few days ago, curllib was used in the project, so a source code package was compiled. There were some minor problems in the compilation process. Here, I will share with you the methods for compiling and using this library: First, go to http://curl.

Php-curl Package [Avoid file ambiguity bug]

Php-curl package [Avoid uploading files ambiguity bug] Since PHP's curl is in curl_setopt ($curl, curlopt_postfields, xxx), when XXX is an array, if the first character of the value is @, then it is considered a file upload, when you need to upload

Install and enable curl php extension in CentOS

Install and enable curl php extension in CentOS0x01 background CURL is a tool that uses URL syntax to transmit files and data. It supports many protocols, such as HTTP, FTP, and TELNET. PHP also supports the cURL library.0x001 using curl extension

Centos6.5-The SSLVersion of the CURL library in the centos6.5 system PHP environment is NSS by default. How can I change it to OpenSSL?

Now requires PHP environment support TSL1.2 and SHA-256, php CURL library upgrade to curl7.35.0, openssl upgrade to OpenSSL1.0.1f, but through the resource file view curl SSLVersion is NSS, if modified to openssl? How to change the SSLVersion to

Pycurl,python CURL Library

Pycurl-a Python interface to the CURL libraryThe Pycurl package is a Libcurl python interface. Pycurl has been successful in the Python2.2 to Python2.5 version of the compilation Test.Libcurl is a client URL transfer library that supports FTP, FTPS,

The C + + open Source Library Curl

About the Curl LibraryCurl is a file transfer tool that works with URL syntax in the command line mode. It supports many protocols: FTP, FTPS, HTTP, HTTPS, GOPHER, TELNET, DICT, FILE, and LDAP. Curl not only provides an executable tool library, but

PHP Client URL Library--curl

Introduction and Installation Configuration PHP-supported Libcurl libraries created by Daniel Stenberg allow you to connect and communicate with a variety of servers using various types of protocols. Libcurl currently supports HTTP, HTTPS, FTP,

Centos6.5-centos 6.5 System PHP Environment of the SSL version of the Curl Library default to NSS, how to become more OpenSSL?

PHP's environment is now required to support TSL1.2 and sha-256,php's Curl Library upgrade to Curl 7.35.0,openssl upgrade to openssl/1.0.1f, but viewing the SSL version of Curl through a funding file is NSS, If modified to OpenSSL?How to change to

How to enable the curl command HTTP2 support

How to enable the curl command HTTP2 support When we directly use curl to request an https page, the default response of HTTP1.1 is displayed by default. Now there are more and more websites using HTTP2 and more mature technologies. How to enable

Install MySQL and curl extensions in Linux

After installing apache2 + PhP5, I want to install mysql5 again.After installing mysql5 with the source code, I found that I wanted to add new extensions for PHP in Linux. Unlike in windows, I just needed to remove the semicolon comment ~I found a

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