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Android (Java) Learning Note 115:android Inputmethodmanager IME Introduction

BodyFirst, the structurePublic final class Inputmethodmanager extends ObjectJava.lang.ObjectAndroid.view.inputmethod.InputMethodManagerIi. Overview of the classThe core API for the entire Input method framework (IMF) architecture, which schedules

IME tool: Set the input method as needed

IME tool is a green and compact input method setting tool that can complete some tasks that cannot be completed by the built-in "text service and input language ", it is convenient and flexible to solve some difficult problems in user input method

Input Method Editor (IME) Program Design (4)

Candidate Lists A candidate list isCandidatelistStructure consisting of an array of strings that specifies the characters or character strings that the user may choose from. You can retrieve the candidate lists by

Guide to Input Method programming

Windows 95 Input Method Editor (IME) Original: Microsoft Translation: Tbsoft Software Studio One, about Windows 95 mixed language IME In Windows 95, the IME is a dynamic-link library (DLL), and unlike the Windows 3.1 far-east version of the IME,

Detailed WINDOWS8 has the IME been disabled?

I believe that many people have not used the WIN8 system, but the people who have not used the WIN8 system I believe that basically do not know what IME is. When you switch to WIN8 system, the system suddenly prompts you as shown: 1 What is

Android IME Extension external keyboard Chinese input

If you want an Android surface tablet like this, it's fun to watch. We know that Android's current input is achieved through a soft keyboard, with less external keyboard, which is understandable on the phone. When the phone connected to the

Gets the current IME state

1. After calling Getkeyboardlayout to get the IME hkl, look in the registry for the IME name (take Notepad as an example) HWnd = Wingethandle ("Classname=notepad") Keystr=getkeyboardlayout ($HWND) Keyname=regread

Android default IME language modification and Settingsprovider effect

Android source code in the default has three kinds of input methods: English, Chinese, Japanese. The corresponding project code path is:/packages/inputmethods/latinime//packages/inputmethods/openwnn//packages/inputmethods/pinyinime/In general, the

GNOME 3.x installation Configuration Small Penguin IME framework and Sunpinyin plugin

Fcitx Small Penguin Input Method framework has become more and more mature, and has a very high performance, with the Sun PinYin Intelligent Input Method and Windows Sogou Baidu and other input methods almost no two. In fact, now the Linux version

IME Input Method Composition

This guy is too lazy to study the ime Input Method for a moment: The interfaces of all Chinese input methods are composed of three parts. The three windows are: Status windows: displays the status of the current input method. Encoding input

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