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After Ubuntu is installed, Fedora in the Grub boot option is missing.

I installed Fedora17 for testing because of my work. I 'd like to try it out. However, after using it for a while, I am still not used to it. So I installed Ubuntu12.04, I didn't expect that after installation, why did the Fedora IN THE Grub2 boot

Fedora 25 Workstation Installation Guide

Fedora 25 Workstation Installation GuideIn this tutorial, we will go through every step of installing Fedora 25 workstation on a computer. This Guide includes every step of the installation process. Therefore, follow these steps carefully.New

Experience summary of installing configuration RealVNC Server 5.2.3 under Fedora 22

RealVNC is currently the most versatile and best-performing VNC business software suite, and many times, in order to ensure a consistent performance and functionality, it is still heavily used in RealVNC. Recently installed the latest version of

Install fedora in VMware

1. Install VMware first (there is already a lot of information on the Internet and we will not repeat it here) 2. Download the fedora image (here, fedora15 is used as an example) and attach several images (you can use thunder to download these

Fedora 12 13 14 Basic Environment Configuration

Assuming that fedora 12/13/14 has been installed and can be connected to the network, the following steps can be taken to configure the basic office and programming environment: 1. Configure sudo file; First, open the terminal to obtain the root

Fedora 7 installation and Configuration Guide

This article is mainly a summative work, many of which are taken from the Internet. In order to make it easier for you to summarize the cost documents with a lot of scattered information and your own experience. 1. installation (including boot from

Create your own wonderful desktop world under Fedora Core 4

This article converts from Cu: 1% 26 filter % 3 ddigest Author Cu ID: Guangdong ========================================== I have been away from Linux for a year and I will use FC4 when I come back. It's okay

Install fedora 16 on WINXP Hard Disk

  A few days ago, a Linux system needs to be installed because of my hobbies and work needs. I chose fedora 16 (don't ask me why, just feel it ). I think it is not difficult to install a Linux system on a hard disk. I have installed a Linux system

Install Fedora with u disk (success!) )

(reference URL: (i) Zoning Under the XP "My Computer" management function, to the hard disk partition, the goal is to take out 20G space from the logical partition, divides into 3 disks (must

Fedora 13 System Installation

[1] Download Fedora ISO image from following site? is a bit version but your computer are old and it's not supported the bits computing, Download bits version from Foll Woing site.?

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