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Flash CS Custom Components

2012 time, did some research, can not go to tidy up later, did not go to use the project inside, now put these things to commemorate, also give the need of people as reference.Basic knowledge:Basics of flash using basic knowledge with ActionScript 3.0Principle Description:The component of this project is to extend the fl-component from Flash CS, extend the related classes, or replace their skins with

Flash/flex Study Notes (34): Custom events in as3

Similar to C #, a custom event requires a custom eventargs subclass. as3 also requires the developer to define a subclass of the event class. Here we assume a scenario: design a person (person) class, which includes age (AGE) and name (name). We hope that some custom events can be triggered whenever the age (AGE) of the person class changes, to call some specific

Custom events in Flash 3.0

Transferred from the Internet.Introduce the application of custom events in flash as with the example of boys and girls Code highlighting produced by Actipro CodeHighlighter (freeware)> Package {Import flash. Events. event; // Import event class Public class customevent extends event { // Declare

Flash Player 10.2 provides the built-in custom mouse Style Function and right-click to display the complete version number.

Flash Player versions later than 10.2 provide built-in custom mouse styles (cursors. For this function, note the following: The custom cursor is based on bitmap and uses bitmapdata data; You can set the cursor as an animation: you only need to set multiple bitmaps. Setting a single bitmap is a non-animated cursor; If the cursor is an animation, you

Custom events in Flash as3.0

Package {Import flash. Events. event;// Import event classPublic class customevent extends event {// Declare Custom Event extended Custom Event class as its subclassPublic static const sendflower: String = "sendflower ";// Declare static constants as Event Type 1Public static const sendcar: String = "sendcar ";// Declare static constants as event type 2Public var

Use flash to create a SWC file and generate a flex custom component

I have been learning flex recently. I want to share some small things I have summarized and hope it will help new users! First, you need to installFlexcomponentkit. mxpThis plug-in is used to expand your Flash software! (Download of this plug-in is provided below) 2. Then, open the Flash software (CS3 must be a later version) and modify the release settings: 1, 2, and then add the previous SWC file here

[Flash Development Notes] How to use custom events in as2.0

executed. At this time, how can we return this result to the script segment of this class through the event of the class, so that the code looks more beautiful, more Oo, and more accurate. The following uses an example to describe how to use a custom event. In this example, flash 8 + remoting +. NET Framework + IIS is required. Make sure that you have these prerequisites. 1. Create a virtual directory yaog

Add custom right-click menu code in FLASH

AddEventListener (event.added_to_stage, init);} Private Function init (e:event = null): void{RemoveEventListener (Event.added_to_stage, init); Stage.showdefaultcontextmenu = false; var cmitem:contextmenuitem = new Contextmenuitem (' Madhouse Inc Ver 110711 ', true); var cm:contextmenu = new ContextMenu ();Cm.hidebuiltinitems ();Cm.customItems.push (Cmitem);This.contextmenu = cm;}}} Precautions: The custom menu item appears at the top of th

NODEMCU Primer (2): Custom build, flash firmware, upload code

the Upload in the lower left area of the Esplorer window ... to upload.Restart NODEMCU after uploading. If everything is OK, you will see NODEMCU successfully connected to your AP.Related ResourcesNODEMCU DocumentationNODEMCU Custom BuildsNodemcu-flasherEsplorer.zipYou can also download the relevant resources and code for this article in Nodemcu-tutorial.This article is in Nodemcu Journey (a): build, brush into firmware, upload code based on the lear

Learn some notes about flash (27) as3.0 custom errors every day

Getxml. Package {Import flash. display. Sprite;Import urlloader;Import URLRequest;Import urlloader;Import flash. Events. event;Import flash. Text. textfield; Public class getxml extends sprite {Private var myxml: xml = New XML ();Public var picarray: array = new array ();Public Function getxml (){VaR URL: String = "pic. xm

Error Correction for the mxml component development example of the custom player in Flash Builder 4 Quick Start

We previously recommended Adobe's official video tutorial to learn flex. After all, it is in English and inconvenient. Later, I found that the flash Builder 4 Quick Start on the igrui forum is a Chinese language. It speaks very well and can be viewed together with Adobe's official video tutorials for a better understanding. However, on the P73 page of this tutorial, there is a problem with the example of developing a

Flash Advanced Knowledge: Use custom class to implement animation control

Advanced | Control This is a high-tech grade test Flash review problem, I did not fully follow the original problem in the production, mainly through this example to learn to "use custom classes to achieve animation control" of some methods on the line. First, the definition class Enter the following class definition code in the text editor to save as: human. As class Person { Attribute definition var speed

Flash custom Right-click menu Full-release

Menu | Right button Today in the Flash bar to see a flash on the realization of the right menu of the tutorial, I changed to become their own, in fact, very simple, and the site has several similar articles!   FLASH MX 2004 right button menu show   The application of Flash right-click menu   Example of the right mouse

Flash + XML application: XML Information returned by custom events

Problem: I want to write a class that loads XML externally and return XML Information. Method: Imitating the flex httpserver class, you can return an XML message; Inside flex 1. Custom events Package readxml XML: Ii. Encapsulation Package readxml Operation: Private function getlist (): void For now: Change it tomorrow In flash, we first define an event class to return a parameter when loading

Learn a little flash notes every day (28) as3.0 custom class notes (2)

After the last problem, I am very grateful to the netizen for giving me the original file "emergency". Here I am very grateful to him for his passion for Flash technology. Some of the problems have been solved today. I have changed some of his classes. In the future, we can try to call the external loading XML method to find out our answer. I have a new view on listening for class write events. In as3.0 Read this sentence: This. dispatchevent (new eve

Use flash to read images and add custom scroll bars

I plan to create a map editor for the game. The scroll bar is required when the map is large, The scroll bar that comes with Flash is not very useful, so I made a simple scroll bar to control the display of the image, You can modify and add new features as needed. First, use cs4 to create a vertical MC , The up arrow, down arrow, scroll bar (CTRL), and background (BAK) are all MC, and then a horizontal MC is created in the same way, the four Mc value

Flash as 3.0 Novice Learning to fly Tutorial: Creating a Custom class

directly in subdirectories in the main package. For example, the MessageManager class above is placed in the and packages. The next step is to declare the class itself: public class Name { } The class declaration must be within the package. The following code defines a class called example in the top-level package: package { public class Example { } } Class bodies are defined in parentheses, including propertie

Custom function in Flash 8

Using function-defined functions in Flash 8 is similar to PhP, for example: // Return a large number of two numbers If the parameter has no type constraints, you must pass the correct type parameters when calling this function; otherwise, "undefined" appears ". If a parameter has a type constraint but the type of the passed parameter does not match, the "Type mismatch" error occurs during running ".

Create a custom scale ruler in Flash with JSFL

js| Create Draw a scale in flash. The principle is relatively simple, if you use the authoring tool (draw tick marks, text ...). ), it seems a little cumbersome; If you use JSFL words, it is more convenient, because it is only to solve the draw some tick marks and create some text.Here I write a sequence of commands that is very simple to use, as shown in the figure: The code is as follows: function Drawruler () {var _width = number (result.width);va

Flash custom local right-click menu, set different right-click menus for different regions (source files)

From: Id = 194 Source File DownloadCreate a MC named "test_mc" on the stage and copy the following code to the corresponding frame. Note: "test_mc" must be placed on the top layer; otherwise,

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