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[Daily circuit diagram] 7, the design of a PCB process and details • Summary--to the layman's classmates or just into the students a macro view of the General circuit board design process of the article

ObjectiveThe last two days using AD14 software designed a Bluetooth anti-loss circuit board (PCB) drawings, the middle of some details in this document, to facilitate the next design of the PCB reference. Also hope to give the layman's classmates or just into the students a macro view of the General circuit

Discrete component package size and PCB board process and design examples

fixed supplier, you need to select a suitable plate laminated structure and according to similar parameters, and finally with the plate factory fine-tuning line width to meet the design requirements (impedance).L1/L6 single-ended 50OHM,PCB line width of 5mil, simulation such as:L1/L6 differential 90OHM,PCB line width is 5mil line distance 6mil, simulation such a

Install the Open Source PCB printed circuit board design software Fritzing in Ubuntu

Install the Open Source PCB printed circuit board design software Fritzing in Ubuntu Fritzing is a set of software for designing Printed Circuit boards (Printed Circuit Board), especially for designers, artists, researchers and amateur players. Like Processing and Arduino, Fritzing developers

Summary of PCB multi-board design-layer distribution settings

Summary of PCB multilayer Design Reprinted: PCB multi-board design suggestions and examples (, 12) Design requirements: A. The component plane and welding plane are complete ground planes (shielded ); B. There is no adjace

Mt7688 core board PCB reference design mt7688 Development Guide

-Cache and 32 KB D-Cache Supports up to 256 mb ram and SD-card 1t1r 2.4 GHz with 150 Mbps PHY Data Rate Legacy 802.11b/g and HT 802.11n Modes 1-port 10/100 Fe phy SD-XC, emmc, I2C, PCM, I2S (192 K/24 bits), PWM, SPI Master/Slave, UART lite, JTAG with gpio Https:// The mt7688 chip group integrates 1t1r 802.11n wi-fi radio, 580mhzmips | 24kec CPU, 1-port Fast Ethernet phy, USB2.0 host, PCIe, SD-XC, i2/PCM and multiple low-speed iOS devices. Mt7688 supports

Install the Open Source PCB printed circuit board design software Fritzing in Ubuntu

Fritzing is a set of software designed for PrintedCircuitBoard printed circuit boards. It is a tool especially intended for designers, artists, researchers, and amateurs. Like Processing and Arduino, Fritzing developers design this software in the spirit of openness, simplicity, and sharing. Fritzing is a simple and easy-to-use software operation interface, this allows users to easily design

PCB Board Layer Introduction

Toplayer (top) Draw the line is red, is the general double-sided board on the upper layer, single panel can not use this layer.The Bottomlayer (bottom) line is blue, which is the line above the single panel.MidLayer1 (middle layer 1) This is the first layer, as if there are 30 layers, the general design staff can not use, you do not have to control him, multi-panel time use. The default is not displayed in

PCB design experience

to the flying line. No problems have occurred so far. In the second example, a friend loves fever and DIY a power amplifier, but the output always has a sound of communication. I suggest him cut the ground loop and solve the problem. Afterwards, this guy checked dozens of "hi-fi host" PCB diagrams and confirmed that none of them used a ground loop in the simulation. 6. design principles and anti-interferen

PCB Optimization Design (reprint)

difficulties. 1.3a, 1.3b and 1.3c are shown.1.4 Screw hole metallization, the design of the pad is unreasonable.Screw holes are used to secure the PCB board with screws. In order to prevent excessive wave soldering after plugging, screw hole inside the wall does not allow copper foil, over the crest surface of the screw hole pads need to be designed to "m" or pl

Basic PCB design knowledge

, which are actually part of PCB wiring. During normal connection, we insert the golden finger on one PCB into the appropriate slot (usually called expansion slot) on the other PCB ). In a computer, such as a display card, sound card, or other similar interfaces, they are all connected to the motherboard through a golden finger.The green or brown color on the

High-Speed PCB design knowledge Q &

, external testing points (via or dip PIN not existing online) may be added online or pulled from the online for a short line. The former is equivalent to adding a small capacitor online, while the latter is a branch. These two situations will have a slight impact on high-speed signals. The extent of the impact is related to the signal frequency speed and edge rate. The impact size can be learned through simulation. In principle, the smaller the test point, the better (of course, to meet the req

AD9 how to draw a 4-layer PCB board

The new PCB file defaults to the 2-layer board, which teaches you how to set 4 layers or even more multilayer boards. On the toolbar, click design-->layer Stack Manager. After entering the display is a two-layer board, added as a 4-layer board, usually first point top laye

Altium Designer Tips: [5] How to determine the PCB board size

Use the Keepout layer to determine the size of the line:Follow the steps in the diagram:1. Select the corresponding tag of the menu bar2. Select "Place lines" and draw line options3, in the black area of the PCB project can be drawn lineNow the line you draw is in the keepout layer, the line is pink!The boundary of the line is the boundary of the board"If you draw a line that is not pink, you need to re-sel

The golden principle of PCB design will never change

Despite the increasing integration of semiconductors, many applications also have ready-to-use on-chip systems. At the same time, many powerful and out-of-the-box development boards are increasingly accessible, however, in many use cases, the application of electronic products still needs to use custom PCB. In one-time development, even a general PCB can play a v

The golden rule of PCB design that never changes

Although semiconductor integration is becoming increasingly high, many applications also have ready-to-use on-chip systems, while many powerful and out-of-the-box boards are becoming more accessible, but many use cases of electronic products still require the use of custom PCBs. In one-off development, even a common PCB can play a very important role. The PCB is

PCB optimization Design (ii) reprint

ground on the double-sided board are placed as close as possible to the edge of the plate and distributed on both sides of the plate. Multilayer boards can be installed in the inner layer of the power supply layer and ground layer, through the metallization hole and each layer of the power cord and ground connection.(11) When the pad and the larger area of the conductive area connected, should be the length of not less than 0.5mm thin wire for therma

Printed circuit board (PCB) materials

Glass-based panels can be used at temperatures up to 150 ℃ to 250 ℃. The optional media materials are: FR4, dielectric constant ε0 of 4.6 Epoxy material, dielectric constant ε0 is 3.9; Polyimide, dielectric constant ε0 is 4.5. In addition, PTFE-based materials have the lowest dielectric constant and operate at temperatures up to 300 ℃, where PTFE, dielectric constant ε0=2.1; thermally solid PTFE, dielectric constant ε0=2.8; Glass-fiber PTFE, dielectric constant ε0=2.4;

Using Allegro to draw the PCB board--Import of network tables

When using DXP, there are no issues such as Web table import, and most of the behavior is that the software is automatically completed, but not in Allegro, and it needs to be done manually. Note that when you draw the circuit board, you must first determine the drawing area, as well as the status of each layer, boundary, installation hole, etc., are not arbitrary to modify. To generate a Web table , you first need to re-edit the component number , sel

Alicloud designer getting started with 5-pcb Design 1

After the schematic design, the drawing board is required. a pcb file is required. There are several ways to generate a PCB file: 1. directly use File> New> PCB in the toolbar to create a PCB, as shown in figure 2. Another

PCB wiring design methods and requirements

In this article, we will discuss the PCB cabling design methods and requirements. The layout design of components and the direction of electrical connections may produce different results, and the results may vary greatly, therefore, the structure of printed circuit board components should be correctly designed and the

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