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SharePoint 2010 URL shortener -- SharePoint 2010 short URL Generator

SharePoint 2010 URL shortener -- SharePoint 2010 short URL Builder project description this project has added this feature, you can generate short URLs on the SP website. These URLs point to lists or documents. For example, http: // Smallville-PC/URL/nnefhmo.This project allows users to create short URLs pointing to do

How to code a URL shortener?

I want to create a URL shortener service where can write a long URL into an input field and the service shortens the U RL to " ". Instead of " abcdef " "there can is any and string with six characters containing a-z, A-Z and 0-9 . That makes 56~57 billion possible strings.My approach:I have a database table with three columns:

JS Custom Function function realizes dynamic add URL parameter modify URL parameter value

This article custom JS function can dynamically add URL parameters, modify the value of the URL parameters, the specific implementation of the following, interested friends can refer to the hope for everyone to help Whether front-end development or background design, many times developers need to get information about the current or target URLs. This existing bui

Custom URL Scheme Full guide

This article was transferred from Migrant's blog , the original: "The completeTutorial on Ios/iphone custom URL schemes"One of the coolest features of the Iphone/ios SDK is that the app "binds" itself to a custom URL scheme that launches the app from a browser or other app.registering a

Custom URL Scheme Full guide

Custom URL Scheme Full guidePosted: 2014-05-22 10:59 read: 20600One of the coolest features of the Iphone/ios SDK is that the app "binds" itself to a custom URL scheme that launches the app from a browser or other app."" Reading deviceCustom URL SchemeThis article was transf

Custom URL Scheme Full guide

This article is translated by migrant from the complete Tutorial on Ios/iphone custom URL schemes, reproduced please indicate the source.Note : Since the introduction of custom URLs, this article is always the most read article in my blog. Although most of them are the same, there are still some subtle differences in the changes. This article is an rewritten vers

WordPress Custom URL parameter Implementation Routing function code example _php instance

After two days of regular expression learning, and the study of WordPress's routing function, the successful implementation of the custom WordPress routing function, the following is the implementation of routing rules.If you have a custom URL parameter, to pass through the route, you must add the parameters through the WordPress function: Copy Code code

Custom URL Scheme full guide

One of the coolest features of the Iphone/ios SDK is that the app "binds" itself to a custom URL scheme that launches the app from a browser or other app.registering a custom URL SchemeThe first step in registering a custom URL Sc

Use a custom URL to implement jump-B between Controllers

An app often has a lot of interfaces, and the interface between the jump is the corresponding controller jump, controller jumps generally have two cases push or modal,push and modal the default effect is provided by the systemArticle with picture1. OverviewThe push and modal methods provided by the system sometimes do not meet the actual requirements. For example, we need to jump to the specified controller based on the field returned by the server. That's obviously not the best solution.In fact

Java URL Custom private network protocol _java

custom protocol necessarily require a URL? The answer is in the negative. In fact, around I/o, our rule definition completely has our own grasp, and did not say leave the URL the earth does not turn, Java to destroy. Why use a URL class to customize a protocol? The answer is that the

Launching Your own application via a custom URL scheme (open your program in the text message link and send messages to your program)

URL: One of the coolest features of the iPhone SDK is an application's ability to "bind" itself to a custom URL scheme and for that scheme to be used to launch itself from eithe

Check if custom URL scheme is defined

Check if custom URL scheme is definedposted on July 15,201 2 by John muchow in core services Custom URL schemes are the apple approved way for one application to communicate with another. For example, you can launch the phone application to make a call using the custom URLT

Use a custom URL to open the app iPhone

Launching Your iPhone app via custom URL SchemeForm of the coolest features of the iPhone SDK is an application's ability to "bind" itself to a custom

"Go" register your custom URL Scheme in Mac and iOS

Registering a custom URL Scheme in Mac and iOSJAN 10TH, 2012URL scheme is similar http:// to ftp:// something like this, afp:// usually with a transport protocol as the URL scheme. But in fact, you can register any type of URL Scheme in iOS and Mac. When a user accesses your custom

Custom routing and URL parameters in WORDPRESS

WordPress can use the rewrite API to make the URL more beautiful, need to use two related rewite functions, respectively, Add_rewrite_tag and Add_rewrite_rule. Here are some examples of how to customize the WordPress routing rules, and custom URL parameters. Add_action (' init ', ' my_rr_url ');function My_rr_url (){Ensure the $WP _rewrite Global is loadedGlobal

Start your app with a custom URL Scheme

Http:// The iPhone SDK can bind your app to a custom URL scheme. This URL scheme can be used to start your app from a browser or another app. It is up to you to decide how to respond to the URL Scheme Application sent to you from another app: you can wake up your app o

IIS custom 404 error, tips for entering URL addresses

iis| Error | Tips I set the custom 404 error in IIS, could not enter the URL address, always prompt to enter the "Wrong URL address, please enter a site's absolute URL address." I typed it:, but every time it was a mistake. Repeated testing many times, and query the online data, found: IIS

Mvc3 custom class for Route configuration and URL generation

The routing configuration in MVC is directly related to the Controller and method of our request access. url plays an important role in Seo, it is not enough time to configure routes and generate URLs completely defined by MVC. This article will take a look at custom route configuration and URL generation. 1. routebase class Introduction After creating a new MVC

"Go" launches your app with a custom URL scheme address: Add a key value called URL types. Add a URL identifier to the item 1 under it, in the format reverse Domain Name:com.mycompany.myapp. Add a

Custom url variable escape method-PHP source code

Custom url variable escape method Custom url variable escape method For systems such as thinkphp, parameters transmitted by URLs cannot contain special characters such /. Function base_encode ($ str) {$ src = array ("/", "+", "= ","? "," "); $ Dist = array ("_. a. _","_. b. _","_. c. _","_. d. _","_. e. _ "); $ n

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