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NiO learns 3--the demo base: multiplexer mode

workload:Standard/Typical reactor:-Step 1: Wait for the event to arrive (reactor)-Step 2: Distribute read-ready events to user-defined processors (reactor responsible)-Step 3: Read the data (user processor is responsible)-Step 4: Process data (user processor is responsible)Improved implementation of simulation Proactor:-Step 1: Wait for the event to arrive (Proactor)-Step 2: Get a read-ready event to run the read data (now owned by Proactor)-Step 3: Distribute the Read event to the user process

FFMPEG (ii)-Universal multiplexer

FFMPEG (ii)-Universal multiplexer One: Technical points As mentioned in the previous article, the reuse structure of the MP4 type differs from other types, such as mp4,mov,flv, where the H264 data does not contain descriptive information such as SPS,PPS, to reduce overhead, The same is true for AAC data, which requires converting the previous 7-byte Adts header to a two-byte frame length. FFmpeg provides something called the filter filters to do this.

Basic knowledge of optical fiber and basic knowledge of Optical Fiber

Mode: 8/125 μm, 9/125 μm, 10/125 μm Multimode: 50/125 μm European standard; 62.5/125 μM American Standard Industrial, medical and low-speed networks: 100/140 μm, 200/230 μm Plastic: 98/1000 μm for automotive control. (Note: Optical Fiber internal diameter/optical fiber outer diameter) 2. optical fiber loss 2. Glossary of Transmission Technology 1. Digital Differential multiplexing A cross-bit pulse that transmits multiple digital data, voice, and video signals over the same channel thro

Low Water peak LWP Optical Fiber: a new optical fiber design of up to 2.5 Gb/s

Today's communication networks are composed of multiple interconnected optical and electrical components to support high-speed video, voice, and data transmission. The backbone of the network is optical fiber. Its design and manufacture are used to optimize attenuation and dispersion, making the network the most cost-effective and cost-effective network. A new optical fiber design is widely accepted in the global communication industry, that is, low water peak LWP) optical fiber. The low water p

Example 7 of muduo network programming: "serial parallel conversion" connecting to the server and its Automated Testing

ArticleDirectory Future improvements Muduo network programming example 7: connecting to the server and its Automated Testing Chen Shuo (giantchen_at_gmail) This is the seventh article in The muduo network programming example series. Muduo full article list: This article describes how to use test harness to test a network service with internal logic.Program. TheCodeSee htt

Example 7 of Muduo network programming: "serial parallel conversion" connecting to the server and its Automated Testing

Functional requirementsThis connection server aggregates Multiple customer connections into an internal TCP connection, which acts as a "data string and conversion", allowing the backend Logic Server to focus on business processing, there is no need to consider the concurrency of multiple connections. The system diagram is as follows: The function of this connection server is similar to that of the data selector (multiplexer) in a digital circuit, so

Discussion on various reuse technologies

means of resizing the current optical fiber communication network. As a system concept, Wavelength Division Multiplexing technology usually has three kinds of Multiplexing methods, namely, Wavelength Division Multiplexing and Coarse Division Multiplexing (CWDM, Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing) at 1 310 nm and 1 550 nm wavelengths) and Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM, Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing ). (1) wavelength divisi

Netty (i) Introduction question

keep-alive state, The message sender cannot write the TCP buffer again, and the io,write operation with the synchronized blocking will block indefinitely until the TCP window size is greater than 0 or an IO exception occurs. Source code under the Src/main/java/nioinduction/pseudoasynchronousio, divided into clients and service side. The client, like the client of the bio, joins the thread pool Executorservice, and the relevant constructors are consulted by the reader. 3.NIO The NIO library is

Network: Cisco-Huawei Optical Module

multimode.The difference between Singlemode and multimodeGeneral manufacturers will be in the color of the pull ring to distinguish, for example: Black pull ring for multimode, Wavelength is 850nm, blue is the wavelength of 1310nm module, yellow is the wavelength 1550nm module, purple is the wavelength 1490nm module.Optical Module ClassificationXFP Optical ModuleSelectable wavelength: 850NM,1310NM,1270NM,1330NM,CWDM,DWDMRate: 10GXFP (Gigabit Small Fo

Netty's introduction to the topic

message sender can no longer write the TCP buffers to the data, and the io,write operation with synchronous blocking will block indefinitely until the TCP window size is greater than 0 or an IO exception occurs.The source code under Src/main/java/pseudoasynchronousio, divides into the client and the service side. The client and the bio client, the service side joins the thread pool Executorservice, the related constructor requests the reader to consult itself.3.NIOThe NIO library, introduced in

Ethernet Technology Daquan (IV.)

the recovery function of SDH network. Mippo Ethernet: Enables Ethernet networks to be transmitted through multiple wavelengths or multiple light waves or a single optical fiber, thereby greatly increasing network capacity. CWDM: Compared with DWDM, CWDM is more suitable for building a metropolitan network, it transmits a small number of wavelengths in one fiber, while

Oracle Database Center Dual Live path: ASM vs VPLEX

participated in the database implementation and operation of Vplex bi-active and ASM double-live, and has a practical experience to talk about the two current dual-activity programs.First, we talk about the main differences between extended RAC and common RAC. Mainly distance, distance is to prevent such as natural disasters, terrorist attacks and other data center damage, another database center can still provide services. However, the distance will bring additional network and IO delay, so th

Redis Threading Model

. Composition of the file event handlerShows the four components of the file event handler, which are sockets, I/O multiplexing programs, file event dispatcher (dispatcher), and event handlers, respectively.A file event is an abstraction of a socket operation that produces a file event whenever a socket is ready to perform operations such as a connection answer (accept), write, read, close, and so on. Because a server typically connects multiple sockets, multiple file events can occur concurrent

High-density and highly integrated otn wavelength-division transmission system

High-density and highly integrated OTN Wavelength-Division transmission SystemThis wave division multiplexing technology in the heyday, a variety of new technologies emerge. The goal is the same, that is to meet the network era of the operators. Long long ago, can only use CWDM coarse wave points, channel number is not enough to say, transmission distance is also very limited, line and equipment attenuation calculation,10G no relay transmission Kilo

HTTP service in Golang

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. Reference Golang Building an HTTP serviceServer.go Source HTTP Network development, many network applications are built on the basis of the re-HTTP service. The HTTP protocol from birth to the present, development from 1.0, 1.1 to 2.0 also continue to progress. In addition to the details, the Web application that understands HTTP builds is focused on the two-side---client (clinet) and server side (server),

Mellanox 4036 Configuration

"??0x03000000-0x03b60000: "Safe-ramdisk-b"0x03b60000-0x03b80000: "SAFE-DTB"0x03b80000-0x03f60000: "Config"0x03f60000-0x03fa0000: "U-boot env"0x03fa0000-0x04000000: "U-boot"NAND device:manufacturer id:0x20, Chip id:0xda (ST Micro NAND 256MiB 3,3v 8-bit)Scanning device for bad blocksCreating 1 MTD partitions on "4e0000000.ndfc.nand":0x00000000-0x10000000: "Log"I2c/dev Entries DriverIBM IIC Driver v2.1IBM-IIC (/plb/opb/[email protected]): Using standard (+ kHz) modeIBM-IIC (/plb/opb/[email protecte

Java Advanced Knowledge Point 5: The cornerstone of high concurrency on the server side-NIO and reactor modes and AIO and Proactor modes

, the operating system provides IO multiplexers (for example, select, poll, and Epoll under Linux), which are encapsulated by Java (typically using the best performing epoll) and the corresponding IO multiplexing API. The typical programming pattern for the Multiplexed API for NIO is as follows:Selector Selector = ();//creating a multiplexerSocketchannel channel = Getchannel ();//get Socketchannel in NiO, representing an IO connection//register the channel with the

Libevent Summary (bottom)

version of Libevent (likevent).Ix. Choosing the best I/O multiplexing1. Encapsulating I/O multiplexing as an event multiplexerAs we said earlier, the Libevet itself is a typical reactor pattern, and a component in reactor mode is called the event multiplexer, which is actually the encapsulation of an I/O multiplexing. So the problem is that the I/O multiplexing mechanism provided under each system is not the same, even if there are many interfaces

How does MSAP build a converged multi-service access network?

. provides unified and effective network management to improve the level of network operation services and reduce operation costs;5. Lower network construction costs and faster deployment capabilities. Through thinking about the above issues, as the mainstream manufacturer of access equipment, ruisida proposed the concept of building a converged access network through the multi-service access network platform-that is, using MSAPMulti-ServiceAccessPlatform) product Series and integrated network m

Cisco CCNP training diary full contact

layer, frame-based and VLAN-based access control, and RACL on the third layer;City Ethernet:A private VLAN is a Cisco proprietary technology. It is used to isolate hosts in the same VLAN. The management is complex and the scalability is poor;PVLAN can be divided into the primary VLAN and the secondary VLAN. The secondary VLAN can be divided into the isolated VLAN and the ac vlan;PVLAN port: public port, isolation port, and AC port. The isolation port can only communicate with public ports (only

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