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Discussion on various reuse technologies

means of resizing the current optical fiber communication network. As a system concept, Wavelength Division Multiplexing technology usually has three kinds of Multiplexing methods, namely, Wavelength Division Multiplexing and Coarse Division Multiplexing (CWDM, Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing) at 1 310 nm and 1 550 nm wavelengths) and Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM, Dense Wavelength D

Basic knowledge of optical fiber and basic knowledge of Optical Fiber

different wavelengths simultaneously in the same optical fiber. 3. CWDM (coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing) and DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing) The design of the communication system varies with the interval width of each wavelength. Based on the channel interval, WDM can be subdivided into CWDM (coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing) and D

Ethernet Technology Daquan (IV.)

the recovery function of SDH network. Mippo Ethernet: Enables Ethernet networks to be transmitted through multiple wavelengths or multiple light waves or a single optical fiber, thereby greatly increasing network capacity. CWDM: Compared with DWDM, CWDM is more suitable for building a metropolitan network, it transmits a small number of

Low Water peak LWP Optical Fiber: a new optical fiber design of up to 2.5 Gb/s

Today's communication networks are composed of multiple interconnected optical and electrical components to support high-speed video, voice, and data transmission. The backbone of the network is optical fiber. Its design and manufacture are used to optimize attenuation and dispersion, making the network the most cost-effective and cost-effective network. A new optical fiber design is widely accepted in the global communication industry, that is, low water peak LWP) optical fiber. The low water p

The role of access network technology in the construction of man

service ports of the aggregation Layer Nodes and reduce network costs. At present and in the future, the TDM business will remain the most important source of revenue for telecom operators, and there is still room for growth. When the business needs are dominated by TDM business, create a convergence layer for the Metro Transmission Network to use MSTP. If the existing SDH network still has a large amount of remaining capacity, it can meet the needs of future TDM business development, and when

Application of 10G WDM transmission system

interoperability. In short, where fiber resources are scarce, where can be used WDM transmission system, not only to solve the problem of resource shortages, but also can greatly solve the rental of optical fiber or laying optical cable more cost savings. Next, I will give you a few very typical WDM transmission system application scenarios. 650) this.width=650; "src=" Http:// "title=" Point-to-point wavelength division multiplexin

Photoshop Color theory

created by adding the four colors (overprint) are part of the CMYK (cyan/Magenta/yellow/black) color pattern. HSB (color/saturation/brightness) color patterns are based on the way people feel color, thus providing an intuitive way to translate natural colors into colors created by users ' computers. Lab color mode provides a way to create a color that is not dependent on devices, which means that lab colors cannot be changed regardless of which monitor or printer is being used. 1. What is color

Network: Cisco-Huawei Optical Module

multimode.The difference between Singlemode and multimodeGeneral manufacturers will be in the color of the pull ring to distinguish, for example: Black pull ring for multimode, Wavelength is 850nm, blue is the wavelength of 1310nm module, yellow is the wavelength 1550nm module, purple is the wavelength 1490nm module.Optical Module ClassificationXFP Optical ModuleSelectable wavelength: 850NM,1310NM,1270NM,1330NM,CWDM,DWDMRate: 10GXFP (Gigabit Small Fo

Oracle Database Center Dual Live path: ASM vs VPLEX

participated in the database implementation and operation of Vplex bi-active and ASM double-live, and has a practical experience to talk about the two current dual-activity programs.First, we talk about the main differences between extended RAC and common RAC. Mainly distance, distance is to prevent such as natural disasters, terrorist attacks and other data center damage, another database center can still provide services. However, the distance will bring additional network and IO delay, so th

Backbone IP Address Transmission Technology Based on wdm ip Address Transmission

division multiplexing (WDM) systems. The so-called WDM Technology is to make full use of the huge bandwidth resources brought about by Single-Mode Optical Fiber low-loss areas, using a wavelength division multiplexing ), the sender merges optical carriers of different wavelengths and sends them to a single optical fiber for transmission. At the receiving end, a wave of division multiplexing filters are used to separate optical carriers with different

Principles of chromaticity

generates an electronic signal that stimulates the nerve cell layer in the brain that is adept at integrating production into visual images.The determination of the light and shade of the rod (rod) cell, on average, is about 120 million cells, which can accept 400~600nm wavelength rays without color discrimination. Cone-shaped (Cone) cells, concentrated in the central part of the retina, can accept 400~700nm wavelengths of light, with the ability to

High-density and highly integrated otn wavelength-division transmission system

High-density and highly integrated OTN Wavelength-Division transmission SystemThis wave division multiplexing technology in the heyday, a variety of new technologies emerge. The goal is the same, that is to meet the network era of the operators. Long long ago, can only use CWDM coarse wave points, channel number is not enough to say, transmission distance is also very limited, line and equipment attenuation calculation,10G no relay transmission Kilo

Key to the seamless integration of GMPLS--IP and WDM)

different methods, namely, IP packets, ATM cells, SDH frames, and WDM wavelengths. In actual use, there is no need for so many bandwidth particles. In terms of functions, each layer has functions of adjacent layers, especially the protection and recovery functions. Each layer has functions that make it very complex and even conflict with each other. In short, the existing layer-4 network structure cannot meet the needs of data business development, a

Website color

explore how to use colors effectively on the site, while also providing a number of color blending techniques that allow you to use colors to harness your web design. Color Science We can see that color is formed by interacting with three elements: the light source, the reflective properties of the object, and the way the human retina and the visual cortex of the brain interact with light waves. No matter what media we use to work-painting, printing or networking-we all have to rely on the ab

Website Color Thinking--(website color thinking)

to explore how to use colors effectively on the site, while also providing a number of color blending techniques that allow you to use colors to harness your web design. Color Science We can see that color is formed by interacting with three elements: the light source, the reflective properties of the object, and the way the human retina and the visual cortex of the brain interact with light waves. No matter what media we use to work-painting, printing or networking-we all have to rely on the a

Requirements of optical fiber characteristics for all optical networks

1. To provide wider spectral bandwidth for the optical fiber of the metropolitan area Network, because the typical distance of the metropolitan network is less than 80 km, the optical amplifier is rarely used, and the group velocity dispersion of the fiber is not the primary limitation. More importantly, the metropolitan area network typically requires support for a large number of users and tends to increase frequency bandwidth and enhance management capabilities, reducing the cost of increasin

How does MSAP build a converged multi-service access network?

. provides unified and effective network management to improve the level of network operation services and reduce operation costs;5. Lower network construction costs and faster deployment capabilities. Through thinking about the above issues, as the mainstream manufacturer of access equipment, ruisida proposed the concept of building a converged access network through the multi-service access network platform-that is, using MSAPMulti-ServiceAccessPlatform) product Series and integrated network m

Cisco CCNP training diary full contact

layer, frame-based and VLAN-based access control, and RACL on the third layer;City Ethernet:A private VLAN is a Cisco proprietary technology. It is used to isolate hosts in the same VLAN. The management is complex and the scalability is poor;PVLAN can be divided into the primary VLAN and the secondary VLAN. The secondary VLAN can be divided into the isolated VLAN and the ac vlan;PVLAN port: public port, isolation port, and AC port. The isolation port can only communicate with public ports (only

Design theory: Color is the most important part of a website

this series of articles, we will (more or less) explain color and how to apply it to web design. In this article, we will explain the basics of color: how colors work, how artists use colors, and how colors affect our emotions. In the second article, we'll look at how colors are rendered on a Web page, how the color is encoded in the stylesheet, and the new features in CSS3 about colors. In the third and final article, we will explain how to pick and apply colors in your layout, and the illusio

Transmission Engineering Network scheme of WDM technology

Wavelength Division Multiplexing Technology 1 Wavelength Division multiplexing Technology Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) refers to the simultaneous transmission of two or more optical wavelength signals through different optical channels in the same optical fiber, known as the Optical Wave Division multiplexing technology. Wavelength Division multiplexing includes frequency division multiplexing and wavelength division multiplexing. There is no obvious difference between optical frequ

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