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Build extmail mail server using CentOS

Build extmail mail server using CentOS Extmail Construction Directory 1. Background introduction... 2. Practical drills... 2.1 Operating System Installation 2.2 create a YUM repository... 2.3 configure MTA-postfix ...... 2.3.1 install postfix... 2.

Install memcached in linux, linuxmemcached

Install memcached in linux, linuxmemcachedSystem image and environment requirements: 1) For windows series and developer-related tutorials, refer to section 1.0 to start installation steps. 2) For Centos 6 series and Aliyun Linux 6 series and later

Linux OPS advanced article-centos 7 postfix mail Server Setup

The first chapter of the experimental environment Hardware environment:Linux server one, IP address:;WIN7 client one, with OUTLOOK2013, test, and server in the same LAN. Linux system environments, such as: Chapter II

CDH version of the Hue installation configuration deployment and integrated Hadoop hbase hive MySQL and other authoritative guidance

Hue: Https:// Study document address :'m currently using hue-3.7.0-cdh5.3.6.Hue (Hue=hadoop User Experience)Hue is an open-source Apache Hadoop UI

Notes for installing Apache hadoop (cloudera cdh4)

Cloudera cdh4 has three installation methods: 1. Automatic Installation through cloudera Manager (only 64-bit Linux operating systems are supported ); 2. Use the yum command to manually install the package; 3. Manually install the tarball package; I

Cyrus IMAP mail server installation and configuration (2)

server | mail server 6. Can you use the first partition of a disk as a bare device? OK, but not recommended. The older version of UNIX is the bank, where the first partition of the disk often contains some information about the disk and some

Linux SVN installation and configuration graphic tutorial

Linux SVN installation and configuration graphic tutorial Background I have my own ECs, And I want to manage some of my learning materials through SVN. I have found many tutorials on how to build svn in Linux on the Internet, but none of them is

Linux RPM and Tarball suite management tools (1)

Why do we need to upgrade the suite? This is really an interesting topic. Why do we need to upgrade the suite? If my machine works well, why should I upgrade it? There are usually three reasons for our upgrade:· New features are required, but old

Installation and use of the LDAP server

Installation and use of the LDAP server-Linux Enterprise Application-Linux server application information. For details, refer to the following section. Install with the source code as the root user Because openldap requires the use of Berkeley DB to

Centos installation Hue

1. Download a tarball version (wget or download to local) from the Hue website ( 2, RZ upload to the server, unzip to a directory 3. Installation dependence: Yum install krb5-devel cyrus-sasl-gssapi cyrus-sasl-deve libxml2-devel

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