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Porting an existing Unity3d game to Windows Phone 8.1 (Basic)

Recently, in an existing game to the Windows Phone platform porting, temporarily completed a small phase, to do a summary.Development environment: Windows 8.1 System and above, if you like, with Windows 10 early adopters can also. Microsoft account to get a development certificate for free when you build a Windows Phone project. http://signup.live.com/ Microsoft Development Account, for upl

An example of creating a complete game AI: Part 1 (Author: Geoff Howland)

Artificial intelligence (AI) has always been a background development technology, but the proportion of AI development in future games will continue to increase. If the AI of your game cannot keep up with the standard, the players' comments on your game will be outdated and you will feel uncomfortable.Game AI is not just a neural network and learning system, but also a complex mathematical algorithm. Althou

The game design course creates an excellent user interface

them that they have also relatively corrected their behavior. But when faced with the same problems again, they will make the same mistake again and again because they forget. And then apologize to you again and again, eventually turning the player into a "stupid" character? That's not what you want to see. In this case, the ideal solution is to change the user mode. That is, you need to change the player's expectations or actions to match the "right" mode in the

VC implementation Gobang Game of an algorithm example _c language

This paper describes an example of VC to realize Gobang game, the algorithm uses Minimax pruning game algorithm, interested readers can modify and improve the imperfect part of the program. This design mainly includes: data structure, valuation function, victory and defeat judgment, search algorithm The program running interface is as follows: The following

How to play an Android game under the Win7 system?

How to play an Android game under the Win7 system? 1, download and install the Android SDK tools. Direct to 360 software tube Home Download Unusual convenience, also can search inside Baidu. Search the Android SDK directly in the software butler to find the appropriate content. Search after the download installation can be installed, the location of their own set. When the installation is complete, a Quic

Is there an independent game developer in China? (1)

Is there an independent game developer in China? (1) ---- How long can this game be done? Flappy Bird has become the most popular game recently. It gives us some confidence in these individual game developers. Because people who have written a few games believe that it is no

Write an unbounded 2048 game in Python, python2048

Write an unbounded 2048 game in Python, python2048 In the past, when the game was on fire for 2048, I was writing one program in other languages. Now I learned python and decided to use python to write a 2048 program. Since I have never learned Interface Programming in python, so I wrote an extremely simple non-interfa

How to design an elegant mobile game?

less input than other forms of digital games. This creates a difficult design challenge: how can I make the limited input game system more interesting, meaningful and deeper? This is a topic that is frequently discussed by students of game design majors, and creating a one-click game for aspiring designers is an etern

Write an unbounded 2048 game in Python

This article mainly describes how to use Python to write an unbounded 2048 game. if you need more information, refer to the previous 2048 games, you can write one in other languages, now I want to learn python, just think of it, I decided to use python to write a 2048. since I have never learned interface programming in python, I wrote an extremely simple interfa

Cocos2d-x3.0 game instance of Don't save me Article 5-use Cocostudio UI editor to create an operation interface

" attribute bar. Cocos2d-x3.0 game instance of Don't save me Article 5-Cocostudio Originally, I wanted to create a GIF animation, which is more vivid ~ But for some reason, I did not. (What else can I explain if I am lazy) Then you will find that the button image has changed. Ignore the following "Press status" and "Disable status. Complete button According to the method just introduced, we have created three buttons, Cocos2d-x3.0

1. Chapter 1 of Unity 3D Game Development by Example Beginner's Guide is an incredible hammer.

Technology is a tool. It can help us achieve incredible things. Compared to the absence of tools, tools can make things faster, simpler, easier, and more incredible. Before we use the latest Steam Driver to build a machine, we use a hammer. Before we had a hammer, we had to pin the nail into the hull by hand. Tools make our lives better, easier, and less painful. Introduction to Unity 3D Unity 3D is a new technology that strives to make life better and easier for

An SNS strategic casual game development Note 01-distributed system logic Architecture Design

about some technologies and does not mention any game logic and rules, let's think of it as an instant strategy version of Happy Farm. Sorry!2. The term "server" in this article is a logical concept, equivalent to a process. Basic game needs Development Requirements Solution/SOLUTION Integration with SNS The client can only use Web Te

"Summary" Game framework and architecture design (unity as an example)

Unity itself component development is the ECS framework, ECS is very suitable for game development, in the game engine is more common, Google once on GitHub released a name of the ECS framework called Entitas, below we will introduce An entity is a Gameobject object that has only data, and does not include methods Each entity has a component compone

15. Cocos2dx 3.0 game development look for the Sprite: Each genie is an angel of the wings of his life

SpriteSprite can be said to be the most important component of the game. It describes the genie in the game and is the most important and most flexible subclass of Node. Sprite is very important. It represents the smallest visible unit in the game, and Sprite is flexible. It loads a plane texture, has a wealth of expressiveness, and can be loaded in multiple ways

Share an original classic jigsaw puzzle game (JS Version)

I had nothing to do with my work yesterday, so I suddenly wanted to create a jigsaw puzzle game with Js. So I started to do it. Let's take a look at the preview of the game:    This jigsaw puzzle game is well understood and its rules are not introduced. The game uses a complete 300*300 image. The nine grids in 3*3 are

Coursera-an Introduction to Interactive programming in Python (Part 1)-mini-project-"Guess the number" game

is tricky.#template for "Guess the number" Mini-project#input would come from buttons and an input field#All output for the game would be printed in the consoleImportSimpleguiImportMathImportRandomflag=True#helper function to start and restart the gamedefnew_game ():#Initialize global variables used in your code here GlobalSecret_numberGlobalnumber_of_guessifflag:number_of_guess= 7Secret_number= Random.

An effective solution to slow loading in online game programs

For 3D video games, the performance of the game engine is crucial. When a player experiences a game, the smoothness of the game is the most basic requirement. Different from single-host games, online games need to consider performance issues because they cannot control the complexity of game elements to meet the effici

C # Call Windows api c # create a simple game plug-in (using Warcraft III as an example)

C # simple game plug-in (taking Warcraft III as an example) There are many plug-in production tutorials on the internet, mostly for large-scale online games, including packet capture, disassembly, and C ++ knowledge synthesis. The same is true. Common plug-ins are written in VC ++ and have never been written in C # or other. NET languages. As a loyal fan of Microsoft. NET technology, this is a pity. However

C # simple game plug-in (taking Warcraft III as an example)

years, war3 has set off a new upsurge in Dota in China. This article describes how to use C # To create game plug-ins by taking explicit blood and key-changing plug-ins in Dota games as an example. The final interface is as follows: In this example, two functions are available: explicit blood and changing the Q key to the 7 key of the keypad. Those who play war3 know that these two functions are very

A single-host game with j2-based architecture has come to an end in China.

A single-host game with j2-based architecture has come to an end in China. Author: Chen yuefeng From: http://blog.csdn.net/mailbomb For most people, they still don't know what is going on with j2's, and many mobile phone users still don't know what the treasure chest and magic book are, A single-host game with the j2m‑based architecture has reached the end of

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