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Share a d3.js-based interactive reusable chart JavaScript class library-nvd3.js

Date: 2012-6-30 Source: gbin1.com Online Demo There are many powerful chart class libraries. Today we will introduce nvd3.js, which is based on the well-known d3.js class library. It is designed to help you create reusable d3.

[D3.js advanced series-6.2] drag and drop a pie chart, d3.js6.2

[D3.js advanced series-6.2] drag and drop a pie chart, d3.js6.2 This article describes a more complex drag-and-drop application, that is, the drag-and-drop Pie Chart Section. In Chapter 9.1, I will explain how to create a pie chart

D3.js the method of realizing scatter chart and bubble chart _javascript skills

Objective Small make up has already shared with everybody before "D3.js realizes the method of the histogram to explain" and "D3.js realizes the method of line chart to explain" these two articles, have already introduced the columnar c

Use the Chart. js chart library to create a beautiful Response Form and Chart. js chart library form

Use the Chart. js chart library to create a beautiful Response Form and Chart. js chart library form Basics

D3.js the method of realizing line chart _javascript skill

Objective D3.js is a JavaScript class library that helps developers manipulate data-based documents, in the "D3.js method of implementing a histogram." has been introduced to you how to use d3.

"D3.js Advanced Series-2.0" bundle chart

"). Text (function (d) {return d.name;});As shown in result 5. Thanks to the most high-speed rail lines in Beijing, the most densely connected circle in Beijing is like tying a lot of ropes here.Figure 5When nodes and wires become much more complex, it becomes an example at the beginning of this article. As I said at the beginning of this article, the completion of that example is too high to provide a reference at all. I hope the example of this article can give you a reference example of bundl

"D3.js Starter Series---9.3" chord chart production

(). Radius (Innerradius); Svg.append ("G"). attr ("Class", "chord") . SelectAll (" Path "). Data (chord_layout.chords). enter (). Append (" path "). attr (" D ", Inner_chord) . Style (" Fill ", Function ( d) {return color20 (D.source.index);}). Style ("opacity", 1). On ("MouseOver", function (d,i) {d3.select (this). Style ("Fill", "Yellow");}). On ("Mouseout", function (d,i) {d3.select (this). Tra

D3.js the method of realizing pie chart _javascript skills

piedata = pie (DataSet); Layout is called a layout, and in D3.js it provides a number of functions that are converted to specific chart data, including pie charts. It provides a basic transformation function, on the basis of which we further set the function according to our own needs, and we get the same transformation tool as the function saved by the pie

"D3.js Advanced Series-6.2" pie chart drag and drop

for each region: DX and dy. Used to save offsets.2. Definition of the Drag eventEach time the drag event is triggered, we just need to get the mouse offset and add it to the original offset dx and dy.Then use D3.select (this) to select the current element and apply the transform to it to complete the panning operation.var drag = D3.behavior.drag (). Origin (function (d) {return D;}). On ("Drag", DragMove),

Production of "D3.js Starter Series---9.1" pie chart

above code, we bound the converted data pie (dataset), there are 5 data, so we will add 5 g elements, the last line of code is the position of moving elements, the default starting position is the SVG draw box (0,0) coordinates, that is, the upper left corner. Note that this time the above code returns theChoose between 5 g elements at the same time. Next, for each G element, add path.Arcs.append ("path"). attr ("Fill", function (d,i) {return color (i);}). attr ("D", function (d) {return arc (d

Summary of issues arising from adding events to a column chart d3.js--

First make a dynamic column chart (the version of D3.js used here is V3, some functions will change with V4):Code:Now add the mouseover and mouseout events like this dynamic column chart.Practice:1. Remove the style from the style. MyText class that adds a color attribute directly when adding a rectangle2. Add an event when adding a rectangle...//adding rectangle

"D3.js Starter Series-3" Make a simple chart!

, show, how to do? Insert the following code:var wx = d3.scale.linear () . Domain ([0, D3.max (DataSet)]) . Range ([0,500]);D3.scale.linear () is used to generate a scale bar of a linear function whose initial definition domain is [0, 1], the initial range range is [0, 1], where [] represents the scope. Now we set domain to [0,

[3] Use D3.js to create a simple chart!

My personal blog is: www.ourd3js.com The csdn blog is blog.csdn.net/lzhlzz. Please indicate the source for reprinting. Thank you. As mentioned above, the text is processed. In this section, D3.js is used as a simple column chart. There are many ways to create a column chart, such as using HTML div labels or svg. SVG is

"D3.js Starter Series---9.1" Production pie chart

(DataSet)). Enter () . Append ("G") . attr ("Transform", " Translate ("+outerradius+", "+outerradius+") ");In the above code, we bind the converted data pie (dataset). There are 5 of data. So 5 g elements are added. The last line of code is the position of the moving element, and the default starting position is the (0,0) coordinates of the SVG draw box, which is the upper-left corner. Note that this time the above code returns theSelect 5 g elements at the same time. Next, for each G elemen

[3] Use D3.js to make a simple chart!

My personal blog is: www.ourd3js.comCSDN Blog for: blog.csdn.net/lzhlzzReprint please indicate the source, thank you.In the previous sections, all the text is processed, and this section will use D3.js to make a simple column chart.There are many ways to do a column chart, such as using an HTML div tag, or using SVG.It is recommended to use SVG to do all kinds of

D3.js Drawing a pie chart

Colors varDataSet= [5, Ten, -, $, 6, -]; varPie=D3.layout.pie (); //pie chart Layout https://github.com/mbostock/d3/wiki/Pie-Layout varW= +; varh= +; varOuterradius=W/ 2; //Outer radius varInnerradius= 0; //Inner radius varArc=D3.svg.arc (). Innerradius (Innerradius). Outerradius (Oute

"D3.js" Focus + Context Line chart

Use D3.js Library to implement Focus+context line chart, read DATA.TSV file dataIndex.htmlAs follows: Copyright NOTICE: This article for Bo Master original article, without Bo Master permission not reproduced. "D3.js" Focus + Cont

D3.js make a simple chart!

rectheight =; // the pixel height of each rectangle (including white space) Svg.selectall ("rect"). data (DataSet). Enter () . Append ("rect"). attr ( "x") . attr ("y",function(d,i) { return i * rectheight; }) . attr ("width",function(d) { return D; }) . attr ("height", rectHeight-2) . attr ("Fill", "steelblue");This code adds the same number of rectangles as the length of the dataset array, using the following statement:Svg.selectall ("rect")

D3.js More Free bar chart

blank gapBottom Line: The width of the bar is fixed, the total width-Strip width = blank width. Blank width depends on total width, total width depends on calculation expression (w/dataset.length)//Width and HeightvarW = 500;varH = 100;varbarpadding = 1;varDataSet = [5, 10, 13, 19, 21, 25, 22, 18, 15, 13, 11, 12, 15, 20, 18, 17, 16, 18, 23, 25 ];//Creating SVG elementsvarSVG = D3.select ("Body"). Append ("SVG"). attr ("Width", W). attr ("Height", h);

"D3.js Starter Series---6" How to make a mobile chart

slowly reaches the last state of the transformation Elastic with bouncing reach finally state Bounce bouncing a few times at the last state. Called when the shape is:. Ease ("bounce")4.delay ()Specifies the time of the delay, which indicates a certain amount of time before the transition is initiated and the unit is the same in milliseconds. This function can specify a delay for the population. You can also specify a delay for an individual.For general designations, such as:. Trans

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