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Practical experience in ADO. NET

Practical experience in ADO. NET As Microsoft's latest data access technology, ADO. NET has been widely used in enterprise development. For front-line developers, the most effective way to improve the application level and solve practical problems

Profiling ado.net Batch update (in-depth research data access)

ado| Access | The interaction between the data ado.net application and the underlying data source is based on a dual architecture with a two-way channel. You can use individual provider-specific commands or batch update procedures to access the data

To invoke the oracle9i stored procedure experience summary in. Net

oracle| stored procedures that call oracle9i stored procedures in. NET can use multiple data providers, such as Oralceclient,oledb. This article will use Oralceclient as an example. NET language in C #. First, call a stored procedure with input

Php question summary (with reference answers) _ PHP Tutorial

Php question summary (with reference answers ). The predecessor of 1JavaScript scripting language is BA. basicB. liveScriptC. oakD. VBScript2 uses CSS to modify the text. if the text flashes, the value of text-decoration is DA. noneB. the

DataGridView the Access database by adding and pruning

Preparatory work:Create a new WinForm project with Visual Studio, put a DataGridView control in the Form1, and two button controls.Create a new Access database under the folder directory bin/debug/the project, with the name database. It is important

Silverlight4 Deep Blue Game Development Learning notes (I) Basic Animation Mode

Three animation methods are provided in SL: 1. storyboard 2. compositiontarget 3. dispatchertimer I. storyboard This is the first animation implementation method in the SL model, because the storyboard has already performed some processing for

Improve performance using ADO. NET 2.0 batch update feature

Introduction When you use SqlDataAdapter for processing Ming updates, the SqlDataAdapter propagates the updates one by one. that means if there are 100 rows to be updated the SqlDataAdapter will execute 100 separate operations against the database.

Ado. NET of learning

Ado. NET of several objects Connection: managing connections to databases Command : execute commands against the database DataReader: Data Flow Reader , the returned data is fast and is just a "forward" stream

[Ado. Net] offline data processing-DataSet object

1. Dataset ObjectL And sqldatareader Object comparisonSqldatareader is a fast and efficient structure for obtaining query results. It only supports Reading query results one way forward and the data is read-only. Dataset allows you to view query

public class Dbhelp in ASP.net class (C #)

Using System; Using System.Collections.Generic; Using System.Text; Using System.Data; Using System.Data.SqlClient; Using System.Configuration; namespace Mybookshop.dal {public static class DBHelper {//sql database connection, note:

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