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"Rich Dad, Poor dad" book--How to achieve financial freedom

Recently, read a book "Rich Dad and poor dad", had heard that the book sales are very hot, so reading a bit. How to say that, just read the first impression of this book is that this book is not suitable for ChineseEspecially me, the content is not much interesting things and attractions, but the more read to the back, the more I feel the book sales so high is reasonable, some knowledge, especially investme

Rich Dad Poor Dad

Control fear and DesireFear: How to Live without moneyDesire: Rich, want more money, want to buy more expensive things, so, more feel money important, more afraid of no money, so, become rich, not to eliminate the fear of no money and the desire for more money.Money works for us.The author by opening the Reading room, when we are not at that time, we also earn money, this is to work for us (money to give money)Financial knowledgeIt's not how much you earn, but how much money you leave and how lo

Recommend rich dad and poor dad

Some key ideas in the book: 1. Construct assets1)Services that can run normally without being present2)Stock3)Bonds4)Fund5)Real estate that can generate income2. Create asset items before using the income generated by assets to purchase luxury goods3. Important accounting, legal and commercial knowledge4. Companies1) Reasonable tax avoidance (car buying and catering expenses)2) Property Protection: Using companies and trusts to hide wealth5. I like changes, not changes. I like to earn million

Agile development, English is agile, I understand the agile

The theoretical knowledge I don't see much, no very accurate concept, I think no matter which development method has its own theoretical basis, and the corresponding method steps, such as waterfall model, incremental model, iterative model, agile method, etc. And because the project is different, such as whether it is a new project, two development projects, or maintenance projects, the method used is not the same, there is no fixed, different compani

Agile development Prajna agile Series 3: What is agile (below) (no living, no living, no empty execution, illegal, not illegal)

This is the third article in the agile development series. (One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine) After breaking the law enforcement, it is easy to fall into the empty hold, that is, there is no absolutely best method, so there is no need to pursue, willing to the status quo. It is very difficult to balance null and there is, this is the content of this article. Method and empty There has been a long history of the unification of la

Dad, there's time for the two of us to start a marathon.

Every festive times Sze Chen, now fast to the mid-Autumn festival, and began to miss the family.And in the understanding of this article, deep feeling, originally ran a marathon when the more thought is the future when running a marathon with their children or wife run together, because considering the parents of the age, may not be suitable for this high-intensity exercise.But after reading this article, I suddenly felt that if everything worked from now on, everything was not too late. Just as

Design a mobile phone for mom and dad-Love, on the road

Design a mobile phone for mom and dad-Love, on the roadFilial piety "is fleeting nostalgia," filial piety "is unable to reproduce the happiness. For parents to do a filial piety. Perhaps it is a mansion, perhaps a piece of bricks and mortar. Maybe it's a pure black doctor's hat, maybe a red five on the job book. Perhaps a table of delicacies, perhaps a wild fruit a small flower. Perhaps a flower of the prosperous era of clothing, perhaps a pair of cle

IPv6 and DAD principles

About DAD -- gt; duplicate address detectionThe same as IPv4, the difference is that ipv6 is not intended for broadcast. The multicast address of the requested node.Function principle:Configure IPv6 addresses in the network. If all IPv6 addresses are manually configured, they are inevitably configured with the same IP address. The IP address is absolutely unique in the network and cannot be duplicated. Otherwise, the network device does not know who

Analysis of the six common outside chain of the pit of the old dad

This is a pit dad's world. Real-life housing prices, price pit Dad, the internet all kinds of experience stick to pit dad. The author since engaged in the Internet-related occupations, for a long time with similar A5, the laggards of these webmaster gathered platform, saw countless experience stickers. It is true that every article of experience has a lot to learn, but often the actual operation, the effect

Teach Mom and Dad to use Windows 7 computer easy to surf the internet and secure

This spring Festival home has a difficult task to complete, that is, the church parents use the computer Internet, Dad had already commanded, now everyone will surf the internet and they have to keep up with the times to learn, so I give them to prepare a computer configuration is not required, but to be simple and good operation. After consideration or decided to invest more points to parents buy a little good computer, with smooth they happy, I also

Agile fluency: Finding agile ways to fit your needs

"In essence, all models are wrong, but some models do work," he said. "This passage comes from George, a statistician from the University of Wisconsin in the United States, and the founder of the university's Center for Quality and productivity improvement." There has always been a saying that James Shore and Diana Larsen together designed an Agile maturity Model (AMM), which introduces a set of agile

Interpreting agile 2-six traps of agile implementation

As agility becomes more and more mainstream, various agile conferences are held, and one agile book is published one after another. One company is moving forward to agility, which is a hot scene. This reminds me of my feelings when I was reading the report. At that time, I was able to see advertisements for psoriasis and liver disease in prominent places in every newspaper. At first glance, I felt that ther

History of the most pit dad's Game 2 customs Strategy (1/3)

First Pass: Answer: 30 The first close is let us calculate arithmetic, I come to see ha, are 1 plus 1 plus 1, but really so simple? You are wrong, as a pit dad game, will not let you happy clearance! Let's take a closer look at the picture, I rub, the original is to change lines, so that the final answer should be 1+1+1+1+11+1+1+1+11+1*0+1=30. Well, you're not going to knock me out! Second Pass: Spell the right picture. Let me puzzle?! But

Where's dad going, 25th 26, how do you do the job?

Where's dad going? 25th 3 Star Customs clearance, the task is to collect 40 tomatoes, 40 eggplant, and 40 cabbage, specific operations to see where Dad to go 25th 3 Star Customs Clearance guide In fact, we can use the tent this prop, in the beginning will give you a little vegetable, so our pressure will be less. When the book is closed, you don't have to worry about falling or anything. Where's

Pit Dad Game 2 13th, 14, 15, 16 Customs introduction

"Pit Dad Game 2 13th" This is very simple, click the lower left corner of the "help", to share their social circle (QQ, micro-letter, Facebook, etc.) can pass. "Pit Dad Game 2 14th" This closes the game: finding fault Players as long as the circle in accordance with the location of the click, Find 4, and then slide the left picture of the milk, the cup empty, and then click on the right picture of

Do you think about Mom and dad when designing the product?

A period of time before the holiday home is a rare leisure, strange less than a week to sit still, right and wrong, the heart is itching AIDS-the original is the Internet addiction committed-to persuade parents to agree to pull the net, I promise them, to ensure that they learn to surf the internet! My plan is: within a week, teach my mother to surf the web and teach my father to go online and fight the landlord. Let's play through the finale. A week down, mother was angry. The NO. 500 time I

Design a mobile phone for mom and dad

Design a mobile phone for mom and dadFirst, demand analysisThe era of rapid development, mobile phones are more and more luxurious, with more and more features, but this mobile phone really suitable for our parents? Do mom and dad really use these features?I think it is still to design a new and practical mobile phone to mom and dad.II. Division of labor within the groupThe main design concept is Zhang Zhenji classmate, he proposed after I also feel f

Where did dad go? I will close the official website, and the thunderdrama is coming to the happy micro-age.

Mango TV "Daddy where to go" can be said to have created the myth of viewing, And once became the champion. Now "dad" is about to be closed, and suddenly it is revealed that we want to take a picture of the baby "dad where to go 2034" 20 years later. The happy micro-era thinks that there is still a glimmer of expectation to make everyone stunned. But what do family members think? Yang Wei said: Yang Wei,

Where's dad going? Game 1th and 2 Customs clearance text Introduction

Where's daddy going? First Customs Clearance text introduction The first big task is to pack dumplings, so the task is to need children mobile phone 30 eggplant, together to see where dad go first 3 star Customs clearance guide The first big task is to make dumplings, so we have to prepare ingredients ah, so the task is to need children mobile phone 30 eggplant. Let's Go! In the game click on the right side of the screen can jump, we can eat in

Pit Dad Game 2 1th, 2, 3 Customs guide

"Pit Dad Game 2 First" The 1th is a math problem that looks like a lot of simple, but the player must pay attention to the details. This math problem is calculated this way: 1+1+1+1+11+1+1+1+11+1x0=30, so direct input 30, and then click "OK" can pass. "Pit Dad Game 2 second strategy" First slide with your fingers and confuse the little puzzle on the right. Then go to the big picture on the left, accordin

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