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Another dangerous ISAPI extension in IIS

Let's take a look at the SSI introduction:What is SSI used? The reason why we need to talk about ssi is that the acronyms of shtml -- server-parsed HTML are the first letter. Contains HTML text containing commands on the embedded server. Before

Upload vulnerability to Popular science [1]-file Upload form is a major threat to web security

In order for end users to upload files to your site, it is like opening another door to a malicious user who is endangering your server. Even so, in today's modern Internet Web applications, it is a common requirement as it helps to improve your

Quickly determine if a file is a malicious file

When you use a computer, you will often encounter some less trustworthy files, such as cracked version of the game or software, count number and registration machine, small software, online shopping when the other party to the file, these things may

Installing Redis and PHP Redis extensions

1. Installing RedisRedis download can download the latest stable version on http://redis.io/website.wget http://download.redis.io/releases/redis-3.0.5.tar.gzTAR-ZXVF redis-3.0.5.tar.gzCD redis-3.0.5MakeCD src/Copy the executable files under SRC

URLScan Usage Details

(1) software download and Installation URLScan can be downloaded from Microsoft's website:. URLScan download from Microsoft1 http://download.microsoft.com/download/iis50/Utility/2.1/NT45XP/EN-US/iislockd.exe (2 URLScan filter v3.1 can be downloaded

Firefox FAQs and Solutions

  Firefox FAQs and Solutions The problem is too confusing. Press Ctrl + F and enter the keyword you are looking? ★☆ ------------------------------------★☆ 1. Q: How to install. xpi extension?A: ① drag the. xpi file into the firefox window. You

Txt file spoofing and prevention methods

According to many media reports, we all know today that we cannot easily open executable file attachments in emails, but apparently those who sabotage activities read the warning articles and they started to play new tricks, it makes you think that

File permissions and directory configuration for Linux (iii)

the meaning of directories and file permissions in LinuxI. The significance of file permissionsR: Can read the specific contents of this file;W: You can edit the contents of this file, including adding the specific contents of the deleted file;X:

File Auto-start Mode

I. Self-Starting project: Start --- program --- start, which adds some applications or shortcuts. This is the most common in windows and the simplest startup Method for applications. If you want to start a file during startup, you can also drag it

How to configure the URLScan Tool

This section describes how to configure the URLScan Tool step by step to prevent Web servers from being attacked and used.Install URLScan to install URLScan, visit the following Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) Website:

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