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Java High imitation Weibo date display format, Date helper class

Original: Java High imitation Weibo date display format, Date helper classSource code: Http://www.zuidaima.com/share/1550463377902592.htmImitation Sina Weibo date formatting tool class:For example:1. Just2. XX minutes ago3. HH hours ago4. Today

Extract audio from the flv file and store it in mp3 format

Some teaching videos have been downloaded from Youku. To put them in mp3, You need to extract audio data from these flv files and store them in mp3 format. The operating system is centos 5.3. After searching online, find the following method:Method 1

Node article-Why should I use node. js? The case of each introduction

As Wikipedia says: "Node. js is a wrapper shell for the Google V8 engine, the LIBUV platform abstraction layer, and the core library that the subject uses Javscript to write. "Beyond that, it's worth noting that the goal of the author of node. js,

Simple example of "vlc-android" vlc-android

ObjectiveContinue to toss VLC, do this example is not smooth, stuck in only voice no image this problem for a long time, online example some API has been on, continue to share,,,StatementWelcome reprint, but please keep the original source of the

"Deep decomposition" listening to the fun Pat cloud product Manager Anatomy Video Basics

Flower Wei fun Pat Cloud product ManagerDeep Decomposition Video Basics"Video technology has grown to a more than 100-year history, although it is shorter than the history of photography, but it has been the most important medium for a long time in

Overview design, detailed design (i) concepts, methods, practical steps

1. Concepts, methodologies, practical stepsDesign refers to the process of designing the technology of a product from coarse to fine according to the result of requirement development. According to the design granularity and the different purpose

"Turn" Why should I use node. js? The case of each introduction

Translated from: http://blog.jobbole.com/53736/IntroducedThe popularity of JavaScript has changed so much that the way it is being used for web development today has become quite different. Just like in the browser, we can now run JavaScript on the

ffdshow MPEG-4 Video Decoder rev1019 Download _ Common Tools

Ffdshow can be called the Almighty decoder, encoder. Initially ffdshow was just an MPEG video decoder, but now he can do much more than that. It can decode the video format already far beyond the MEPG4 range, including Indeo video,wmv, MPEG2 and so

Custom Android simulator skin

The android simulator provides six standard skins for use, corresponding to hvga (landscape/landscape), qvga (landscape/landscape), wqvga, and WVGA, you only need to use the-skin parameter when starting the simulator to load the corresponding skin.

Python Basic Learning 6----string manipulation

I. Duplicate OUTPUT stringPrint (' Hello ' *20) #输出20个helloTwo. Getting characters in a string by indexPrint (' HelloWorld ' [2:]) #输出lloworldThree. Keyword inPrint (' ll ' in ' Hello ') #输出TrueFour. Formatted outputPrint (' Darling,i love your ')

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